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Thursday, 4 February 2016

White Privilege Pledge

Well here it is folks. The South African version of hand-wringing in the name of social justice: a pledge to acknowledge your white privilege. Your white skin makes you privileged and therefore you need to feel bad about it, spend hours of your life researching it and feeling guilty for everything that you have earned.  Time for an education on White Privilege - AwakeSAThe initiative, Awake SA, was kicked off by Bruce Muller.

Your white skin is the sole reason for the fact that you are able to hold down a job or create a company that is successful. Your white skin is the reason that you are not engaging in crime and breeding beyond what you can support. Your white skin is the reason that you are educated and capable.

But naturally this new pledge goes further than just acknowledging your so-called "white privilege"... it now calls for you to undertake to:

1. call out racism socially and in the workplace;
2. give back to an underprivileged community or an organisation supporting such communities; and
3. continue this journey of learning and understanding sincerely and strive to help within my means and capabilities as a citizen of South Africa, who shares a common future with ALL its inhabitants.

Wow! It is now the domain of the white man to "call out racism socially and in the workplace". Strange seeing as we are constantly being told that whites should refrain from determining just what is and what isn't racist. I wonder if that spreads to pointing out all of the various and numerous instances of black on white racism out there?

We now also have to pledge to help an underprivileged community or organisation... I wonder just what all of my tax is going towards if not precisely that. And on top of the outrageous rates of tax we pay we also already do the contribution thing in order to earn BEE points which we need to stay in business and avoid a massive fine. So already every year 2% of my profits AFTER tax go towards underprivileged communities/organisations. Not counting the fact that all of my suppliers have to be BEE compliant too...

And continue the journey... That basically boils down to us standing around navel-gazing and contemplating just how evil and racist we are for being white and why we deserve absolutely nothing regardless of how hard we have worked for it simply because we are white...

So you know what Mr Muller? I decline to sign your pledge. I decline to be ashamed of my heritage. I decline to take responsibility for what people did before my time and before I could even understand just what they were doing or why. I decline to be ashamed of what I have earned and what I have created. And I sure as hell decline to be a party to your attempts to further demonize the entire white population of South Africa on the basis of their skin colour. So I will now politely tell you to go and shove your disgustingly racist pledge up your grovelling self-hating @rse.


  1. Brilliant! Couldn't have said it better myself...

  2. Who is Mr Muller ? You didnt elaborate , just mentioned his name and I dont know what to look up to advance my perception on this issue.

    1. If you read the link to the news article on News24 it would be simpler to understand. He is the guy who has come up with and is running the campaign.

      But you're right - I will make it clearer in the body of the post. Thanks.