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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How Taxi's Operate

Last Friday morning my husband and I were stuck in some hellish traffic on our way to work. Having only the one car between us at the moment I had enough time to sit and watch how our black taxis actually drive (and how some of the other cars on the road follow suit)...

Instead of sitting in traffic and waiting their tums like the rest of us, these idiotic imbeciles upstanding representatives of the ruling ANC electorate decided that they would create their own lanes and drive over sidewalks and over solid white and yellow lines wherever they please... because naturally the laws do not apply to them.

Below you can find just a few of the offenders and you can clearly see what we are forced to work with on a daily basis to avoid having our vehicles damaged or our lives taken from us. You have to give way naturally.

I also may have had a few words with another black driver who was upset because we happened to have stopped in front of his car due to the backed up traffic getting onto the highway... he wanted to drive on - completely and utterly ignoring the fact that the light was still green for us and red for him Needless to say I was sworn at and called some rather unflattering racist names... to which I flipped him the bird, gave him a short lesson on driving 101 and then laughed while he fumed and ranted at me. 

The pictures are very similar but each one shows a different taxi/car... I had already watched this happening for 15 minutes before I started taking pictures... 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Racist Cupcakes?!

I think I have just about heard it all now from the loony left liberal bunny huggers out there... Looks like food can now be racist folks... I am going to have to be very careful what models I make for my kids birthday cakes one day because if you happen to use the wrong colour chocolate you're in trouble. 

A bakery in France has been ordered to remove a speciality cupcake that they have been making and selling from their display window (but they are allowed to keep selling it because naturally there is tax money available on the income so no need to try and get rid of that) or face a 500 Euro fine for each day they are not removed. They were also fined 1000 Euros for making them at all... 

How sensitive do you really have to be to get offended by food? I ask you in all honest with tears in my eyes...

The baked goods that are racist peeps...

'Racist' cupcakes banned from French shop window

2015-03-27 12:32

Nice - A French court has banned the display of cupcakes topped with the naked figures of a man and woman wrought in dark chocolate in a pastry shop near Nice after a watchdog described them as "racist".

The "God" and "Goddess" cupcakes - which have been on sale in the shop in the town of Grasse for about 15 years - are stuffed with ganache and topped with the chocolate figures of a plump man and woman with pink lips and protruding genitalia.

The administrative court in Nice on Thursday ordered they be removed from the shop's window display, though - finding no "malicious will" on the part of the baker - it allowed the shop to continue making and selling them.

The court ordered the town's mayor to ensure the cakes were removed from the display immediately, with a penalty of 500 euros for each day's delay.

It also ordered the town to pay a fine of 1 000 euros to the Platform for Reflection and Action against Anti-Black Racism (CRAN), which called for the cupcakes to be banned earlier in March after a complaint from a resident.

The court said the cakes showed "two people of colour in grotesque and obscene attitudes", adding they violate "human dignity, especially that of the African people or people of African descent".
Baker Yannick Tavolaro said he makes the cupcakes only on weekends, and often to order.

In a defamation complaint against CRAN he said the use of dark chocolate is technically necessary to model the figures, which he said were cartoons.

CRAN president Louis-Georges Tin said he was "delighted" with the court ruling Thursday, adding it was a warning to the rest of France.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Hey Rape Fans

Well it would seem that I am a fan of rape according to this definition for the following reasons:

1. I am NOT a feminist and am in fact quite anti-feminist.

2. I don't believe in the existence of the magical "rape culture" seeing as there is not a single secular government that condones rape (notice how I didn't include the muslim countries in that statement because they think its all fantastic and good and exactly what their prophet would want them to do). Rape is just about universally condemned and criminalised and those convicted or even simply accused of rape face massive punishments.

3. I love the most important thing that enables rape (insofar as the feminist logic believes) - penis. I am 100% heterosexual and gender conforming with an amazing husband (I suppose that me a deplorable white christian bigot self-hating misogynist but so be it I guess) and I like the fact that he has the equipment I need.

Now, naturally feminists will say that all men are rapists because of the fact that they have a penis (how this works when said man is gay and/or - in the liberal vernacular - trans I have no idea seeing as gender is supposedly a social construct and your genitals do not make you male or female or whatever):

Regardless of whether or not its satire/sarcasm, many people believe it 
And all the previous comment said was:

It went downhill from there which you can read for yourself...

Seems like common sense is not strong with this crowd.


Three Meals a Day is Racist

Well, now I think U have read it all folks. According to a liberal writer at Kiera Butler, who is a senior editor at the site the concept of having threes square meals a day is a racist one. Instead of making her point using actual, you know, evidence about quantities, metabolic rates and exercise as health issues, she decided to use the race card instead.  :

Historian Abigail Carroll, author of the book Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal, explained to me that the the thrice-daily eating schedule goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages in Europe. [1] When European settlers got to America, they also imported their meal habits: a light meal—maybe cold mush and radishes—in the morning, a heavier, cooked one midday, and a third meal similar to the first one later in the day. They observed that the eating schedule of the native tribes was less rigid—the volume and timing of their eating varied with the seasons. Sometimes, when food was scarce, they fasted. The Europeans took this as "evidence that natives were uncivilized," Carroll explained to me in an email. "Civilized people ate properly and boundaried their eating, thus differentiating themselves from the animal kingdom, where grazing is the norm." (So fascinated were Europeans with tribes' eating patterns, notes Carroll, that they actually watched Native Americans eat "as a form of entertainment.") 

You will note that her little article says nothing about how the life spans of the natives was greatly increased after the arrival of the Europeans due not in small part to the cooking techniques brought with them. 

And as Tim Blumer over at pointed out:
"Meanwhile, as people of all races, creeds and colors engaged in all these absolutely unhealthy eating habits causing life-threatening levels of indigestion, life expectancy at birth for whites somehow managed to rise from 50 years at the beginning of the 20th century (a rough average 48.23 years for males and 51.08 years for females) to 79 years in 2011 (roughly averaging 76.3 years and 81.1 years for males and females, respectively).

Additionally, despite pervasive, nonstop oppression by cruel, greedy, almost exclusively male white capitalist pigs who unilaterally imposed these eating regimens on their hapless victims, average life expectancies for nonwhites rose from 34 years to 75 years during that same period.

In other words, as these racist mealtime regimens took hold, the absolute gap between white and nonwhite life expectancies narrowed by 12 years (from 16 years to 4 years) and the percentage gap narrowed by 27 points (from 32 percent to just over 5 percent) in roughly 110 years."

So naturally you can see that the racist white capitalist male pigs only helped with that increase in lie expectancy because they would then be able to milk and oppress the poor and downtrodden noble savages for a longer period of time right?

It physically pains me when I see something like this in print. By all means attack out preconceived notions about eating 3 times a day only and propose an alternative method in the interests of health. But why do people feel the need to include race into everything? 

The original article can be found here - Source