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Monday, 26 October 2015

White Tax

In the last few months we have been hearing  about the so-called "black tax" on black graduates. 

For those of you who do not care to read that: They have been talking about how the poor little black children, after receiving their degrees are forced to use their paychecks to start supporting their parents and siblings and more remote family members meaning that they have to fight harder than everyone else to get out of poverty. And naturally the businesses are so deeply racist the poor little delicate flowers have to actually *gasp* WORK hard after graduating to work their way up the ladder instead of getting given the top job, millions in salaries and the corner office with authority over all of the other employees right off the bat...

This would all be so sad if it were not for the following reasons:
1. No one forces their parents to have between 5 and 10 children while they are living in shacks and know that they cannot afford to feed, clothe and educate them.

2. Education has been made free at many, many schools but they refuse to send their kids to the no fee schools that their beloved ANC (whom they voted for) have created because the education is substandard and ultimately useless. They instead insist on sending their kids to fee paying schools (where they refuse to pay fees which are then subsidized by the paying parents - see the discussion below).

3. Instead of finding holiday jobs and jobs after hours in order to get the experience they need in their chosen fields these "students" would rather go out and party or go home and do nothing.

4. After 21 years of BEE, AA and EE they are still not able to help themselves. They get first choice at jobs despite the fact that they are, more often than not, not qualified for and yet they STILL cannot make their own lives better.

5. No one forces these kids to drop out of school (especially no fee schools) when they cannot cope because the system simply forces them through regardless of ability. As a result these kids simply become criminals because they don't want to actually have to work for something. Now you get a whole lot of them simply stealing what others have worked hard for and not contributing to the economy.

6. They voted for the crop of corrupt criminals that have made it almost impossible for the economy to grow in the following ways:

a. They have allowed the trade unions to hold companies to ransom thus decreasing growth and discouraging foreign investment and new start-ups;

b The labour laws are so oppressive that people refuse to hire more people due to the risks and inflexibility of getting rid of useless staff members;

c. BEE forces companies to stop growing beyond a certain point for fear that they will have to give part of their companies away for little or no consideration after they have grown them or face huge fines for non-compliance.

d. Continual protests and violence  makes investors uneasy and we see a weakening rand and rising inflation as a result.

So I have very little sympathy for this so-called "black tax" as they have brought it on themselves by being unable or unwilling to change their ways and let go of archaic practices.

But now lets talk about the white tax that I am sick of as well. You see, white people (and many black middle class) are being unduly prejudiced by the voting proletariat and their criminal offspring who insist on voting for terrorists. What is this "white tax" I refer to? Lets create a list and explore it:

1. Whites are forced to barricade themselves in their own homes at great personal cost. For fear of crime and violence we are spending tens of thousands of rands on security for our homes. This includes creating veritable prisons behind high walls to keep the criminals out. Our quality of life is being systematically reduced because of the fear of losing our hard earned possessions and even our lives.

2. Whites are paying huge insurance premiums every month to protect their investments. We pay high car insurance costs because we cannot afford to replace or repair our vehicles when they are damaged or destroyed by careless individuals who don't give a flying fig about the rules of the road (taxi drivers and pedestrians I'm looking at you).

We pay ever increasing household content insurance premiums in case our prisons are not fortified enough and we have to replace what the affirmative shoppers have appropriated - often violently.

3. We pay exorbitant medical aid premiums because we cannot use the useless public hospitals where whites are often mistreated and ignored and sometimes even further violated by the black employees whose salaries we pay through our tax money.

4. We pay ever increasing private school fees to find a modicum of decent education for our children because the public education is ultimately useless.

5. We pay increasing electricity rates to subsidise the black areas who refuse to pay and who violently protest when the consequences of non-payment are visited upon them.

6 Whites are forced to pay higher and higher property rates and water levies for the same reasons.7. Whites are forced to have fewer or no children at all because we cannot afford them. We are therefore subsidizing the ever increasing number of poor black people who refuse to use a condom.

7. We are forced to pay indecently large portions of our salaries in income tax to fund the social grants for the people who refuse to stop having children and then abandon them and then strike. We have to pay for our overcrowded prisons and for increasing government corruption and incompetence.

8. We are forced to prevent growth of our legacies because if we do not we may  be forced to give away large portions of it to blacks who had no hand in the creation or growth of those legacies or face hefty fines.

9. We have to contend with being subject to mistrust for police because they too engage in the African pastime of crime and often with a view to targeting whites.

10. We cannot benefit from charity or social programs and are penalised for helping other whites. We are systematically excluded form the job market almost entirely unless we start our own businesses wherein we are again prejudiced by the racist BEE laws.

11. We live in fear of having our property taken away from us for the purposes of "redistribution" simply because one black man can say he wants it and is entitled to it. 

12. Every time there is a screw up or something goes wrong or someone just wants to get their hands on something they didn't create whites are made the scapegoats and Apartheid is trotted out as the the reason and whites branded as evil racists and therefore treated as less than nothing.

There are many more ways that whites are forced to pay "white tax" in South Africa and I for one am sick of it.
It is time that white tax falls and time that whites all stood together to demand it. I don't know about you but I am tired of triple checking all of the locks on the doors and windows every night before I go to sleep and every time I leave my home. I am tired of having to think twice before going somewhere because I am scared that I could be robbed or raped or murdered. I am tired of having to fund the exponential growth of the black population while they add nothing to the economy and I am tired of being told that I am a racist when I point all of this out.


  1. the mistake made by humanity in general is that they assume that the bantu have similar social wants and needs to ours, and that in turn leads to the growing disparity between the goals set and achieved by our kids, and the growing failures of their offspring. Lipstick on a pig....

    1. I have already made an apology for the whites who brought technology, decent housing, running water, electricity, roads, education etc to the black people stilling living in the stoneage here in South Africa.

      It seems that white money is fine but whites themselves are the problem... They just hate being reminded of their shortcomings and inability to compete on the same level.

  2. Very accurate shooting from the hip...

    1. Someone needs to say and many people are... unfortunately we don't have a voice in this country,