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Monday, 22 February 2016

#RedAfrikaans - Tuks Protests

And in this video we can see what is happening on the Pretoria University Hatfield Campus today...

Anyone else notice how, of all the people in authority in view, the cowardly little runt decided to attack the one white man?

I used to sit on that bench outside the Bcom building (now the Graduate Center)... it was a lovely bustling area of the university but at the same time quiet. At no point in my 4 years there did I ever feel unsafe. Never did I think that it was a problem to have Afrikaans as a part of the university seeing as it was built up as an Afrikaans university. In fact, I was grateful that they have decided to offer English courses as it gave me the opportunity to experience life at Tuks.

I am so ashamed of those students right now. I am ashamed to be associated with them by having even been in the same place where they are now. I am ashamed to know that we have sat on the same seat. My heart bleeds for my beautiful Tuks and the mess that is being made of it by black, commie children...

Here is another one:

Welcome to the New SA people...

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