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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

10 Ways Feminists Strip Women of Power

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After decades of covertly and overtly altering our society to fit their warped perspective, people have finally woken up to the serious damage feminists have done to this country. Most of all they have stripped women of the power they used to have. Here are ten ways Feminists have done that to women since it first reared its ugly head.

1. Denying the importance of Femininity

Feminists believe the greatest weakness women have is Femininity (They’ll disagree with that statement, then redefine Femininity to suit their world view, but in the end they hate and despise true Femininity). So what is Femininity? Elizabeth Elliot defined Masculinity as initiation and Femininity as response. We have been conditioned to see those in terms of initiation being strong and response being weak, because feminists have indoctrinated our society to do so, yet response is not weakness. One of the basic strategies of ancient Samurai sword fighting is to force your opponent to move first, which then gives you the advantage. Japanese businesses applied this philosophy (taught in Miyamoto Musashi’s book Go Rin No Sho) to their business dealing and whopped the absolute snot out of American businesses through the 70s and 80s, until American businesses had Musashi’s book translated, and learned what the Japanese were doing.

Passiveness, restraint, patience, deference, nurturing, poise, gentleness. These are not weak attributes. They are intelligent attributes, and intelligence is strength. By conning women into abandoning Femininity, feminists have weakened them, and left them without one of their greatest weapons.

2.  Denying the importance of motherhood

The feminists see two types of motherhood. One, they hate, means the surrendering of a woman to the every need of the child, making her a slave to yet another person. The other type, the feminists approve of, is in name only. It consists of “mothering” by proxy and using a plethora of day-care workers, nannies, aux-pair, etc. to actually do the real mothering while the feminist visit little Johnny a few minutes each day to remind him who she is. This is no more mothering than watching a football game is being a football player.

There is an oft misquoted Bible verse at 1 Timothy 2:15. It reads in the King James, “Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” and no English version actually, properly translates the original Greek, which reads, “swqhsetai de dia thj teknogoniaj ean meinwsin en pistei kai agaph kai agiasmw meta swfrosunhj” … which literally means, “Notwithstanding, she shall be made complete when she is a mother to a child while she and her husband remain faithful, loving, pure and diligent.” True motherhood is not about giving birth, but about being there to care for, nurture and teach a child as it grows. Women who make the choice to devote years to this offend feminists, and while they usually can’t denigrate motherhood directly, they have done so indirectly by claiming a working mother is just as good a mother as a stay-at-home mother is, (in other words, a part time employee can do the same amount of work as a full time employee) and then claiming that such a statement doesn’t imply stay-at-home mothers are lazy, worthless bums wasting their time.

3. Denying the importance of marriage

Ironically, while feminists call Conservative women who’ve earned their positions through their own hard work, “fluff”, they praise Liberal women who’s only real credential is the position their husband earned. Back in 1997 Phyllis Schlafly noted, “The New York-based Institute for American Values recently completed a study of 20 post-1994 college social science textbooks used in 8,000 college courses. Called ‘Closed Hearts, Closed Minds,’ the report concludes that most of these textbooks give a pessimistic if not downright hostile view of marriage, emphasizing marital failures rather than its joys and benefits.” As with many other issues they covertly trash, feminists will play meaningless lip-service to marriage, in order to maintain the image that they aren’t totally extreme, but it is nonetheless a fa├žade.

4. Denying the importance of men

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Feminists have repeated this idiocy for decades now. It’s utterly meaningless and absurd. Just as the vast majority of men would think it stupid to claim men don’t need women, the vast majority of women have enough intelligence to see this quote for the manure it is. Men and women complete each other. Women are strong where men are weak. Men are strong where women are weak. But for some insane reason feminists want to believe that women are complete without men. In that they’ve convinced so many women of this lie, weakens those women by robbing them of the type of lifelong partnership that God intended.

5.  Denying the place of men

Throughout history when the need arose, mean fought in wars. Feminists have insisted that women, too, deserved the right to die horrible deaths in wartime, so now we have women in combat, distracting the men. (Few people realize that feminists tried to get the government to draft women back in the 70s, but the Supreme Court denied it, saying that as long as women didn’t serve in combat, there was no need for them to be drafted. Thus began their decades long battle to get women in combat.) Feminists have demanded that women be in all sorts of situation that had previously been available to only men. Of course when it becomes obvious that because of physical limitations, most women were entirely unable to perform in these positions, feminists then demanded that the standards be lowered for women. (thus their warped definition of “equality”) This is all based on the ludicrous belief that men and women are equal in all things. And we are all expected to politely play along with the pretense lest we be labeled “sexist” by the very group that think men are useless.

6.  Creating a victim mentality

Feminism only works if the feminists believes she is being victimized, otherwise it falls like a house of cards. When it is shown that comparing a group of women who take off for paternity leave to a group of men who don’t, results in a 30% difference in pay–the women must be the victims. When the stats showed that Wal-Mart’s management had only 30% women, they were sued by law firms who’s management contained only 10% women. Lacking any real stats on rape–a topic feminists love to exploit–they simply invented the “1 in 5″ stat, then repeated it ad nauseam. They even go so far as to claim false accusations of rape are nonexistent (when actual stats place the percentage of rape accusations that are proven false at 40%) and if proven, should be ignored, since rape is such a serious crime (as opposed to putting an innocent man in prison for 15 years)

7. Pretending abortion isn’t murder

It remains unfathomable the depths of depravity one must possess to believe that a child can go from a “non-human” who can be tortured and murdered freely to a human being with rights–all in a matter of a few minutes. But that is the feminist mindset. Unfortunately they’ve hoodwinked quite a few people with their bloodthirsty hatred of babies. Psychologists have found that at the core of many diagnoses of abnormal psychology is the attempt to hold as normal an event or behavior that down deep one knows is abhorrent. We have become a very sick and disgusting society once we embraced the murder of innocent babies as acceptable.

8.  Denying the importance (not to mention the existence) of the differences between men and women

Even in the face of undeniable proof, feminists stubbornly cling to the notion that the differences between men and women are artificial, societal constructs. They finally stopped quoting Margaret Mead’s flawed study which attempted to show various primitive tribes where she claimed gender roles were reversed. She actually showed only one which, by ignoring many factors (like the practice of the men selling the women) she could claim the roles were reversed, but her claim was so flimsy, flawed and contrived, feminists abandoned it years ago. Now they just insist it without proof. One of the greatest enjoyment a human being can have in life is the enjoyment of the difference between men and women. It’s like substituting whole wheat flour for white, tofu for pepperoni, ground kale in organic buttermilk for sauce and demanding the pizza tastes just as good. (And people have actually tried that. Yuck!)

9.  Changing the playing field

The event that stripped women of the most power in American history was when they were given the right to vote. Up until that time any woman smarter than an ice cube could influence her husband’s vote to the extent that it was for all intents and purposes her vote. Even single women weren’t really without power. Do you think for an instant that by denying her the right to vote you would strip Ann Coulter of all political influence? Or Condoleezza Rice? Before suffrage women used what many of us know is the more powerful tactic, protest, education, lobbying, direct communication with elected officials, coalitions, etc. By “gaining” the vote, women assumed that that allowed her full access to the process, and abandoned the more effective actions they’d previously employed. Face it, if women really had no power before suffrage, how then did suffrage ever pass?

Men achieve their goal in one way. Women achieve them in other ways. They play different games on different playing fields. Feminists insist that women abandon the playing field where they have an advantage, and go play on the men’s playing field, where they have a distinct disadvantage. Notice how few powerful women show true Femininity? Most simply try to act like men. Then a powerful woman, showing distinct femininity comes along, feminist revile them. At their core, feminist rally regret their gender, and wish they were men. Why else would they insist women abandon Femininity and embrace a twisted version of Masculinity (assertiveness, offensiveness, rudeness)

10. Demonizing the stay-at-home mom

The conundrum facing women is that if being a stay-at-home mom is important, then working mothers who hire someone else to do the raising, nurturing and mothering are short-changing their children. Working mothers don’t like feeling guilty, so the societal lie has been that working mothers are somehow “super moms” who can work full time AND raise their kid (by proxy). Except that leaves the message that stay-at-home moms are basically wasting their time and really not working at all. They are mutually exclusive concepts, and feminists have created this farce where we pretend to “respect” stay-at-home moms, while acting as if working moms are actually superior to them. Being a stay-at-home mom is tough enough already, but the added guilt of feeling that everyone is looking down on you makes it worse. If we are going to punish one or the other (and ultimately, regardless how you try to play it, you will be insulting one or the other) why choose the stay-at-home mothers? They actually are doing the more important job. They need to understand that, and society needs to understand that. My wife likes eating healthy food. Me–not so much. It would be childish, immature and downright selfish for me to demand that she treat white bread as just as healthy as whole wheat, lest she hurt my feelings. But that is exactly what feminists do to stay-at-home moms. And way too many working mothers go along with the lie, at the expense of the stay-at-home moms who are doing the much, much more important job.