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Friday, 17 April 2015

She's Back

I'm sure that everyone by now has seen and heard the fracas surrounding the "RhodesmustFall" campaign together with their empty rhetoric about "transformation" and "white privilege" by now... I have refrained from giving my input into the matter because I assumed that everyone with half a brain cell understood that it was simply a ploy to push whites even further out of their historic places and fill the infrastructure of private institutions with black people who will allow lower standards to be acceptable...

That was when it was simply a bunch of entitled little university brats who thought that they could get their 15 minutes of fame by throwing shit at a statue of the man who is the reason they have that lovely campus to study on in the first place...But I digress...

The reason for this post is once again that bastion of white liberal self-hate Gillian Schutte. I am sure I have said it before but I will say it again - I really cannot stand that "woman". She seriously rubs me up the wrong way with her decidedly open hatred for her skin and anyone who shares the hue and who doesn't feel it necessary to kneel at the feet of noble savages to say sorry for something that they had no part in and that was over before they could understand what it was...

She has reared her decidedly ugly mug in order to again bash whites over the head using the statue story as an excuse to spew forth her vile rhetoric:

"Race relations analyst Gillian Schutte said "the monuments reflect the inequalities which continue to plague our country.

She said that when Afrikaans singers Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr went to the defence of the defaced statue of Paul Kruger, in Pretoria's Church Square, last week the old Transvaal vierkleur flag was hoisted, Die Stem was sung and Commando Corps uniforms were worn.

"Not once have we heard them speak of the 53% of our population who live with discomfort every day," she said.

She said there was an opportunity for whites to make "a collective apology" and right the wrongs of the past."

So now she has the title of "race relations analyst" huh? Well i wonder when she is going to analyse the FACTS and see that blacks are worse on the oppression front than whites ever were. Whites at least let blacks live and work and gave them employment, healthcare, education and police services... Blacks have destroyed all of those services and almost all of that infrastructure and turn a blind eye to the murders of whites on an almost daily basis by blacks along with the assaults and the hijackings and robberies. And lets not even get started on the blatant racism of AA, EE and BEE...

I see that she is offended by the singing of Die Stem - which by my understanding is simply a poem written about the beauty and magnificence of South Africa. But to be fair, naturally that would completely piss of any liberal who wants to protect the image of their noble savages seeing as the country hardly resembles the picture painted by Die Stem in any event. Why remind people of how it once was when what it is now is a horrific mess of violence?

And then there is the opposition to the Transvaal vierkleur - a boer symbol of freedom and prosperity and one that had nothing to do with Apartheid at all. Again the meaning behind the symbol is something to be shunned because it stands in stark contrast to the facts of present day South Africa.

And wearing Commando Corps uniforms is something to be ashamed of now? I guess that Gillian simply knows her history too well to want that kind of reminder going public seeing as it was thanks to those commandos that farmers were kept safe. And since they have been disbanded thousands of farmers have lost their lives thanks to those vicious and pathetic examples of the noble savage that Gillian holds in such high esteem. Can't have that fact leaking out now can we?

And why should Steve and Sunette speak about the "53% of our population who live with discomfort every day"? Its members of that same group that are responsible for the murders of the white population. Its that group that have failed to take advantage of AA, EE and BEE and who would rather breed like rats than actually engage in family planning. I wonder why anyone should feel sorry for people who live in dire poverty and then still have children in that environment. Children that they cannot feed, clothe, educate or even parent who then still sit around in dire poverty and perpetuate the cycle... I have no sympathy for them There is no longer any excuse. 21 years of free education and AA and BEE and they still cannot get themselves out of their holes because they insist on breeding.

Yes I know all of the arguments - whites have all the capital, whites oppress them, whites stole the land blah blah blah... all excuses that have been debunked repeatedly by many people. The truth is simple - as long as they are getting for free through violence and handouts they need not change. they are still stuck in the mentality of their ancestors living 400 years ago and refuse to evolve with the times. Its quite clear to see what happens when a black person turns their back on those cultures and traditions - well educated, ambitious and hard working professions who have lifted themselves out of poverty... But naturally the white man is holding them back.

And now we come to the part that really pisses me off... the part where Gillian thinks whites should "make a collective apology". And she seems to suggest that we do that by aiding in the erasure of out history and our heritage and through accepting the mediocrity demanded by the black population. She seems to think that all white people must immediately harbour some sort of guilt because they happened to be born white. She seems to think that I have something to apologise for because I happen to be white regardless of my age, circumstances in life or any other factor. No, to Gillian, a white skin means you are privilged and that you automatically oppress blacks because of it (except for her naturally - she married a black man and had his little half and half kids so she's a good white person). 

I am sick and tired of being told that I am the reason that black savages loot, and steal and rape and rob and murder and torture and maim simply because I happen to have been born with a white skin. As though somehow my very existence forces them to behave that way. And I am sick and tired of white liberal morons like Gillian who perpetuate that idea by constantly apologising to the savages for something no one can control. Now maybe if she stopped pandering to them so that she can feel better about herself (a truly nasty piece of work) she would start seeing the wood for the trees... but what am I saying, those infected by the disease of liberalism seldom recover...


  1. I bet you her husband has to call her miessies or looking at her ugly mug, ounooi, when no one is around. Thats South Africa's post and pre apartheid 's problem in a nutshell. Not the "list of pro revolutionary parties" but people, men and woman like this Gillian person. She now has to go out of her way to justify why she married the outa. Who actually cares, if that is what rocks her boat then so be it. Just leave the rest of us alone.

    1. I just wonder how many cows she was worth when they got married...