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Friday, 29 May 2015

Derby-Lewis - A Free Man?

And now for some good news... Clive Derby-Lewis, the man who provided the gun that killed the terrorist SA Community Party leader Chris Hani, will allowed to go home on medical parole according to the North Guateng High Court.  (source)

A man who has served 21 years out of his life sentence (commuted from death) and has terminal lung cancer has routinely been denied parole. And the reason for this denial fly in the face of all the laws relating to parole - the Hani family did not agree to his release. 

And this after Schabir Shaik (Jacob Zuma's previous financial advisor who was jailed on fraud and corruption charges for 15 years) was released on medical parole after +- 18 months. That was in March 2009. He supposedly had a terminal illness yet is somehow still going strong, living the hjigh life and playing golf.

Jackie Selebi was another one who got medical parole. He didn't even spend 6 months behind bars before he was released on medical parole in 2012. He finally died 3 years later. And was then given a funeral paid for by the ANC (supposedly).

I know, I know... you will tell me how those cases are not even comparable to Derby-Lewis because Shaik and Selebi never murdered anyone - much less for political reasons. Therefore it is quite justifiable...

But I can also point out that Robert McBride was also sentenced to death for his role in murdering innocent women and children with the specific aim of generating fear intended to change the political regime of South Africa. He was released, given a full pardon and then made Head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate... And he killed more than 1 person.

We could also point to all the rapists and murderers who are released by the president annually just to be rearrested a few weeks later having committed the exact same (or worse) crime. 

And now we come to the real crux of the matter... Derby-Lewis is white and Hani was black. You see, its not good to apply the rules fairly (See BEE, AA and EE laws). Whites should always be made to suffer as much as humanly possible. Regardless of the fact that the man is nearly 80. That he has stage 4 lung cancer and only about 2 months to live. He has served 21 years of his prison sentence when most inmates at most serve 1/4 of theirs. He is white and therefore must be hated. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don;t condone murder for the sake of murder... but I don;t have a problem with someone getting rid of a few terrorists...

And just so you can see these comments, a portion of the black population is rather pissed off:

South Africa's White(washed) House

In 2012 the story broke that the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, had used R246 million of taxpayer money to build himself a palace. It was alleged that the money spent had been on security upgrades required to protect the president and that the upgrades were not yet complete. These security upgrades included the following:

  1. Swimming Fire pool;
  2. Cattle kraal;
  3. Chicken run;
  4. Amphitheater;
  5. Tuck shop;
  6. Soccer pitch;
  7. Helipad;
  8. Visitors centre; 
  9. Underground bunkers; and
  10. At least 31 brand new buildings.
Taken from the Public Protectors report on Nkandla (source)
For almost 3 years the logically minded and law-abiding citizens of South Africa have been asking the question of how in the world public funds were allowed to be used to fund 1 man's private residence.

At first we were thwarted when they labelled a private residence as a National Key-point which makes the building subject to blanket secrecy and media blackout. However, the size of the story was just to massive and there was no way that they could keep us quiet. The story just continues to grow as it was investigated (The Mail and Guardian have a lovely resource page covering every aspect of the story of the decade.) It was even big enough to cause outcry in the UK where the Daily Mail ran a story about how the president of South Africa used the £17.5 million to build his own palace. It was announced not long afterwards that the UK would be withdrawing its £19 million in annual direct aid to South Africa. There was quite an outcry from South African officials who said that relations between the 2 countries would be affected should the UK withdraw aid. (things would just not be the same unless the poor African dears were not crying about their freebies from the west now would they?)

Now, just to give you some background on the president:
  1. He has a grade 3 education;
  2. He was a high ranking member of Umkhonto we sizwe, terrorist militant wing of the ANC and was trained in the Soviet Union;
  3. He is a communist;
  4. He has 4 current wives (6 in total - 1 divorced and 1 dead);
  5. He is a convicted criminal having served 10 years on Robben Island;
  6. He has over 700 corruption and fraud charges hanging over his head ;
  7. He was tried for rape;
  8. He has had multiple affairs outside of his marriages;
  9. He has 21 children at last count; and
  10. He has been a dismal failure as president blaming everything from loadshedding to xenophobic violence and crime on white people.
Now that you have a better idea of just who the people voted in as their president (and consequently a better understanding of the intelligence levels of the South African majority) lets get back to today's post...

Following the media explosion and failed attempts to shut them up, we were met with the fact that the Public Protector would be allowed to investigate the matter (after she had received thousands of complaints). After many months of delays and fights to get information out of the ANC cronies at the top, we were finally presented with a somewhat whitewashed report - Zuma had indeed benefited but had not acted improperly. It was recommended that Zuma repay a portion of the money used on non-security upgrades. The exact amount would be determined by the Minister of Police. 

Now, Zuma has said that he never asked for the upgrades, was not aware that they were happening, was not aware of the expenses involved and indeed did not even like them... I know the man is a complete imbecile at times, but really now... how stupid and oblivious do you have to be to not notice the extensive renovations happening at your own home and not question why or who was involved? Are we really expected to believe that drivel??? Obviously we are because that's what has been repeated to us.

Next we waited almost a year for the president to respond to the Public Protectors report - he responded only to say that he has not benefited and would not be paying as the matter was being investigated by Parliament. This caused major issues when the EFF (sun by previous Zuma supporter and mentee Julius Malema) demanded to know when the money would be repaid. This saw the EFF thrown out of Parliament on more than one occasion and even manhandled when removed by police during the State of the Nation address in February this year:

Thais leads us to the most recent development... the one where (surprise, surprise) Zuma employee and police minister Nathi Nhleko determined that Zuma would not have to repay a cent. The kicker here being the inclusion of the information that the upgrades are still not complete and that further public funds would be spent on upgrading the PRIVATE house of a criminal. There is no benefit to the people of South Africa and no need at all for Zuma to have that much protection... 

So here we are people... living through one of the ANC's biggest cover-ups... Where the president is allowed to appropriate millions of Rands of taxpayer money and spend it all on himself  and his family and will never have to account for any of it. 

I have to say that I am disgusted and completely ashamed to be a South African citizen today. I hang my head in shame that the once proud country has allowed itself to fall so far and so fast. That we are at the mercy of imbeciles who think it is fantastic that their leader has stolen so much public money (mostly paid by white South Africans) and intends to openly steal more... Here are a few comments from the articles that show you their thinking:

Nkandla report in a nutshell

2015-05-28 21:09
Police Minister Nathi Nhleko’s observations/findings and recommendations
- The firepool, animal enclosure with culvert and chicken run, amphitheatre and Visitors’ Centre were strategic and necessary security arrangements
- The president is as much of a South African as every other citizen and entitled to the rights that every citizen enjoys
- Most of the structures and task teams that investigated the upgrades did not share a common definition of what constitutes security features
- The project management process was not properly structured and coordinated.
- The manner in which this matter had been handled in former investigations has sought to question the credibility and integrity of professionals and experts in their relevant fields.
- The extent of the investigations as well as the intrusion into the private residence of the president has resulted in a violation of his rights.
- The State President is not liable to pay for any of these security features.
- The outstanding security related work should be funded and completed expeditiously. This includes boosting firefighting capacity -  i.e. eight hose reels, additional fire hydrants and a booster pump.
- Current physical security measures need to be re-evaluated. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How Long will South Africa Survive?

Hidden away in the depths of we find this gem by R W Johnson... I'm now waiting for the backlash labeling him a racist, imperialist, colonialist evil white pig for daring to say just how badly the ANC is screwing up...

How Long will South Africa Survive?

Everything suggests that South Africa under the ANC is fast slipping backward and that the survival of South Africa as a unitary state cannot be taken for granted.

In 1977, RW Johnson’s best-selling How Long Will South Africa Survive? provided a controversial and highly original analysis of the survival prospects of apartheid.

Now, after more than twenty years of ANC rule, he believes the situation has become so critical that the question must be posed again.

Excerpt from this book published with permission from Jonathan Ball publishers. You can purchase a copy of the book from
Power in an ungoverned society
The great unknown in the ANC’s conquest of power in 1994 was how an African nationalist party would deal with governing a modern urban society and a developed economy.
This was a challenge that African nationalism had not had to face anywhere else in Africa.
The answer is now clear: the ANC has failed to rise to that challenge. It has in general found the running of a modern state way beyond its capacities.
It has not even managed to preserve an adequate power supply, that most basic essential of a modern society – even though it found, on attaining office, that it had a 25 per cent over-supply of electric power.

The towns and cities which the ANC controls are all in a state of advanced decay. This is true not just of Transkei towns like Mbizana and Mthatha, but even of Johannesburg.

Despite the fact that it is still the hub of private sector investment, the city staggers from crisis to crisis.
Its roads are marked by potholes and failed traffic lights, the city and suburbs by power cuts, water cut-offs and overgrown verges.
The municipality seems incapable of billing its citizens correctly and city finances are a mess. The public hospitals don’t work, policing is poor and crime is rampant.
Prior to 1994 Johannesburg was undoubtedly Africa’s premier city. In the main the city, like the country, is now ungoverned.

The ANC-led provincial governments work equally poorly. The most potent symbol of this is the long-running scandal of the Limpopo provincial government’s inability to deliver school textbooks to schools.

The fact that the national minister of education, situated in nearby Pretoria, found herself unable to have any effect on the situation only emphasised the government’s impotence.
A study by the Centre for Development and Enterprise revealed that South Africa had the worst public school system in the entire developing world.
South Africa notably under-performed many poorer countries, suggesting that lack of resources was not the critical variable.
The typical ANC excuse is to blame ‘the legacy of apartheid’, but this makes no sense: all these services worked far better under apartheid.
The national government doesn’t really govern. Partly this is because many ministers – and this has been visible since the very outset in 1994 – devote little time and energy to their ministries.
Probably the dominant ministerial activities since 1994 have been foreign travel and the observation of celebrations or rituals of one kind or another.

There is a constant round of party events – conferences, rallies, indabas, imbizos,22 national celebrations, commemorations, funerals and anniversaries.

Even extremely minor events such as the launch of a new brochure or programme are used as an excuse for lavish parties. Previously sedate occasions like the opening of Parliament are turned into major jamborees, replete with dressed-to-kill partying.

Ministers spend unconscionable amounts on luxury cars, first-class travel, bodyguards, private airplanes – and often on large newspaper adverts boasting of their activities and featuring large portraits of themselves. Inevitably, all this has been aped by provincial ministers and even by municipal officers.
Far out in the wilds of Limpopo or northern Zululand one can find huge placard posters at the roadside featuring the smiling face of some obscure provincial minister accompanying banal announcements of local maintenance or improvement programmes.
One is left in little doubt that the main point of the advert is the minister’s (or mayor’s) own ego.
Why ungoverned?

The government also doesn’t govern because it cannot. In effect the ‘transformation’of the civil service has destroyed it.

Apart from occasional oases of expertise – usually in the treasury, central bank or tax collection service – the civil service has been stripped not only of competent personnel but also of its institutional memory. Instead it has become a free-fire field for ‘cadre deployment’ and every kind of political and familial nepotism and cronyism.

One result has been colossal expenditure on outside consultants who perform many of the tasks that civil servants should but couldn’t do.

Second, the government has tried to get the private sector to do its work for it.

A great deal of legislation – including everything to do with affirmative action and black economic empowerment – has been written in terms that require all manner of performance from the private sector and merely empower the minister to punish non-compliers.
Similarly, mining legislation consists mainly of telling mining companies what to do in great detail under pain of dire punishment – and granting the minister large and vague discretionary powers so as to make the entire sector dependent on ministerial good will.
Third, the government doesn’t govern because it simply isn’t much interested in the job.
Only a few, rare ministers such as the minister of health, Aaron Motsoaledi, appear to be driven by a passion for their work.
Mainly, however, the focus of presidents and ministers alike is on the life of the ANC, its anniversaries, its rules and discipline, its national and regional conferences, its moods and its factions.
Essentially, this is the body within which they have lived their lives, the body to which they owe their positions and power. And it is not just an organisation; it is a family, a history, an emotional home.
Accordingly, they pay it far closer attention than anything in government.

Ministers invariably give precedence to party meetings and occasions over state duties.
This tendency has reached an apogee under Zuma, partly because the defenestration of Mbeki showed what the penalties were for ignoring the balance of forces within the ANC or misjudging its factions and personalities.

After all, Mbeki had forbidden the building of power stations and seen the country eclipsed by the catastrophe of major power cuts.

He had also been responsible for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths because of his refusal to allow anti-Aids drugs to be distributed to HIV sufferers.
Mbeki had also supported Mugabe’s regime of torture and murder next door. Yet the fact was that none of this brought him down.
The ANC was willing to forgive or ignore all of it.
What did for Mbeki was that he ignored the ANC’s understood codes of conduct: he humiliated and expelled his popular deputy president, he ignored the rules of comradeship and solidarity – and he asserted his individual power against the most powerful factions, enraging them.

Keen on reading more? Purchase a copy of How Long will South Africa survive? Visit

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Black People and Fried Chicken

I wonder how many times white people have gotten into trouble and been labelled racists for pointing out the fact that black people LOVE fried chicken?

How many times have we been told that we are intolerant racist pigs who stereotype black people in a negative way just so that we can oppress them for a little bit longer? 

But now I have to ask you - where in the world did we get this idea that black people love fried chicken? Could it be because white people think that there is something wrong with fried chicken? Nope - I know only a handful of die-hard vegetarians who wouldn't eat some good old Kentucky Fried Chicken (although I will be avoiding that for a long while after recent revelations of what certain KFC employees think of as good hygiene - KFC staff caught on camera)...

The truth is - and always has been - that on average, the majority of black people are head over heels for fried chicken. How do I know this to be true you ask? 

Well, in South Africa at least, black people love fried chicken so much that they are willing to steal money from taxpayers to purchase it. Yes - you read that right. Black people (coughPublicServantscough) are stealing money meant to better the living conditions of the members of their municipality. 

It has recently been revealed that in the last 2 years the Harry Gwala District Municiapality has racked up more than R400million in stolen public funds irregular expenditure. Of this at least R120 000 was spent on KFC and Nandos. That is a hell of a lot of money spent on some good old fried chicken right there...

And that dear friends is proof that black people love fried chicken... To spend ore money than the average person earns in a year on fast food which is comprised almost entirely of fried chicken is all the proof I need. So maybe you should stop calling me racist for pointing it out... do I call you racist for pointing out that white people love a damn good latter?

And after reading the article below you will probably ask me why I chose to focus on the relatively small amount of R120 000 spent on fast food as opposed to the other R399 880 000 stolen, lost, misspent etc? Well I'll tell you - I don't think that I have the stomach to deal with the complete and utter outright pathetic disregard for law and order that we are faced with in the public service today. 

It is for the same reason that I deliberately chose to refrain from speaking about the reprehensible and disgusting manner in which historic statues of people responsible for this country being what it is today were covered in disease ridden feces and excrement and vandalised and damaged simply because one small-minded moron wanted a few minutes in the spotlight so that he could spread his racial word-vomit and incite even more hatred and violence. 

It is the same reason that I choose not to write on the spree of murders and attacks against white people that have taken place this year. The reason that I have tried so hard to keep my mouth shut every time I hear some moron praise the name Zuma or hear his voice on the radio...

And that reason is because I am angry. I am furious at the way in which our country and our heritage and our very lives are being eroded away before our very eyes and the white population does nothing. I hear nothing. There is utter silence and a sense of depressed acceptance.

White people are too afraid to stand up to the current flock of racist savages that currently rule this country because they fear being labelled racist. And my anger is slowly growing. I choose not to write about these things right now simply because I fear what I will say and who will eventually bear the brunt of my ire and harsh words...

But mainly I choose not to air my views on these issues simply because my soul needs some catharsis. Because I need some time away from all of the negativity and because I need to focus on the good in my life before I lose my mind completely. 

I am starting to lose the battle somewhat and will eventually make a full comeback... But until then I will be keeping my news light - like focusing on this bit of evidence of how much black people LOVE their fried chicken...

Municipality spends nearly R120 000 on fast food

2015-05-12 07:29
Durban - Of nearly R400 million in irregular or unauthorised expenditure allegedly chalked-up by the Harry Gwala District Municipality over nearly two years, R116 310 was spent on Nando’s and KFC.
The figures are contained in a confidential report on an investigation into the district municipality’s expenditure for the 2009 to 2011 financial period.
The report, compiled by Midnight Star Consulting, is included as an addendum in a letter that axed Municipal Speaker Mandla Ngcobo wrote to President Jacob Zuma three weeks ago.
'Looting of public funds'
In the missive, Ngcobo urged him to proclaim a Special Investigation Unit probe into what he described as the “looting of public funds” in the district.
Ngcobo is understood to have raised his concerns before the council and also sought a high court order preventing further payment of a R22 million tender that almost doubled without reason.
Instead of supporting Ngcobo’s efforts, the ANC threw the book at him, disciplining him for sowing division within the party and prompting his resignation as speaker at a council meeting in March.
He refused to comment when contacted by News24.
The confidential report, a copy of which News24 has seen, details nearly R400m in expenditure that was either irregular, unauthorised or deemed fruitless and wasteful by the independent auditors.
They found that ranks of municipal officials had contravened the Municipal Finance Management Act on authorising payments without following proper protocol.
“Fourteen payments valued at R75 623.10 were made by the Sisonke District Municipality [now known as Harry Gwala District Municipality] to Nando’s outlets in the province of KZN in respect of meals. These transactions are in violation of Section 217 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, PPPFA [Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act] and the MFMA [Municipal Finance Management Act] Supply Chain Management regulations that no competitive bidding process was followed.”
This equates to over 2 800 peri-peri quarter chicken portions at R26.90 each.
“Nine transactions valued at R40 686.90 were in respect of Kentucky Fried Chicken meals bought by the municipality throughout the KZN province…”
These transactions, with a value equivalent to over 1 600 Streetwise 2 meals at R24.90 each, were too in violation of competitive bidding legislation.
Other irregular expenses
The money spent on fast food was highlighted in the report, along with millions of rands irregularly spent on accommodation and travel.
Auditors also honed in on R10 176 096.01 paid to Tricircle Hardware.
“Payments of the aforementioned amount just on material only were made to Tricircle Hardware without going through a competitive bidding process of any kind. We found thirteen instances where transactions of more than R200 000 were entered into in violation of procurement legislation…These transactions are a grave concern and raise suspicions,” the report reads.
The auditors recommended that R396 379 876.96 be condoned and written off as irrecoverable.
“We recommend that an effective document management system should be implemented and that relevant staff members are held accountable to the cases where payment vouchers and bid documents, which should have been retained but are found missing.”
“The council should consider further investigation into transactions relating to material and stock bought by the municipality in 2010/2011,” it reads.
No action
The Harry Gwala District Municipality said it was aware that Midnight was appointed to investigate irregular expenditure, and that the investigation report was presented to council and it was condoned.

“Senior managers that were tasked to implement the recommendations of the report are no longer with the employ of the municipality; therefore, we are not empowered [to take legal action against staff],” the municipality's spokesperson Ndabezitha Tenza said.