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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Crime Does Pay

We have already seen and discussed how the ANC seemingly only appoints people with criminal records to top government positions. We also know that they then go and fleece as much as they can from the taxpayer through dodgy tenders, irregular expenditure and outright theft...

But now it is time that we discussed how we are PAYING each and every single one of them to steal from us. In fact, we are paying our MP's almost twice the global average salary for them to screw us over, steal tax money and spend millions of Rands on food (source) and funerals for soccer players (source) killed by the thugs they allow to run rampant in the streets...

We all know that the traditional role of MP's is to attend to the day to day business of the country. The laws and issues that arising that need dealing with - like when Eskom cannot keep the lights on or when we have to drive as though drunk on our roads because weaving in and pout is the only way that we can avoid potholes, or when we have to live in veritable prisons to protect ourselves from criminals who will willingly murder us for a few Rand here or there, when we have to pay twice as much for food and services because of things like E-tolls, when we have hospitals falling apart and filthy without staff where people simply go to die in the hallways... those things are what they should be dealing with. 

The only problem is that they are not dealing with it. In fact, the Presidency claims that splurging millions on President Jacob Zuma’s huge cabinet is necessary in order to "deliver" for the South African people. Strange how I have yet to see any delivery... in fact, my post hasn't arrived in about 9 weeks now last I checked and I have had 5 power failures in the last 2 weeks... No service here at all. Unless they are talking about the hilarious show they have been putting on in Parliament for the last few months...

SA spends R1,6BILLION on MP salaries...and the only thing that they care about is protecting Zuma from answering difficult questions in Parliament... Pathetic

SA ministers paid almost double global average

2014-11-25 12:00
Cape Town - The Presidency claims that splurging millions on President Jacob Zuma’s huge cabinet is necessary in order to "deliver" for the South African people.

But how do other countries compare? News24 finds out.

The news that Zuma’s 74 ministers and deputies cost taxpayers at least R1.6bn comes alongside warnings that Christmas is looking bleak for many; with rising unemployment, strikes and bad debts piling up.

Though ministers earn a cool R2.1m, the Presidency insists that the size and shape of the executive is "required to deliver on the priorities".

But a glance across the globe reveals South African ministers earn significantly more than their counterparts.

Perks and privileges

Comparing MPs salaries in different countries is difficult because they all receive different expenses and allowances. But the UK’s 'expenses scandal' in 2009 - where a number of MPs were caught out and even jailed for abusing parliamentary perks - put the spotlight on salaries worldwide.

The average MPs salary across the countries surveyed by the UK's Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) was just under R1.5m ( £86 237).

With earnings of R2.1m, South African ministers then earn 40%, or R600 000, more than the average.

By comparison, British MPs are paid R1.1m (£65 738), taking home a massive 81% less than their South African counterparts and 31% less than the global average.

Fair pay packet

Tasked with regulating and setting new pay levels for the UK’s MPs, Ipsa said that MPs had "miserly" salaries and recommended last year that they receive a 10% pay rise to R1.2m (£74 000) by 2015.

The idea was met with a cross-party chorus of opposition from MPs themselves, who agreed it wasn't appropriate given the tough economic times.

However, Ipsa insisted it had done “rigorous” research, and that the figure wasn't just an "arbitrary number".

Though Ipsa's research did not include African nations, Ipsa found that just four other countries - the US, Australia, Italy and Japan - paid their MPs around R1.7m.

Japan leads the pack

Ipsa found that only one developed nation pays its MPs more than we do: Japan.

Japanese MPs earn a vast R2.87m - while those with a similar pay bracket to our MPs are Australian MPs with a salary of R2m, Italian MPs with earnings of R1.95m and American legislators - who earn around R1.87m.

Meanwhile, Kenyan MPs - previously among the best paid in Africa - bent to public pressure last year by accepting their first pay cut.

Kenyan MPs saw their pay drop half a million Rand to just under R830 000 - though only after negotiating terms for a tax-free car grant, pensions and other allowances.
- News24

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