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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Screw Your Diversity

Two days ago I reposted the drivel of a one Emily Goldstein (supposedly) who seems to think that the annihilation of the entire white race is the best thing since sliced bread – and that’s ok because she is allegedly white. I posted her drivel here.

Emily seems to think that we do not have a right to live – based on some arbitrary and propagandised history. Basically – because bad things were done by white people waaaaaaaaaaay back in the very distant past, each and every single one of us who happens to have pale skin is now some sort of demon spawn that should be killed off.

She thinks its a grand idea to breed whites out of existence by forcing them to breed with what she calls “minorities”. Firstly I should point out that Emily is a complete and utter moron because if she actually had any sense to go and do some research before writing this drivel, she would know that on a global scale white people ARE the minority. That means whites are already outnumbered by blacks, Indians and the Asians – by a factor of around 6:1. Its impressive don’t you think that a minority race is so adept at “oppressing” population groups that are so much bigger than they are? Says something about the intelligence of those groups doesn’t it?

Emily also seems to have forgotten the part of history where whites were oppressed and attacked and murdered en masse by blacks (ie: Moors who invaded Spain) as well as the Mongols who pushed far enough into Europe to only have been defeated by the Romans. She fails to make mention of the fact that white people have been sold into slavery, have been enslaved and oppressed by other races as well. And she also fails to mention that the first ever American slave owner happened to be a black man – seems to be a libtard disease though – selective memory.

She goes on to say that whiteness = racism. That simply by having a white skin, regardless of your age, sex, cultural background, opinions, thoughts, ideas, religion etc, you are automatically racist. In fact, her words actually make it seem like she thinks that just daring to be born with a white skin is racist itself. Damn my poor parents for being white and being attracted to other white people and therefore making me genetically white... Like its a choice we make.

But not only is being white racist, it also automatically makes you sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, an anti-Semite. Islmaphobe and a heteropatriarchal capitalist. Now I will concede to being both an Islamaphobe and a capitalist (heteropatriarchal? Probably seeing as thinking that capitalism beats socialism and communism hands down in growing economies makes me even more of a horrid horrid racist).

I think that I may need to take a bit of break here and let all of you normal people out there know the meaning of t these terms and labels (all of which make you a horrible person if they apply to you – you know because you are not supportive of the liberal bunny hugger special snowflakes who happen to be abnormal in so many ways its getting hard to count... You can see some of the other things that we are not allowed to think or feel here)

Ableism: Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions based on differences in physical, mental, and/or emotional ability; usually that of ablebodied / minded persons against people with illness, disabilities, or less developed skills / talents.

Example: I don’t think you can climb that mountain due to the fact that you weigh 400kg.
Sexism: Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions based on difference in sex/gender; usually by men against women.
Example: OMG... the guy I was sitting next to on the train and whose privacy I violated by reading his Twitter feed over his shoulder is not following any women... everyday sexism.

Homophobia: The fear or hatred of homosexuality (and other nonheterosexual identities);
and persons perceived to be gay or lesbian.

Example: He said his religion says that two men having sex is a sin. How homophobic.

Transphobia: The fear or hatred of homosexuality (and other nonheterosexual identities), and persons perceived to be transgender and/or transexual.

Example: On realizing that the hot girl he picked up at the bar was actually a guy, Arthur had an outbreak of transphobia.

Related terms:
                Transgender: Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex. Transgendered people can include transsexuals, crossdressers, drag kings/queens, masculine women, feminine men, and those who defy what society tells them is appropriate for their gender.

Transsexual: One who identifies as a gender other that of their biological sex.

AntiSemitism: The fear or hatred of Jews, Judaism, and related symbols.

                Example: The Holocaust.

Islamaphobia: Dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.
                Example: We don’t think that Muslims should be allowed to come to our countries and complain about our culture and force us to change to suit them and we disagree with their violent religion.

Hetero: as in “straightness” and anything resembling the nuclear traditional family.
Patriarchal: this is the belief that women are oppressed by men economically, socially and political.

                Example: I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Somehow only white people can be guilty of any of the above and if we get rid of white people all of these things will stop and suddenly the human condition that has been in place since man arrived on this rock and is hardwired into our genetics as “natural“ will forever change and “minorities” will live in peace and friendship forever. Someone needs to inform the libtard that black tribes have been murdering and raping each other since time immemorial. So have muslims and every other race in between – it is not a “white” thing. Maybe someone should point out that the largest percentage (from what they can tell) of pedophiles in any population group is within the homosexual sect? (source) Perhaps she has no clue that in most African tribes women are literally purchased by their husbands (lobola - she can calculate how many cows she is worth here) or are kidnapped and raped so as to force a marriage (ukhutwale - usually of children which is not a crime because its their culture)?

Maybe little Emily should learn that anti-Semitism happens to be a commandment in that religious book the Muslims use to justify their savagery and backwardness. And maybe at some point she should be told that thinking someone is incapable if something based on physical, mental or emotional traits is not exactly a bad thing. I wonder how me thinking that a person who is 50kg neither looks good and is not in optimal health is so terrible... but then again, to the libtard bunch the truth and opinions are offensive. Such as this one: I don’t want to be exposed to people with HIV – that makes me ableist. This also does: I don’t think a paranoid schizophrenic should be walking around in public untreated.

Next our special snowflake goes on to tell us just how little culture white people have. I suppose that a culture of learning, education, development, progress, excellence and ambition makes us cultureless. Maybe it should be pointed out to the half-thawed snowflake that there is greater diversity in white culture than in any other “minority” group. But our little half-thawed snowflake seems to think that “White “culture” consists of nothing more than oppression, genocide, and the disenfranchisement of minorities. White “culture” is racism and nothing more. When white supremacists talk about “white culture”, what they’re really talking about is racism.” But yes, it makes every single white person on the planet feel all warm and fuzzy whenever another white person “oppresses” someone else.

And now we get to something we have heard before so often its become a cliché, snowflake’s assertion that “, white people have built a massive empire based entirely on the hard work of oppressed and disenfranchised minority groups.” Hmmmm... seems strange to me but I seem to recall that Europe was almost exclusively white for centuries and millennia and they were still developed... I wonder where those “minorities” were? My history tells me that almost all of the most important scientific discoveries and inventions were made by white? For a small sampling:

That computer you're typing on
The software that drives your computer
The Internet
Recorded music
Motion pictures
Light bulb
Rocketry (modern)
Printing press
Contact lenses
Microwave oven
Metallurgy (most discoveries and methods)
Materials science (plastics, compounds, & most other synthetics)95% of medical advancements
95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
The bulk of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
Sea navigation (most advancements)
Discovery of DNA
Genetics (most research)
Laser technology and its myriad of uses
Nuclear energy
Modern agricultural techniques
Modern democracy
.... to name just a few

But she’s right... whites have done nothing. Its not like they have brought any of those inventions to other races. Its not like they have created space for them in their countries and communities. Its not like “minorities” are even allowed to walk around. And the stone age “minorities” would have all progressed to intergalactic space travel by now (ignoring the fact that just 400 years ago they were still in the stoneage) had the white man never been around. I mean sure, while the Romans were developing laws and building aqueducts and engaging in philosophical debates, the Africans, American Indians and South Americans were still living in mudhuts, wearing loin cloths and hunting with spears, and while the English were establishing monarchies to last for centuries and sending ships out to explore beyond the horizon and expand their territory, the Africans, American Indians and South Americans were still living in mudhuts, wearing loin cloths and hunting with spears and so they were still doing (and in some places still are doing), its not like the whites brought civilisation to them at all, nor religion that didn’t revolve around worshipping their ancestors, morals that told them that murdering and raping were wrong, that “medicine” from human body parts (usually albinos and young children) was wrong, whites also never brought the music of the greatest composers to the world, nor the books and poems of the greatest writers or even the greatest philosophical works still used to study today... never. White culture has nothing at all to do with excellence and ambition and desire to progress and explore... not at all *rolls eyes*

And Emily is happy that this culture and empire is coming to an end. She is happy that there will no more major breakthroughs in science and medicine because there will simply be no drive or ability to do it. She is happy that democracy, debate, growth and exploration will stop. A typical aspect of the conceited Marxist liberal mindset... bite the hand that feeds you and you get everything you want. She has also not realised that should the white race die out, it will not be long before the rest of the human race is scratching around in the dust trying to get back in touch with their caveman roots to make a living... it is widely known (but definitely not admitted) that whites are on average more intelligent than the majority of other races – Jews and Asians excepted. And in conjunction with that intelligence, there are the other virtues listed above which make the white race the most successful in terms of modernisation. So in a sense she may be right... humans will live much closer to nature because they will lose the ability to compete on a level above that of the animals and then the human race is doomed. Such a grand thing to look forward to...

Have the various white nations committed some heinous acts in history? Yes they have... it is fact and can never be erased. And yet somehow I feel the need to point out to snowflake that Ghengis Khan and the Mongols were not white...Nor were the Moors or Arabs or Chinese, Japanese nor Africans, Indians, Native Americans, nor any other “minority” where they have enslaved, murdered, raped and warred with each other for centuries. Snowflake should learn about human nature... it is natural to conquer and expand territory. Does she think that all those lovely “minorities” would prance around in the fields picking flowers and singing kumbaya all day? She needs a crash course in history. What one group has done to another is no worse than anything going before it in a time when conquest was a way of life. I will not try to condone any of the behaviour of any group nor shall I judge.

But then again, how is it possible that an entire race is held responsible for something that happened decades and centuries ago when none of them participated in any of it? Should we hold all Zulus responsible for the massacres at the hands of Shaka Zulu? Or all Mongols alive today responsible for the actions of Ghengis Khan? What about holding all North Koreans in future responsible (in fact any Korean or Asian for that matter) for the actions of Kim Jong-Il? How about future generations hold blacks responsible for the actions of Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Yakubu Gowon, Mengistu Haile Mariam? Maybe we should hold all Turks responsible for the actions of Ismail Enver Pasha who caused the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians?

You say no? Why? Because they’re not whites? Wow... nice double standard.

Snowflake says that people ask her how they can “atone” for being white and the “evils of whiteness”? Well I say that the “minorities” should be trying to figure out how to say thank you for everything they received from whites and every single discovery or invention that has helped them live longer, be healthier, have easier lives.

I also note that they have taken segregation in recent decades to mean “oppression”... I didn’t know that by keeping my evil white self away from blacks and Muslims etc was oppression... Somehow staying away from them and allowing them to leech off of our success because we its safer for our own families is oppression just as much as if we live in their communities and raise standards and values... If it were not for the inclination of most minority groups to be involved in crime and violence then there wouldn’t be the need to stay separate (time to start deporting the lot of them back to their own countries round about now and leave them to fend for themselves without the white man as a crutch...).

She is correct is saying that white birthrates are very low and that “minorities” are outbreeding us... And its simply because of superior morals, education, compassion and liberal Marxist ideology. Whites have developed a culture of only having children that you can afford to feed, clothe and educate properly. This is something foreign to almost all other races (look at China where this kind of thing had to be legislated for crying out loud) where it is normal to have up to 10+ children regardless of your economic situation and means. Whites (used to) have a moral culture where sleeping around and having children outside of wedlock is frowned upon. It was also important to have a strong family unit with both mother and father in attendance teaching their children the same morals. But because the white race is so compassionate, we invite all of the “poor, oppressed minorities” into our countries and give them free everything (housing, healthcare, education etc) just so that they can outbreed us, create violence and crime and no-go zones simply because of some irrational fear of being called a racist. And thanks to the growth of cultural Marxism we see all of western ideology and nationalism being eroded through feminism, socialism, gay rights movements, atheism (yes I am a Christian so sue me) and so many other politically correct mechanism. And that is why our compassion and kindness will see us eventually wiped out by ignorant, violent “minorities that liberals love to parade and make into victims.

And then our very special snowflake hits on something near and dear to me – South African whites – of which I happen to form part. This prime example of libtard thinking has no clue what she is talking about. She seems to forget that the economy exists only because of white South Africans. That the blacks were NOT indigenous to South Africa and that the whites had been living there for over 100 years before they even met a bantu black. She has no clue that the bantu colonised South Africa as well at around the same time as the whites. She has no clue that blacks were NEVER slaves in South Africa and that Apartheid was implemented to keep the white population safe from blacks. She has no idea that blacks were never excluded from the economy and completely funded by white taxpayer money. Mike Smith has a fantastic series on Apartheid which can be found here.

Somehow this very special snowflake thinks that it is a grand thing to keep whites out of the economy like they have been doing for the past 21 years (through BEE, AA and EE) – she will never concede that this has not had any positive influence in the lives of black people because they simply do not know how to compete in business with whites. They lack the work ethic, ability, education and wherewithal – because they demand for free everything that the white man has worked his ass off for. It must all be given to the blacks for free. In this paragraph she is subtly condoning and celebrating the horrific murders of white South Africans at the hands of savage blacks who are incapable of independent thought. And in terms of her little ill-informed (and self-hating) rant this blog post would be punishable by imprisonment because it shows her and her savage “minorities” to be just what they are – incapable of competing with a white person in any sphere on any level. And maybe someone should point out to her that “free speech” is a western concept created by whites! None of her “minority” cultures allow for it and in fact punish it severely.

And a world without whites will look like Africa – dark and destitute. Strange how she fails to see this. Every single country that achieves the most is almost invariably run by whites (Japan excepted). It is the white man that came up with the concept of human rights – and places with the highest human rights abuses happen to be run by and populated in the main with “minorities”.

But sure... whites are the problem. I wonder when she will go and let herself be “diversified” and see how she feels about it. My bet is that she has never actually spoken to a “minority” in her life let alone lived among them. I wonder how much she will be praying for the end of the white race when she and her family have felt the effects of “diversity” first hand? But you know what? She is probably so far gone and the liberal disease has spread so far that the second she is confronted with “diversity” she will find someway to blame the white man...

So in closing... Emily Goldstein (internet troll extraordinaire) maybe you should get a head start on the rest of us (those “white supremacists” that are proud of our heritage, culture and whiteness and are intent on preserving it) how to be annihilated... go get diversified already.


  1. This article wins. Good to see the adults are still in charge.

  2. This article wins. Good to see the adults are still in charge.