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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Farm Murders Not Race-Related????

The disgraced distinguished Bekhi Cele (yes, the Police Chief who was fired for financial "irregularities" in connection with the purchase of new police headquarters) has come out with a few half truths on the topic of farm murders.

According to Cele, "The people that are being killed are farmers... Whether they are white, black, yellow, green or purple, we have seen farmers coming under attack and we treat it as such," he said, adding that his department took the killings seriously."

Now this is where the truth comes in - it is indeed farmers who are being killed. The lies? 
1. the government takes the killings seriously; and
2. race is not a factor when looking at farm killings because a couple of non-white farmers have been killed (I cannot recall ever hearing about this happening where a white was the perpetrator).

What Cele fails to acknowledge is the fact that the overwhelming majority of all farm murders are white - usually elderly whites. He fails to acknowledge that in most instances survivors will tell you that the attackers repeatedly used racial epithets. You will not be told that the white farmers and their families are often tortured and raped and maimed before being murdered in the most brutal manner. You will not hear that often the attackers lay in wait for the families for hours and you will certainly not hear it acknowledged that the only things taken from the scene are weapons and maybe a cellphone or 2. 

You will routinely be told that the murders were simple robberies gone wrong. The media will never label the attackers as murderers but rather as robbers (in a sense correct because the did steal the lives of their victims). And most of all, you will never be told the RACE of the victims and the perpetrators. 

Eventually a news report will surface with the names of the murdered farmers showing them to be white. I have never actually seen a report about a black farmer being murdered. In fact, I seem to recall that there was an article about a farm attack on a black couple - they were tied up and the house barely touched. There was no assault on the farmer or his wife, they were not raped and they most certainly were not killed. I have to wonder if the government would start taking farm murders more seriously if the black farmers started dying as fast as the white farmers. An d I wonder just what the tagline would be if it was discovered that a gang of whites entered the farmhouse, lay in wait for the family for hours, raped and tortured the women, tortured and maimed the men and then brutally ended their lives in cold blood, smearing racial slogans on the walls and leaving behind threatening notes and taking nothing but a few cellphones, loose cash and guns?

In fact, we will most often be told that farm attacks are caused because of the manner in which farmers treat their workers and that it is actually their own fault that they are killed. I believe they trotted out the story of Flippie Engelbrecht in support of this. The boy who was allegedly brutally assaulted by a farmer and farm manager and who ended up with epilepsy as a result. During a seizure he fell into a fire and had to have his hands amputated. Source The farmer eventually committed suicide during the trial. As it turned out however, the during court proceedings it came out that medical evidence showed that his blindness and epilepsy was not medically proved to have been caused by an assault (for which there was scant and contradictory evidence given which proved to be unreliable). The court acquitted the accused farmer because there simply was no evidence of this alleged assault. And this is what they would have us believe is the reason for most farm murders? They trotted out the same story with Eugene Terreblache's murder and it was the main defense in the trial of his murderers - too bad they could never show any evidence of their allegations.

But back to Cele's statement - I see that he makes no mention at all of the fact that "Shoot the Boer" and "Bring me my machine gun" are still widely used by ANC leaders at rallies and all events? In fact, Zuma again sang the "bring me my machine gun" song at the end of his speech wherein he blamed Jan van Riebeeck for all of SA's problems... Why is this not seen as part of the problem?

What about all of the rhetoric about "taking back the land"? If the current system is not working, like everyone says, then why not start forcing whites off of their farms through a campaign of terror? This has been happening systematically over the last 20 years and is just getting worse. 

What is even more worrisome is the fact that these murders are now moving into urban areas as well. We are seeing more and more of them taking place in residential areas of the bigger cities. Is the campaign being amped up and what will be the next step?

Yes, crime does affect all South Africans regardless of race, this is not something anyone would deny. However, what sets apart the increasing number of murders of whites is the fact that the perpetrators are almost exclusively black. I still have not been shown to any instances where a gang of whites cold bloodedly murdered an entire black family for a cellphone yet this happens on an almost regular basis. Another thing that should be pointed out, is the fact that the majority of all attacks are on elderly men and women. Who else would be the most directly to blame to the supposedly diabolically evil Apartheid than those who were old enough to have voted for the Nats? It is no coincidence that the elderly are targeted - they are usually less trouble and are the most directly responsible for Apartheid in the eyes of the black majority. 

Something needs to be done and urgently. The rest of the world is not listening because the Apartheid propaganda was so well distributed the rest of the world seems to think that whites in South Africa deserve to be murdered by blacks... what they forget is that there are children who have never known anything but the new South Africa who are still being forced to pay with their lives for the perceived sins of their grandparents and complete strangers. The rest of the world is complicit in this genocide on the white South African through their failure to even acknowledge it. 

So I conclude, Mr Cele you are deliberately going out of your way to spread disinformation about these attacks because the UN has been bombarded with complaints and has actually listened to what is going on (whether or not they will hear and react is another things). You entire aim is to discredit the truth of the matter by using the word "racist" to the best effect you can. Branding the truth "racist"does not make it any less true and averting attention from the very real problem of white genocide in South Africa you are condoning it and encouraging it by protecting those responsible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Farm murders not racial - Cele

2015-01-13 13:18

Pretoria - Attacks on farms, which often result in the murder of farm owners, had nothing to do with the victims' race, Deputy Agriculture Minister Bheki Cele said on Tuesday.
"We are urging everybody, starting with the media and everybody - take the race issue out of farm murders. The people that are being killed are farmers," Cele told reporters in Pretoria.
"Whether they are white, black, yellow, green or purple, we have seen farmers coming under attack and we treat it as such. On our territory of farming, we do take it seriously. We would like to see everybody de-racialising it."
Cele said the agriculture department had a limited role in combating farm murders.
"Agriculture cannot say we will arrest those that kill the farmers. We wish we could, but we can't. We cannot say we will shoot them," he said.
"There has to be good communication between the farms and the farm workers. There is need for quick movement and response by the police stations around the farms."
Cele said he was "very much pleased" with how police in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, responded after Malcolm "Stick" Green, 69, was murdered on his farm by four intruders on 5 January.
On Sunday, police arrested three people for murder and attempted murder following a farm attack on an elderly couple in Lindley, Muldersdrift, Gauteng. Charles Henderson, 60, and his wife Jenny were ambushed by a group of men who assaulted them with knives and firearms on Thursday night.
The couple was tied up while the robbers ransacked the house.
Jenny Henderson managed to untie herself and summon help. Charles died after being hit over the head with a wooden pole and a brick.
Police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini said police were looking for another three people.
‘A worrying trend’
On Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana said the attack on farmers was a worrying trend. At the briefing in Pretoria, Zokwana said he was not prepared to outline a strategy to combat farm attacks.
"We didn't come with specifications. Remember, some of the specifications of dealing with this lies with the department of police. We will be meeting with them to look at measures which are proactive," he said.
"We need to create a forum in which farmers, farm workers and the community around the farms can work as a team. We need to harmonise the farming communities. We have started to work with other departments."
Two people were arrested on Monday for the murder of an elderly couple a farm near Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein. The bodies of the couple, named by Beeld as Toon, 72, and Rienie Swanepoel, 70, of the farm Waaikraal, were dumped in a wooded area on the property. They had been shot.
Free State police spokesperson Harry Nagel said a third suspect, aged 19, was later arrested at Kelly's View. He was found in possession of a stolen television set and firearm.
Also in the Free State, the body of 68-year-old Martie Bester was found in her burnt house on the farm Erfbloem, near Theunissen.
"Four firearms are missing from the safe. The victim's Toyota Hilux was found burnt in the vicinity of the farm," Nagel said.
A post mortem would be conducted to determine the cause of her death.
Civil rights group AfriForum said these killings brought the number of farm murders in the country to seven since the start of the year.


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