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Monday, 8 February 2016

Purple is the new Black!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen of Common Sense Land here is a brainteaser for you:

What do you call it when 2 young ladies attend a space themed fancy dress party as purple glittery aliens?

If you guessed racist then you don't belong in Common Sense Land anymore and you forfeit your citizenship.

But you would be right. It would seem that according to Stellenbosch University, painting your body purple and covering yourself in glitter is an "ignorant act [that] goes against our values as it further perpetuates the exclusionary institutional culture within this university".

Painting yourself purple is now the new blackface guys. Yes indeedy. I wonder how much trouble I would get into if I decided to dress myself as a smurf for the next fancy dress party I attend? What about a character from Avatar? Or what about if I decided to paint myself yellow to go as a sunflower? Would that also be racist?

According to an apology they recognise that because in the darkness of the venue the paint appeared black that automatically means that their intention was to "demean and exotify blackness".

Really? Are you kidding me? 

On Friday (5 February 2016), SU student representative council vice chairperson James de Villiers said any “insensitive act of painting oneself should not be acceptable in 2016”.

So pretending to be an alien from outerspace is now unacceptable? Just because someone is colourblind enough to see purple and glitter as black?

Just how far is this political correctness going to go? Next you will be telling me that smoking a cigarette is cultural appropriation because tobacco was used by the native Americans first.

At least we can be secure in the knowledge that Stellenbosch University is taking steps to swiftly deal with the issue. Please also note how they are getting on the bandwagon by calling it a "womxn residence"... can't let those special little snowflakes experience the real world now can we??

Sigh... Happy Monday!

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