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Friday, 6 March 2015

Hey Rape Fans

Well it would seem that I am a fan of rape according to this definition for the following reasons:

1. I am NOT a feminist and am in fact quite anti-feminist.

2. I don't believe in the existence of the magical "rape culture" seeing as there is not a single secular government that condones rape (notice how I didn't include the muslim countries in that statement because they think its all fantastic and good and exactly what their prophet would want them to do). Rape is just about universally condemned and criminalised and those convicted or even simply accused of rape face massive punishments.

3. I love the most important thing that enables rape (insofar as the feminist logic believes) - penis. I am 100% heterosexual and gender conforming with an amazing husband (I suppose that me a deplorable white christian bigot self-hating misogynist but so be it I guess) and I like the fact that he has the equipment I need.

Now, naturally feminists will say that all men are rapists because of the fact that they have a penis (how this works when said man is gay and/or - in the liberal vernacular - trans I have no idea seeing as gender is supposedly a social construct and your genitals do not make you male or female or whatever):

Regardless of whether or not its satire/sarcasm, many people believe it 
And all the previous comment said was:

It went downhill from there which you can read for yourself...

Seems like common sense is not strong with this crowd.


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