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Friday, 29 May 2015

Derby-Lewis - A Free Man?

And now for some good news... Clive Derby-Lewis, the man who provided the gun that killed the terrorist SA Community Party leader Chris Hani, will allowed to go home on medical parole according to the North Guateng High Court.  (source)

A man who has served 21 years out of his life sentence (commuted from death) and has terminal lung cancer has routinely been denied parole. And the reason for this denial fly in the face of all the laws relating to parole - the Hani family did not agree to his release. 

And this after Schabir Shaik (Jacob Zuma's previous financial advisor who was jailed on fraud and corruption charges for 15 years) was released on medical parole after +- 18 months. That was in March 2009. He supposedly had a terminal illness yet is somehow still going strong, living the hjigh life and playing golf.

Jackie Selebi was another one who got medical parole. He didn't even spend 6 months behind bars before he was released on medical parole in 2012. He finally died 3 years later. And was then given a funeral paid for by the ANC (supposedly).

I know, I know... you will tell me how those cases are not even comparable to Derby-Lewis because Shaik and Selebi never murdered anyone - much less for political reasons. Therefore it is quite justifiable...

But I can also point out that Robert McBride was also sentenced to death for his role in murdering innocent women and children with the specific aim of generating fear intended to change the political regime of South Africa. He was released, given a full pardon and then made Head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate... And he killed more than 1 person.

We could also point to all the rapists and murderers who are released by the president annually just to be rearrested a few weeks later having committed the exact same (or worse) crime. 

And now we come to the real crux of the matter... Derby-Lewis is white and Hani was black. You see, its not good to apply the rules fairly (See BEE, AA and EE laws). Whites should always be made to suffer as much as humanly possible. Regardless of the fact that the man is nearly 80. That he has stage 4 lung cancer and only about 2 months to live. He has served 21 years of his prison sentence when most inmates at most serve 1/4 of theirs. He is white and therefore must be hated. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don;t condone murder for the sake of murder... but I don;t have a problem with someone getting rid of a few terrorists...

And just so you can see these comments, a portion of the black population is rather pissed off:

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