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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fat Acceptance

Today I was bombarded with that offshoot of the body positivity movement - Fat Acceptance. As someone who has put in a hell of a lot of hard work and effort to lose the 17kgs that I have (so far) since October last year I find this to be one of the most pathetic movements on the planet.

Just for the record:
1. This is not aimed at people with valid medical conditions;
2. I am not saying that anyone has to hate themselves; and
3. I am speaking directly to the people who have put on the weight because they are lazy and eat what they like without thinking of the consequences.

To those people I say the following:
1. Being fat is unhealthy - I know because I have lived it.
2. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss is not impossible - but you have to have self-discipline.
3. Being fat is not attractive - huge rolls of fat hanging off of your body is not something to be proud of and not being able to fit into a standard chair is not attractive. There is a big difference between carrying a few extra kilos and looking like a beached whale.
4. No one is responsible for how you feel about your body besides you.
5. You do not have the right to demand that people don't judge your poor choices and the results of those poor choices.
6. Your pride in your fat rolls does not give you the right to demand that people find you attractive.
7. Being fat does not mean that you are oppressed.

And now, without further ado... I present to you my favourite "Fat Positive" posts from around the web:

Maybe if you didn't eat that much you wouldn't be fat... Logic hurts right?

Because "science" and "doctors" are clueless when it comes to science and medicine.

Forcing sex on someone if they don;t want it is fine. Don't have sex with her because you don't find fat appealing and you are a rapist? Well that makes sense.

No... you are fat... you have no right to demand I accept you/

No one has the right to demand that anything about them be honoured... 

Yes there is... we will judge you as we see fit the same way as you choose to do as you see fit...

Self-acceptance and global acceptance are now the same thing?

Yeah... you gave it the old college try...

I don't care what you like... and I DON'T want to see that!

Really? Then why do you need me to validate that view?

Yeah and? That means what?

No you can't!

I don;t want to conform... accept me anyway.

If you were any good you would be there... unless you think standards should be lowered so that you can "compete"

Force everyone to like something so that I can start forcing them to accept something else!

If you teach them to eat properly and exercise then they won't.

If you have to tell people that you are fabulous then you are obviously NOT fabulous...

Fat people are NOT oppressed

Uh... No... just no. I like to eat to but I can control myself.


Want a noddy badge for your lie?

Sure... you were born fat... you never ate your way there...

Accept fat people so I can get off looking at it!!!

If you were you wouldn't demand that everyone else accept you.

People don;t like my fat!!! Force them to love me!!!

Obviously you have never learned how to spell... and if you love yourself why demand everyone else does too?

How about you lose weight? Odds of survival go waaaay up.

And everyone else NEEDS to love you too right otherwise its oppression?

So you're bot happy so you need everyone else to tell you how great you are for being fat so that you can be happy... too difficult to lose weight it seems.

I want to love myself but I can only do that if everyone else loves me too... boo hoo

I think being fat is the least of her(?) problems.

Community has no responsibility to validate you!

Yeah... the colonialists instituted fat shaming

Well considering the fact that it has a very real bearing on your health I would assume that a doctor has a duty to disclose it.

Yes... because realizing that you have a problem equates to being afraid of fat people...

Looks like your niece has more common sense than you.


  1. So, you were a fat-shit and now that you are no longer a fat-shit, the rest of us fat-shits can go get knotted. Is that right??? Hahahaaaaa

    1. Ah... the typical anon coward... and yes. If you choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, I can choose to judge you all I want for it. And if you want to be a fat-shit I can call you out on it and your "oppression". Must hurt huh? People don't like to look at you and your layers of fat - they must be oppressing you and thus they must be forced to love you... shame.

    2. Hi GG, ignore this F@cked up post. Hey you, ugly donner, how dare you speak to a woman like that. Respect is all she is asking for.

      GG, you go girl, drop them pounds, and I say your hubby will still love you. Which man wants to hug a bag of bones anyway.

      x (Just for you, courage girl)

    3. Thanks Anon... And y hubby is a wonderful man. Just being smaller has made me feel better and be less moody which has had an enormous impact on my marriage and how we spend time together :) Its all about me.

  2. Good for you for making the effort and achieving results. Entertaining post too! Wishing you all the best : )

    1. Thanks Aquarius... I find that sometimes a bit of humour is all that's needed to make people see the stupidity that they post...

  3. Good for you for making the effort and achieving results. Entertaining post too! Wishing you all the best : )