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Friday, 18 July 2014

Mandela Was Ready To Kill For South Africa

For once we have old Ju-ju speaking some truth - he has widely pronounced that the saint terrorist Mandela was ready to kill and that he was trained in combat and had taken up arms. Now, it really doesn't take a genius to realise that the people he took up arms against were white. 

But aside from a radical extremist extolling the "virtues" of his beloved communist ideal, should one read through the lines of what he has said, you will find that he is actually inciting his minions to take up arms against white people. The justification this time is that they are in the midst of an "economic struggle". And because white people are still successful in South Africa, arms must be taken up to kill them so as to literally take their "wealth" and more than likely their jobs.

The only issue that there really is with this idea is that for 20 years blacks have been given everything on a silver platter. Free education, preferential job reservation, social grants, lax criminal prosecution and a green light to murder and maim and torture whites. How is it the white man's fault that after 24+ years (let us not forget that Apartheid was over LONG before 1994) the black man is still unable to get ahead in life even when ALL of the odds are stacked in his favour - white people are almost impossible to employ because the jobs must be given to black people instead.

I have an answer that none of the liberal bleeding hearts or black people want to hear - they are just not culturally developed enough to move from being a consuming race to a producing one. Every black person wants to live the life that the white man lives but refuses to accept his culture. They want the money, flashy cars, big houses, expensive clothes and gourmet food but they do not want to work for it. They want top tier education for their children but don't want to pay for it and continually vote in the clowns who destroyed a world class system in the first place. 

Blacks would rather have 4 times as many children as whites and often up to 8 or 9 kids that they know they cannot feed or clothe. Whites will have 1 maybe 2 kids on average who will be given the best of everything that it is possible for their parents to provide. 

So now we have another dictator wannabe deliberately inciting violence against whites and those few blacks who have removed themselves from their backwards culture to make it in the modern world because the majority doesn't know that you are only paid what you are worth and that nothing in life is free.

Mandela was ready to kill for SA - Malema

2014-07-17 23:42

He said, as a leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Mandela was one of the first people to be trained on how to use arms.

"You don't take up arms and go and kiss people," said Malema.

"You pick up arms to kill... Madiba was ready to kill for this country."

He was speaking at a public lecture at the University of Limpopo's Medunsa campus situated in Ga-Rankuwa outside Pretoria.

He urged the youth to follow in Mandela's footsteps.

"Mandela said aluta continua - the struggle continues. He was talking about the economic struggle," said Malema.

Thousands of people, mostly clad in the EFF red berets and T-shirts packed the hall to listen to Malema speak.

He said he was not against the ANC.

"I raised some of these issues while in the ANC and I won many debates. They decided this one is troublesome. He must go," said Malema.

He said he was, however, against the fact that the ANC pushed the National Development Plan which would not benefit the people.

Speaking in English and Sepedi, Malema told them they had been fooled into believing they had benefited from the new, democratic South Africa.

"Twenty years into democracy but many young people see flushing toilets for the first time when they come here [university campuses]," Malema said.

He said in rural areas, government gave people dry taps and at times water pipes but they failed to give people actual water.

When government mentioned their progress, however, they counted people with these things as people who had been given water.

Malema said: "They raise your hopes up high... It's better to know that at all, you don't have."

He touched on the country's economy, and dismissed the positive outcomes of the black economic empowerment.

"Black people who are in business with white people are economy security guards," Malema said.

His comment was met by loud applause and laughter.

"They are protecting the interests of white people," he said.

‘Economy security guards’

Malema said Ramaphosa's alleged role in the Marikana shootings was a testament to his role of protecting white men's money.

Police shot dead 34 people, mostly striking mine workers, in a clash at the Lonmin Platinum Mine in Rustenburg on 16 August 2012.

Ten other people, including two police officers and two security guards, were killed in the preceding week.
Ramaphosa, a Lonmin shareholder at the time, was alleged to have requested police to act to end the strike action.

Malema went on to say if Motsepe really owned all those millions, he would have made a difference in the lives of people.

The crowd sang in approval: "Julius Malema, there's none like you."
University students and the public attending the lecture were then allowed to ask Malema questions.



  1. Yes, Mandela was the first terrorist to be trained in South Africa. If Mandela, better known as the DT (dead terrorist) was as good as Malema says, why was he caught? The day that old bag vrekked, I jubilated for weeks on end. At least that one is down. Malema is looking for an outright conflict. He eventually will get it. You know the history GG, never had the Boere ever caused a war, never. All the Kaffir wars in the 1800's were instigated by the black tribes. Today, we are fighting another one, although not declared yet. But it's on. So, for this monkey Malema, he must be very careful, he and his retarded followers think that they will push us over. That's not going to be like that. And still, we as the whites are telling these creatures that all we want, is to live a normal life. They are denying us that fair request. We do not know what the future holds for us, but to say in all fairness, we do not see anything good for us whites, only a big conflict.

    1. Its getting there fast whiteseon... but what we should know is that whites must NOT be the ones to make the first move otherwise all Juju will be is a martyr of the black struggle brutally killed by whites who intended to oppress blacks...

      What we need is to push back just hard enough for them to have their hands pushed and then make the first move which would justify a response by the white population. The last thing we need is another saint declared out of a terrorist.