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Monday, 5 October 2015

Awww Shame...

Looks like I'm getting some hate mail guys... now I know that I'm doing something right... And its not like they can even come up with a coherent argument in mitigation of their own savage tendencies... and to ask for a post that does not involve swearing? Why not ask for the sun and stars instead - it will be easier to obtain.

For your viewing pleasure - the comment I received on my post "Fuck Yeah Dead White People":

I see someone is a little mad that the black hypocrisy is being pointed out and the savages advocating it are being called out... shown to the world to be a racist hatemonger... and yet a coward as well.

I wonder how long this guy has been out of jail and when his next stint will be?? Should also be noted that it comes from a black dude that has never set foot on the African continent and would probably be one of the "refugees" trying to get back into the horrid racist filled white countries if he ever did...

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