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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How Taxi's Operate

Last Friday morning my husband and I were stuck in some hellish traffic on our way to work. Having only the one car between us at the moment I had enough time to sit and watch how our black taxis actually drive (and how some of the other cars on the road follow suit)...

Instead of sitting in traffic and waiting their tums like the rest of us, these idiotic imbeciles upstanding representatives of the ruling ANC electorate decided that they would create their own lanes and drive over sidewalks and over solid white and yellow lines wherever they please... because naturally the laws do not apply to them.

Below you can find just a few of the offenders and you can clearly see what we are forced to work with on a daily basis to avoid having our vehicles damaged or our lives taken from us. You have to give way naturally.

I also may have had a few words with another black driver who was upset because we happened to have stopped in front of his car due to the backed up traffic getting onto the highway... he wanted to drive on - completely and utterly ignoring the fact that the light was still green for us and red for him Needless to say I was sworn at and called some rather unflattering racist names... to which I flipped him the bird, gave him a short lesson on driving 101 and then laughed while he fumed and ranted at me. 

The pictures are very similar but each one shows a different taxi/car... I had already watched this happening for 15 minutes before I started taking pictures... 

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