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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Take 1 Dose of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika Twice Daily...

The problem with South Africa these days is obvious... we're not patriotic. This means that we do not love our country and this is a problem. To solve this problem, ANC MP Lindiwe Michelle Maseko has suggested the SABC broadcast the national anthem twice a day to foster patriotism.

I see a few problems with this:

1. Who in their right mind actually watches/listens to SABC anyway? All they are is a mouthpiece for the ANC and do nothing but glorify the bunch of clowns in office stealing taxpayer's money.

2. We do not want to be patriotic. Sure, I can love the land itself and some of its people... But as for the COUNTRY as a whole? I think the place is one massive hole where dreams (and people) go to die. We should be proud to live in the rape capital of the world? Proud that we have a president to blatantly steals R250 million, builds himself a fortified palace and then lies to us about it? We should be proud that criminals have won the war and that we have to lock ourselves in our own little prisons every night for fear of being robbed, raped, tortured, maimed and murdered? Proud that our police victimise us almost as much as the outright criminals do? That we live in a country where the people who built it up to be what it is are not allowed to participate and are being slowly and deliberately worked out of the workforce? We should really be proud of the fact that hospitals, schools, roads, electricity, business and basically every single piece of infrastructure has been almost completely destroyed and neglected? 

You see, it's all very fine and well to say that South Africans need to be more patriotic, but then they useless clowns and poephols in government need to give us something to be proud of and to believe in. 

And while the national anthem may have a great meaning, the truth is that no one will be tuning in to listen to it for 2 reasons:

1. God has been completely pushed out of almost every part of life in South Africa and His message has been corrupted through mixing it with traditional African beliefs (see witchdoctors and muthi and the ancestors). The Christian God as we know Him has been booted out and told he is not welcome. This is typical communist behaviour because they know that strong religious morals will never accept the depravity forced on them by the communists.

2. In its desire to foster unity, all the anthem does is highlight the fact that there are so many divisions. It is common knowledge that African tribes will, if left to their own devices, turn on each other and try to wipe out smaller and weaker tribes (see Zulu vs Xhosa in politics today). 

ANC MP wants anthem broadcast twice a day

2014-07-02 08:01
Johannesburg - ANC MP Lindiwe Michelle Maseko has suggested the SABC broadcast the national anthem twice a day to foster patriotism, The Times reported on Wednesday.
According to Maseko, this was because South Africans were not patriotic enough.
She reportedly suggested the anthem be played by the national broadcaster every day at 06:00 and noon.
Maseko reportedly said that when she was growing up in the "homeland" Bophuthatswana the radio and TV stations played the national anthem twice a day and she believed the SABC should do the same.
She claimed this would strengthen social cohesion and moral regeneration.


  1. GG, again, I agree 100% and with you on this propaganda from this retard. I never tried to sing that communist crap, and why should I now. They can sing it as many times they want. It's their song, not mine. I have a beautiful DVD with many of our Afrikaans folk songs. I listen to The Stem. Some beautiful and meaningful song that I often listen to is " Die Lied Van Jong Suid- Afrika". What a song with a very deep message. So to degrade myself to even think of it to listen to their K4 song, they must be out of their retarded minds.

    1. Careful now whiteson, we will be called racist and you know how that hurts our feelings over here in our sheltered uninformed little shells... wait, hold on... we're not libtards are we?

  2. Thanks GG, very sorry, really, I'm not racist, I'm training racists.

  3. GG, see what Steve Hofmeyr did? Well he did it right, completely right. All the Afrikaner haters are on their horses to punish Steve. Now I think any right minded Afrikaner just love Steve. And for you, thanks for your positive attitude towards our nation. Keep it up. And if you don't mind, we 'd love to get more from your excellent blog.

    1. I actually used that as an example in conversation yesterday when someone called me a racist for pointing out that Thandi Modise is a despicable human being. The liberal idiot was perfectly happy to agree with everyone calling Steve a racist and an asshole for singing Die Stem, but the second a black woman was called out for animal cruelty there was a problem. Worst double standards in the world.

      I will be back to blogging soon. I have a few posts in the planning phase that will hopefully be interesting for everyone.