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Friday, 18 July 2014

Hug A Racist Feminist Today...

You know, there was a time when these kinds of people just pissed me off. Today I realised that they are the trolls of life and that they deserve nothing but pity from me. Having said that, I still think that they are all exceptionally mentally unstable and that we should hug each and every one of them very tightly - just long enough to make sure that the straitjackets are on securely... Here is what these few trolls have been up to in recent weeks... have a drink first - only the good stuff - or you'll be banging your head against the wall for an hour or 2... I have deliberately left out links to these toxic accounts but if you look for them on twitter they will be there...


  1. I just can't believe that there are so many deranged people in the world. Un believable. And their stupid and crooked views, it's to much to understand what they want in this life.

    1. They wants everyone to be as miserable as they are - and to treat them like queens, and to accept everything they say as gospel... and to just, you know, disappear so that they can completely destroy the world... But that's why intelligent white men created straitjackets - for the basketcases that should never breed.