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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why Laura Shortridge Hates White People - Libtard Drivel

And here it is folks, one of the main reasons that I cannot abide self-hating white liberals and their whiny little diatribes. Laura Shortridge is a wonderful example of this kind of person – and one who rivals good Old LWB Gillian Schutte (all of my readers should know just what my feelings are for her…).

In short, Ms Shortridge has led the pack this week in her “why white people suck and you should hate them all” article. She says she doesn't hate ALL white people though – only the ones who stand up for themselves, speak out about how this country is going to the dogs and don’t pander to every whim of the “gibs me dat” crowd. You see, she loves her WHITE boyfriend, her WHITE family (I see no race mixing there), her WHITE friends and her WHITE colleagues… For someone who has so much hate for the white race she seems to surround herself with a whole lot of them… Typical liberal behaviour.

I have made a few comments in red through her little diatribe below… good luck and I hope and pray that you have more patience with it than I had…

Every now and then, someone wants to know why I hate white people.

Laura Shortridge finally opens up and answers this very controversial question.

Article: Laura Shortridge
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Obviously I don’t universally hate white people. I’d really struggle if I did, because it’d mean hating myself, my family, my boyfriend, far too many of my friends, and far too many of the people who I look up to and admire.

But, sometimes, I hate a lot of white people. Why? Because white people are the entitled little spoilt brats of the world, and it’s embarrassing.

Calm down. Hear me out. Remember, I'm a little spoilt brat white kid too.

Think of a really spoilt rich kid, the sort who has, for his whole life, had everything handed to him on a platter.

That child is so used to being treated like a god, to having his wants and needs prioritized over everyone and everything else, that it’s very likely he’s become an insufferable little asshole (this link goes to a story about Elliot Rogers – because he is the personification of the white race dontcha know?) that throws temper tantrums over the smallest things.

Now, it would be unkind and irresponsible to assume all rich kids are like this. It would also be unkind and irresponsible to blame the asshole rich kid’s attitude entirely on him alone. He’s only seven, and he’s been raised that way. It’s the parents’ fault, really.

But that doesn't justify the rich kid’s actions, and it doesn't mean he can go through life prioritizing his own needs (so he should go through life trying to make everyone else happy?) and wants as if he’s the only human in the world who matters, and throwing tantrums every time he doesn't get what he wants (hmmmmm… sounds more like the behaviour of the black darlings she seems so protective over – can one say “Ferguson”?).

Sooner or later, if that kid wants to not be universally hated by every single person he meets, he’s going to need to learn how to calm down, consider other people, and basically just realize and accept that he’s sharing the planet with about 7 billion other people, most of whom are worse off than him, and all of whom matter (but naturally they matter more than he does and more than his family too…)

Now, you can throw your toys around and cry and scream and shout all you want in reaction to this statement but the fact is: society, and the world, spoils white people. (You want to use my culture, business practises, ideas, inventions, language and land then I think its quite right I get something out of it… and spoils white people? I don’t see too many white countries getting aid from black countries, or whites being given massive amounts of leeway in everything including criminal sanctions but I do see that as the norm for blacks… whites are spoiled though when they EARN their way 99% of the time and the remainder are told off as freeloaders…)

For a document that really explains this in detail, check out Peggy McIntosh’s ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack’, but I'm only going to talk about one or two examples. (I did an April Fools post using this article… and I really wish that I had answered all of the pathetic assertions in it at the time. How she thinks an American article form the 80’s – where the majority in America is white – can apply to South Africa where the majority is black – escapes me)

If you’re white, you can expect to be the hero in most stories. Go to the movies, watch the latest biggest series, or pick up a book, and you will see your race represented as the default. (Can we help it if all heroes are modelled after Caucasians? That the myths, legends, literary works etc on which all of these heroes are based are white by Historical accuracy? I wonder when the blacks will start writing their own stories and screenplays starring people of their own race rather than demanding that white culture be adapted to suit them?)

Not only that, but even when members of your race are the bad guys, you can be almost certain that they’ll have some back story that makes you empathize with them and realize they’re not really bad, they’re just victims of their circumstances. Meanwhile, black people are often cast as villains with no real explanation for their villainy given. (Examples please? All I see coming out of Hollywood are anti-white movies… Django Unchained – good guy is only good because he murders all the white people. 12 years a slave? Nothing but a “poor me” black propaganda piece. Green Mile? Innocent black guy who has god-like healing magic powers is killed off by unfeeling sadistic white guy, The Bone Collector? Helpless black manwho helps solve crimes and save lives is stalked and attacked b y evil white man with vendetta…  I actually cannot recall a movie where the black guy is the villain other than Othello – but Moors were black so….)

We are encouraged by the stories we tell each other to firmly believe white people, particularly white men, are inherently good people even when they do bad things, while black people are bad because they just are.

This isn't a universal truth for all stories (but thank you for the titles of movies that you’re no doubt angrily typing out in the comments right at this moment to PROVE me WRONG) but it is a trend. (Your warped interpretation is insane. If you actually watched without your politically correct glasses on you would realise that the story is that good people can go bad – when was Hitler portrayed as good in any movie? – due to their CHOICES. I believe this is a standard in all movies. Is it not the hallmark of a good storyteller to make people associate with their characters? You really believe that oh-so-liberal Hollywood has an agenda to make black guys out to be the bad guys? Someone needs a dose of reality)

This trend has had an effect. There is a racial empathy gap in the world, where people feel more empathy for white people than they do people of other races, particularly those of African descent. (Hmmmm… I wonder how many black people feel more empathy for whites than they do for other blacks? And how many Chinese people feel more empathy for whites than they do for other Chinese people? And how many Indians, Arabs, Japanese and Coloured people feel more empathy for whites than they do for other Indians, Arabs, Japanese and Coloured people? Oh… that’s right – none. So now it’s a massive issue if white people feel more empathy for whites but perfectly ok for other races? Lovely double standard there… and naturally, it’s wrong to feel more empathy for the good guy than the bad guy right?)

And while black people are watching all the stories we watch where we (white people) are the heroes, from 'Game of Thrones' to 'Downton Abbey', many white people seem to struggle to empathize with black people so much, that they’re actively upset when black actors are cast to play important roles. (Game of Thrones – white characters in books, Downtown Abbey – forgive them for not putting prominent black characters into a family of white people living in a a period of English history when black people were NOT parts of those families… And excuse fans for being upset when the cannon that they love is blatantly ignored for political correctness to make the libtards happy.)

In fact, several studies have shown, time and time again, that we are subconsciously racist whether we realize it and mean to be or not. (Does this not seem to indicate that a preference for our own races is genetic then?)

Maybe this is why, when yet another black child is murdered in America, there are so many white people who empathize with his murderer. (Michael Brown – the 18 year old – read adult in the US – 292 pound, 6ft4 thug that robbed a store, had a criminal history as long as your arm, attacked a police officer, attempted to take his gun, rushed at him full speed and deliberately ignored instructions to stop and lie on the ground is now “another black child” and the guy who would have been killed/maimed is the demon for protecting himself? How many black people empathised with the black cop who shot and killed Dillon Taylor 3 days after Michael Brown was killed huh?)

Maybe this is why, when white people who should know better (and who would know better if they cared to empathize with anyone who isn't black) decide to wear the highly unacceptable and extremely racist statement that is blackface, there are people who feel sorry for them when they get into trouble for it. (Blah blah blah… how many times has it been done now? How dressing up as someone is racist I will never know. Is wearing drag sexist? Is me borrowing my husband’s sweatshirt sexist? Or how about when the Wayans brothers dress up and blonde white women and set out to humiliate and deride them as much as possible on the big screen? That isn’t racist? But me painting myself brown and depicting a black person is? And for those who don’t know – blackface as a type of ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONISM. Strange how no one calls it racist when Chris Rock mocks white people ad nauseam…)

And maybe it’s why, when three of the five young men who decided to attack and violently beat a mother of six, kicking her in the head and face while shouting racial slurs, there are people who feel sorry for them because they cried when they realized they’d have to spend a few days in prison. (I don’t see anyone feeling sorry for them… in fact I see them being universally condemned… But what I do see is that not everyone jumps on the racist bandwagon and calls it a racist attack – so they mentioned her colour during the attack – prove they attacked her because of her race and not because in some twisted way she had managed to piss them off?)

Maybe that’s why they were released on bail after an "urgent" application to the Western Cape High Court, because, basically, "shame these poor boys yes they attacked and almost murdered an older, defenceless woman because of her race but…" (Their parents got a lawyer who knew what he was doing and how to play the process – big whoop. Seems like someone has no idea how the courts work in SA…)

White people are absolutely phenomenal at repeatedly prioritizing their hurt feelings over the right to dignity, respect, and safety of others. They (we) are incredible at repeatedly and without batting an eyelid acting like only white people are people who really are real people. (Oh, that’s right, white people are not people are they? And we have no right to complain and bring to light the things that affect us personally? And we should naturally give way to fighting the cause of the poor black man who keeps killing the whites over the whites who are being killed… makes 1200% sense. And guess what? When you define people as individuals with rights AND responsibilities then yes, only whites are people because to you libtards black people are never responsible for anything – its only the white man who is.)

White people will lose their shit over the smallest things while repeatedly telling people of other races to just get over absolutely horrific indignities, over and over again. (Oh, I’m sorry, in 2012 whites should not be complaining about attempts to actively exclude them from earning a living in the country in 2012 – it’s a teeny, tiny little thing that could see millions of whites forced into poverty but no big… whereas the legitimate killing of one thug by a police officer in the course of his duty is a massive thing that should make the world stop turning and 2 little girls painting their faces brown for a private social function is destroying the world as we know it… oh the humanity!)

White people will not bother to read this article and consider the serious concerns it raises because I said something that hurts their white feelings, so they’ll rush to the comments to scream and cry and throw tantrums because the world is so unfair to them. (You’re right… because no serious concerns were raised. You mentioned nothing about the declining economy, skyrocketing crime levels, the fact that we have rolling blackouts regularly, that the black man running the country was tried for rape and has blatantly stolen ¼ of BILLION Rand from taxpayers while we have basically no service delivery and infrastructure is crumbling around us – while we pay almost 50% of our earnings in tax every month… Yeah, the  whites are such terrible people that all we care about is the stuff previously mentioned… But you’re right, we should all try and see the bigger picture – how evil and terrible we are because we don’t feel the need to lick the black man’s ass while he’s robbing us blind, murdering our family and raping us…)

"Yes there’s a plague of attacks on people of colour all over the world, but some white girl said she didn't like white people you guys omg omg we’re so oppressed!" Priorities. (Plague of attacks on people of colour? By whites you mean and you show me 3 examples - Trayvon Martin - another thug who attempted to kill the man who shot him, a group of drunk men attack a woman and its a race issue and one unfortunate incident - it was because he was black that he was shot at right? Not because he was brandishing a gun and ignored 3 instructions to drop it - and it’s a plague? So what do you call the 4000 odd white farmers and their families murdered by blacks then? Or the countless “knockout game” victims? Or the grannies who are being raped and murdered by black men? What about the white children being executed by blacks? Oh yes, that’s right, they deserve it because they were born white and therefore privileged… I hardly think we would call ourselves oppressed by the likes of you – but you seem to be doing a good job of that to yourself through your libtard brainwashing…)

And that, to answer your question, is why I hate white people.
(And morons like you are the reason I hate liberals)

- Women24

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

This Thing of Racism

I read a lovely little opinion piece today and just had to comment on it. Here are my comments as well as the post below... you can read my comment as well as the ones that follow it on the original article linked at the bottom.

1. So its now racist to question why the state is spending millions on a funeral when infrastructure is falling apart and they cannot even pay their debts? And when "black twitter" does nothing but threaten violence and death then yes, it is correct to describe them as “a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics”. And I don't believe race was an issue with the Messi comparison - the comparison was the ability of the players. Messi being a million times better player than Meyiwa as well as having served longer. Fact.
2. The Oscar verdict has nothing to do with race. How a black judge giving a completely incorrect verdict on a white accused which is being heavily appealed by the white prosecutor is a race issue I will never understand. Its a money issue and nothing more.
3. If I read the stories correctly, Bezuidenhout had never lied about his qualifications at all and the fact that he didn't complete the degrees was clearly stated on his CV. The error was made in financial statements - something that should have been corrected yes. He had also proved himself capable through his work at Mango. Ellen Tshabalala on the other hand completely lied about having any qualifications whatsoever just so that she could get the job. Her track record was also murky. But sure, they should go ahead and axe the guy if he doesn't have the required qualifications.
4. Sensationalist reporting? So facts are now sensationalist? Pointing out the corruption of the government officials who annex our tax money annually is sensationalist? Highlighting the immorality of the people who are tasked with upholding law and order in our country is sensationalist? But it's perfectly fine to report ad nauseam about the one time that a white man referred to black woman by a word we're not allowed to say behind her back? That isn't sensationalist is it? And it's not sensationalist when the same thing is done when a white model also uses a word? Or when a white man sings a prayer? None of that is sensationalist at all... I don't think that word means what you think it means...
5. White privilege does not exist - it is a made up thing in your little victim head to make yourself feel better about your failures. I have no privilege because I am actively excluded from almost all spheres of life by government and black society at large in this country. Law is aimed at disenfranchising me, I am constantly derided for living a life better than others who don't work at all when I work 18 hour days to live that life and I am blamed for all of the ills that befall this country regardless of the source simply because of my skin colour... Privileged my foot.


Sibu Mgudlwa

Hey howzit,
You have probably noticed how things become racialized even when they seem not to be about race at all. You probably remember Gareth Cliff’s tweet (which some people thought wasn’t racist at all. Shame). You’ll probably recall how the whole Oscar verdict was labelled as a triumph of white people over the law. You also probably saw on Twitter how some people were irked at the fact that when a black CEO is found to have lied about his credentials, the nation comes out guns blazing demanding his head; yet when his white counterpart is found guilty of the same thing, we are coy and “understanding”. Who would have thought all these things and more, really, could become case studies of race relations in South Africa.
Well, the above examples may all seem to be far from being an issue about race, but if you dig deeper (which is something I wish to help you with today) you may very well see the link.
The first thing we must appreciate is that there’s more to race than colour, particularly in South Africa. For the longest of time, every aspect of our lives has been defined by what one’s race is: our education, our economic and financial standing, where we live, which doctor we see (if at all) and our safety and security (for some, the lack thereof). So before I move forward with this letter, I need you to understand that race is not just about black and white and that there’s a whole world of grey in between.
et’s start with the “grey area” in Gareth Cliff’s tweets about Senzo Meyiwa’s funeral costs. Firstly, the tweets were crudely insensitive because his they did not just cast doubt over the legitimacy of the funeral (which we all know was obviously paid for by the State as in all provincial funerals), but it also cast a shadow over a black person who many South African looked up to. He then added salt to the wound by comparing Meyiwa to Lionel Messi (an Italian-Argentine white person) in his bid to further delegitimize Meyiwa. Later on that day he publishes a blog piece on his website titled: “On the wrath of Black Twitter and being called a racist” and further goes on to describe this “Black Twitter” he speaks of as “a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics”.
These are the reasons why this episode was racist: Firstly, you don’t ask financially-related questions on the day of the funeral in our culture as black people; it is disrespectful to the family and the mourners and refusing to apologize is even more insulting. Secondly, you don’t get to call Black users of Twitter a “horde of lunatics”. I mean, really. The original intention may not have been to be racist, but the implications of his actions are cutting.
And what of the Oscar verdict? Why do people see the need to involve race there? Well, black South Africans don’t really know what “equality before the law” is. For many years, they were subjugated to second-class citizens who did not deserve the same justice accorded to white people. The verdict of the Oscar case, where it was common cause that the defendant killed and murdered Reeva Steenkamp in cold blood, was a stark reminder to many blacks of how white South Africans can get away with murder (so to speak). The trial was racial from the beginning; it was the first time the country got to really see how a white person will be treated by the courts and the masses stayed glued to their screens to watch what will happen. And we all saw what happened: he all, but walked off scot free (excuse the irony) with cakes and balloons for his birthday in prison a day or two ago. For many, who admittedly have very limited legal expertise, the trial was not fair and the white man won. Again.
Let us consider the last example of how race plays itself out. When it transpired recently that SAA CEO Nico Bezuidenhout had lied about his qualifications, the leading headline was “SAA acting CEO ‘overstated his qualifications”. Contrast this to a little while back, when it was discovered that Ellen Tshabalala, SABC Board Chairperson, had lied about her qualifications, the headlines were “Tshabalala failed badly at Unisa”. Same set of facts just a different image being portrayed by the media. (I’ll tell you now that “overstated” sounds tons better than “failed”.)
I’ll concede that this is one isolated example of race in the media, but this is precisely the problem. There is a subliminal, almost insidious, trend in the media lately that seeks to portray blacks as fraudsters and liars and failures. Because of this trend, there is now a shadow, almost imperceptible, lingering over the head of many black intelligent women and men as their credibility is eroded day after day by sensationalist reporting. You see very little of the collusion and corruption that happens in the boardrooms in Sandton (largely populated by white people) in our papers, but will see headlines blaring out accusations of the very same crimes against black people. This assertion is very hard to quantify into objective facts, but it’s also very hard to miss.
You see, my friend, you have privileges (and I really hope you don’t deny that so-called White Privilege exists) on your side and a pretty secure life (save for one or two of our white friends who are sort-of kind-of poor). I, on the other hand, have to contend with white people who disrespect my values on Twitter, white people who delegitimize my heroes by showing me that there are better, white heroes out there, a justice system that seems largely unchanged and still favours you, and a media (owned by you, no?) that is relentlessly showing me what a failure my people are. Added to this, you and your family and our other white friends own the economy and all the juice in it and, while a handful of black people thrive in it, it is still firmly in your hands. (You really don’t seem to be letting go, are you, buddy?)
While I may not necessarily blame you, I do blame your fathers and I do blame the system that allows this inequality and racism to prevail. Our society is grossly unequal and it is precisely because you’re white and I’m black. Really, we have evolved from the days where racism was just the k-word. Our society is racial. Everything about it is racial.
Let that sink in.
Well, you take care now,
 your friend.

Crime Does Pay

We have already seen and discussed how the ANC seemingly only appoints people with criminal records to top government positions. We also know that they then go and fleece as much as they can from the taxpayer through dodgy tenders, irregular expenditure and outright theft...

But now it is time that we discussed how we are PAYING each and every single one of them to steal from us. In fact, we are paying our MP's almost twice the global average salary for them to screw us over, steal tax money and spend millions of Rands on food (source) and funerals for soccer players (source) killed by the thugs they allow to run rampant in the streets...

We all know that the traditional role of MP's is to attend to the day to day business of the country. The laws and issues that arising that need dealing with - like when Eskom cannot keep the lights on or when we have to drive as though drunk on our roads because weaving in and pout is the only way that we can avoid potholes, or when we have to live in veritable prisons to protect ourselves from criminals who will willingly murder us for a few Rand here or there, when we have to pay twice as much for food and services because of things like E-tolls, when we have hospitals falling apart and filthy without staff where people simply go to die in the hallways... those things are what they should be dealing with. 

The only problem is that they are not dealing with it. In fact, the Presidency claims that splurging millions on President Jacob Zuma’s huge cabinet is necessary in order to "deliver" for the South African people. Strange how I have yet to see any delivery... in fact, my post hasn't arrived in about 9 weeks now last I checked and I have had 5 power failures in the last 2 weeks... No service here at all. Unless they are talking about the hilarious show they have been putting on in Parliament for the last few months...

SA spends R1,6BILLION on MP salaries...and the only thing that they care about is protecting Zuma from answering difficult questions in Parliament... Pathetic

SA ministers paid almost double global average

2014-11-25 12:00
Cape Town - The Presidency claims that splurging millions on President Jacob Zuma’s huge cabinet is necessary in order to "deliver" for the South African people.

But how do other countries compare? News24 finds out.

The news that Zuma’s 74 ministers and deputies cost taxpayers at least R1.6bn comes alongside warnings that Christmas is looking bleak for many; with rising unemployment, strikes and bad debts piling up.

Though ministers earn a cool R2.1m, the Presidency insists that the size and shape of the executive is "required to deliver on the priorities".

But a glance across the globe reveals South African ministers earn significantly more than their counterparts.

Perks and privileges

Comparing MPs salaries in different countries is difficult because they all receive different expenses and allowances. But the UK’s 'expenses scandal' in 2009 - where a number of MPs were caught out and even jailed for abusing parliamentary perks - put the spotlight on salaries worldwide.

The average MPs salary across the countries surveyed by the UK's Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) was just under R1.5m ( £86 237).

With earnings of R2.1m, South African ministers then earn 40%, or R600 000, more than the average.

By comparison, British MPs are paid R1.1m (£65 738), taking home a massive 81% less than their South African counterparts and 31% less than the global average.

Fair pay packet

Tasked with regulating and setting new pay levels for the UK’s MPs, Ipsa said that MPs had "miserly" salaries and recommended last year that they receive a 10% pay rise to R1.2m (£74 000) by 2015.

The idea was met with a cross-party chorus of opposition from MPs themselves, who agreed it wasn't appropriate given the tough economic times.

However, Ipsa insisted it had done “rigorous” research, and that the figure wasn't just an "arbitrary number".

Though Ipsa's research did not include African nations, Ipsa found that just four other countries - the US, Australia, Italy and Japan - paid their MPs around R1.7m.

Japan leads the pack

Ipsa found that only one developed nation pays its MPs more than we do: Japan.

Japanese MPs earn a vast R2.87m - while those with a similar pay bracket to our MPs are Australian MPs with a salary of R2m, Italian MPs with earnings of R1.95m and American legislators - who earn around R1.87m.

Meanwhile, Kenyan MPs - previously among the best paid in Africa - bent to public pressure last year by accepting their first pay cut.

Kenyan MPs saw their pay drop half a million Rand to just under R830 000 - though only after negotiating terms for a tax-free car grant, pensions and other allowances.
- News24