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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Well here we are again, the start of a brand new year. I just have to wonder how eventful this year will be - I mean, last year we had so much happening it was difficult to keep track. Naturally we had, in my opinion, 6 major stories that played out throughout the year. Those stories were:

  1. Nkandla - the story of how an illiterate president managed to steal R246 million from the taxpayer;
  2. COSATU and NUMSA - the beginning of the story about the collapse of the confederation of trade unions responsible for a massive chunk of SA's economic woes;
  3. EFF - the story of the communist upstart appealing to popular opinion to win support with the aim of either deposing the political party he views as having betrayed him or aiding them in maintaining control where they have lost support due to blatant incompetence and lies;
  4. Etolls - the story of the attempt by ANC-led cadres to fleece the public of their hard earned money for their back pockets by making them pay for roads they have already paid for 4 times;
  5. Oscar Pistorius - the story of the murder trial of the national hero fallen from grace after the shooting of his model girlfriend - a botched operation with a decidedly unsatisfying ending; and
  6. Eskom - the story of how a government owned company is unable to keep the lights on, posts a R7 billion profit and then still insists on raising tariffs for a service people are not getting.
This year I wonder what weird and wonderful stories will be coming our way. Naturally none of these stories has come to an end entirely and we will see the fallout this year, but what new stories will hit the news that will dominate our timelines and enrage the public? What new ways will they find to blame the whites and Apartheid for the failures of the new government run by blacks? 

Stay tuned as we enter a year that will no doubt exceed the one just passed in intrigue and blame-shifting...

PS: Happy New Year!

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