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Monday, 12 January 2015

It's All van Riebeeck's Fault

As we all know, the ANC celebrated its 103rd birthday this weekend down in the DA run Western Cape. As part of the "celebrations" our president said the following: “Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival in Cape Town was the beginning of all South Africa’s problems.”

That's right folks - good old Jan van Riebeeck is to blame for the fact that the black government after 20 years in power has completely destroyed the fully functioning country handed to them in 1994. It is his fault (and therefore the fault of all whites) that the black government is entirely inefficient, incapable and corrupt as all hell. In fact, I think hell has less corruption.

See? In one breath he speaks about fighting corruption (of which he is a major cause himself) and in the very next one outright solicits bribes from business in return for lucrative government contracts that will cost the country billions and line the pockets of the ANC elite.

But back to the main story, the historical record must show just what the president thinks of a minority race group and hopefully due blame will come to him in time when the world is finally forced to acknowledge the genocide of the white population by black savages in South Africa. This year is gearing up to be a big one for whites who should all be on their guard and ready to fight back. In the first 6 days of this year have seen the deaths of 6 whites at the hands of blacks. If a black person was killed at the hands of a white the media would be all over it as a hate crime and labeling the white person a racist and demanding that he be caught and punished. Instead there is almost complete silence about these deaths and no mention of race is ever made. No surprises really as we know that our media is controlled by the government... its heartbreaking to know that the justice these families deserve will be unlikely to ever be seen. All we can do is send our prayers and how and pray that one day there will be justice in one form or another. This day is approaching quickly and with increasing vigor. One day the whites of South Africa will stand up and say enough is enough... then we will see who has the last laugh.

Now, back to the main story, courtesy of the Front Nasionaal Facebook page:

(Daniel) In a speech in Cape Town on Friday evening the 9th of January, President Jacob Zuma made the following statement:

“Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival in Cape Town was the beginning of all South Africa’s problems.”

Never in the history of the world have I heard a Head of State so clearly saying to a part of the population of his country: You are a problem. You are not wanted here. Apart maybe from Adolf Hitler to the Jews of Germany. We take note, mr Zuma. We’ll get back to this.

You see, president, we have known for a long time that you are not a very clever man (how’s that for an understatement?!), but to show such clear evidence of your lack of understanding even the most basic knowledge of our history is a blemish on this country.

1) Jan van Riebeeck did not arrive in Cape Town. There was no Cape Town, there was no road, harbour, Castle of Good Hope, Parliament building, airport, Nkandla or KFC in sight. There was no infrastructure, there was no democracy or election. In fact, there wasn’t even a black man in sight. The southern tip of Africa looked pretty much as it did on the day of creation, because the few scattered groups of Khoisan people lived off the land and slept in minute little huts of reed which they would roll up and carry about on their backs when they moved on.
In fact, mr Zuma, everything that you set your eyes on, was created by that civilisation which Jan van Riebeeck and the descendants of his people brought to this country. Of course, if you wish the country to return to the state of living in little huts of mud, wearing animal skins, not being able to read of write or in fact not even having had the capability of inventing the wheel, by all means – crawl back into your hut. But I’ll be damned if the civilised white, coloured and Indian population will follow you into that state. You belong in a hut, not me.

2) As applies to where the problem started: The problem started when the weaker and more cowardly African tribes starting running for their lives in the region around the great lakes of Malawi and fled southwards ahead of the Berbers. As far as they went they murdered and raped and pillaged and stole the land from the rightful owners, the Khoi people. They met the white man around 1718 in the Eastern Cape. Those were your ancestors, mr Zuma,. And the problem started when your ANC decided it wanted to adopt Western concepts like democracy, government, multiculturalism. Unfortunately the African incapability of understanding abstract thought and hypothetical reasoning makes it irreconcilable, so you decided to imitate. Mr Zuma, a palace bigger than that of the former Czar of Russia, a fleet of BMW’s, the vote of the majority of non-reasoning people and a KFC meal and a Samsung with enough airtime is not sufficient. The world has recognised you for what you are: YOU are the problem!

3) Zuma ended off his speech with another statement: “We, the black nation, are crying for our land which was taken by the white people.” Kissing up to Julius Malema now or what? WHAT land? Where is your deed an poll? What evidence do you have? What do you call the vast pieces of land called the Ingonyama Trust and the Royal Bafokeng Trust apart from “our land” for the black man then? No mr Zuma, you might as well stop your act. We will resist you stealing OUR land, be prepared for that. One thing you have to understand, and there will be no negotiation on that: White South Africa built this country to what it is, we’ll see you in hell before we leave it to your mercy.You labour under the misunderstanding that we are going to hand it all to you on a silver platter because we feel guilty. Don’t. You are wrong again.

You see, the one thing that you keep trying (and like a fool doesn’t realise that it is not working) is to blame “apartheid” and the injustices of the past and then offering the white man your forgiveness. And you think that, combined with the brand of “racist” will shame us. You’ve missed the bus, mr Zuma. Black majority government in this country is shameful failure and your forgiveness means nothing to us. Keep it. We have no use for it, we are not interested in it. So carry on living in your ignorant little bubble of stupidity – the age of ethnic nationalism has dawned in the rest of the world and it will reach South Africa also. And you will have to bow your head and stand ashamed before history for having had all the opportunities imaginable and making one big, and gruesome bloody genocidal mess of it.

Department Information
Front Nasionaal Suid Afrika

Apart from blaming all the problems of the country on the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, at the party in Cape Town last night, our master of incompetence and laughing stock of the world State President, Jacob Zuma, had a praise singer “exorcise” the spirit of Van Riebeeck.
What the hell? In front of 40 000 cheering spectators (probably hoping for a free KFC meal and a T-shirt) he told the congregation that Van Riebeeck’s spirit had to “voetsek”. And then carried on with some sort of tribal chant which only Zuma, a few dead ancestors and himself made head or tails of.
Why the spirit of Van Riebeeck would hover around the Greenpoint Soccer Stadium is something only Zuma would understand. Van Riebeeck was born in Culemborg and died in Batavia years after he left the Cape.
What the rest of us understand very well of what happened here is that Zuma and his witchdoctor called white, taxpaying South Africans : “colonists” and are now trying to call on the spirits to get rid of our presence in our own country. OUR country – can you read? You want to get us out of our own country with tribal witchcraft.
You must be nuts. The best we can hope for is that your praise singer has the same competence as the one you employed to translate into sign language at Mandela’s funeral. He might just succeed to call up the spirit of Genl de la Rey or Andries Pretorius...and then we’ll see how well you remember history!


  1. A good piece GG. Very good. The time for an all out conflict is nearer than we all can think. There is NO political solution, there was not one in the past and no hope for one in the future.

    1. Lets just hope that the liberal mindset forced on our children has not penetrated too far and that they will be able to see the truth before its too late.

    2. Lets just hope that the liberal mindset forced on our children has not penetrated too far and that they will be able to see the truth before its too late.