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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

#NightingaleMustFall: Nurses declare war on white

Now when I first read this I thought that they had to be joking. I thought that this article must have been satire... how sad I was to discover that this is entirely serious.

Nursers wearing a white uniform which shows when you are filthy and have not bothered to take even the most basic steps to ensure proper hygiene (ie white ones) must be done away with because they are "a product of apartheid and held back transformation".

Yes folks - you read that correctly. A white uniform designed to signify "hygiene and cleanliness, standing as the beacon of hope in a world overburdened by disease" is oppressive and holds back transformation. 

Wearing white is such an issue for them that they are actually holding back transformation (ie: not inducing blacks to enter the profession). That MIGHT have something to do with the fact that they feel that the work ethic displayed by Florence Nightingale "robbed [them] of the professional courtesy [they] demand from [their] bosses."

Now that is an eyeopener guys - having a work ethic where your patients come first while upholding the value of cleanliness robs people of being able to demand that their bosses give way to their every demand and are not allowed to expect that the nurses they employ actually do the jobs that they are employed to do. Is that not fantastic? 

Apparently during the apartheid era, the uniform had been used to enforce segregation and poor living and working conditions. I think that those must have been made from some seriously futuristic material if they were able to do that while distinguishing what colour the skin was underneath it seeing as, as far as I am aware, white and black nurses have always worn the same uniforms.

But that's the status of everything these days - hate on white so much that even wearing clothing coloured white is a problem and holding back transformation (transformation: code word for replacing skilled white people with incompetent blacks on the basis of skin colour alone). 


  1. Nou wonder ek net of wit huurmotors ook rasisties is???

    1. Of course not... as long as you serve the black man its all good.

  2. Thats the blacks version of white flight .

  3. It really boggles the brain. I left 8 years ago, and things were driving me nuts. Bee etc, how you guys stay sane with this type of crap remains a mystery to me. It really is bordering on insane. The sad thing is it will progressively get worse, as they start to look in the mirror and they don't like what they see( as per Mike), getting more and more difficult to blame apartheid.

    1. It is borderline impossible to stay... but the majority of us who are here and can see what is happening just cannot afford to leave right now. Many of us are working on it but like you said with BEE etc it is getting progressively harder to make a good living here. And there is no logical way that they can still blame Apartheid - it is cheap racist rhetoric and blame shifting and almost anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that.