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Friday, 11 April 2014

Update: Irini Agathagelou

Yesterday I posted about the young woman from Potch who got herself punched by a UCT rugby player. you can read it here

UPDATE: I have now seen the video and its posted below. Not only did she repeatedly hit him over the head while he was engaged in a full on  brawl, she also slapped or punched him first.

Next, is it just me or does the Facebook picture:

show her showing off the injury she received from the punch show it to be on the right side of her face?
In the video, the punch she is talking about clearly connects with her face on the left cheek in my opinion - therefore no damage caused by the punch to the right side.

However, if you watch a few seconds before the punch you will see her standing right behind the Ikeys player as he pulls back to punch the guy in his sights and his elbow connects with her face. From the looks of things he had no clue she was even there and it was entirely her own fault for standing behind him.


  1. In my opinion GG, SA is doing good to produce the most cowards ever. I agree with you, that punch was a knocker and meant to do harm. If that coward will meet a man of his match, he would most certainly run like a hare.

    1. The guy who punched Irini had 3 guys on him at the same time. I highly doubt he even realised that it was a woman that he was hitting when he did it - especially after she threw the first punch.

  2. Lots of white knighting going around. What was she doing in the middle of a brawl? If you put yourself into a situation where punches are flying, expect to be punched, especially if you are also an attacker, as she clearly was. Woman or not, you don't hit a person, and expect not to be hit back.

  3. I have been reading and thinking about this post since I saw it on Friday.
    All I can do is hang my head in shame that this woman is Greek.
    We (the Greeks) were not brought up like this, especially the women, I cannot understand her retarded behaviour.
    A girl should be raised to have respect for herself and maintain her dignity to behave and present herself as a lady.
    Im willing to bet that if her parents saw this video and know the truth not just her skewed version of the events, they too would be embarrassed.

    1. I think everyone involved in the brawl should be embarrassed, but if her version was even remotely true, one has to wonder why, as of yesterday, she still had not laid a charge with the police?