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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Racism SA 2016: What Is and Isn't

I am sure by now that we have all had our fill of the furore around the Penny Sparrow sage... you can all read the details here as well as many, many, many other posts about it all. This is the post:

For calling black people monkeys Ms Sparrow has received death threats, has been charged by multiple political parties and individuals and has been lambasted in the media and on Facebook as the queen of racism.

However, this post, by a one Velaphi Vel-hove Khumalo is apparently not according the majority of comments on this News24 Facebook thread... (please take note that News24 is showing their anti-white bias by saying the comment was 'racist' in the headline)

This is apparently perfectly acceptable and a view shared by many black posters... here are just a few I managed to screencap last night:

The traditional double standard has set off 2016 quite well it seems according to this article in the Citizen - white racism is the problem. Not the calling for genocide or mass murder of whites - that is perfectly acceptable and a reasonable response to being called monkeys.  You will note in the Citizen article above that they make specific reference to "In 2012, model Jessica Leandra Dos Santos, was dropped by sponsors after she tweeted about wanting to punch a k***** for being “arrogant and disrespectful”." No mention is made of when Tshidi Thamana tweeted "Dear Mr Peter Mokaba?… I wish all whites had been killed when you sang 'Kill the Boer', then we wouldn't have to experience @JessicaLeandra's racism [sic]."

Double standards again...

And now the ANC wants to make racism a crime - opinions are to be a crime now if the racist ANC gets its way. I wonder how many of the black people in the posts above will be prosecuted for racism or is this only a crime whites can commit?

UPDATE: It looks like people have finally started agreeing that this is wrong and Velaphi Vel-hove Khumalo has closed his facebook page and is being investigated... about time.


  1. And all over an ANC false flag fiction that is the alleged "Penny Sparrow".
    An experiment to confirm how quickly the racist murderous masses can be stirred up to the point of committing genocide.

    Just like the "xenophobic" tribalism mass murders that have consistently been a feature of black South Africans interactions with foreign African nationals. These too were trial runs to condition blacks to genocide.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I am simply pointing out just how the media and the majority of the population apply the double standard. A key example of this is Phillip Dexter's little rant on Politicsweb yesterday - Whites cannot be racist.

      And the liberal loonys fall for it hook line and sinker every time.