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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Religion of Pieces

The next time a Muslim tries to con you into believing that Islam is a peaceful religion, why not point him to this video of a Christian being forced to convert to Islam and then being deemed a kaffir and beheaded anyway. And this is what we are inviting into our European countries and forcing our people to integrate with because of screwed up liberal ideas of multiculturalism???



  1. I didn't watch the video because how can you unsee such a thing?
    But I did click through to Liveleak where the original video is posted, along with comments. Please read the comments from "syriangirl" who explains what is really going on - the victim was not a Christian forced to convert to Islam, but was in fact a Muslim who had strayed and had ceased prayers and had started drinking. This repentance of his was his last chance of redeeming himself before being dispatched to the afterlife.
    Yes these Wahhabi's are barbaric and brutal, and yes what they did here is reprehensible to our sensibilities, but to characterise this video as meaning that they intend this treatment for "all Christians" is a misrepresentation.

    1. You misunderatood then intent of the post. This was not meant to specifically highlight Christians but rather the barbarity of Islam. If it was indeed a Muslim who had strayed the point is still the same...the religion is one that preaches hate, intolerance and death.

    2. You misunderatood then intent of the post. This was not meant to specifically highlight Christians but rather the barbarity of Islam. If it was indeed a Muslim who had strayed the point is still the same...the religion is one that preaches hate, intolerance and death.

  2. GG, I agree 100% with you. Muslims are the scum of the earth. The only group of people lower than blacks. It doesn't matter if they behead Christians or their own. Their bloodlust is so overwhelming that they don't care who they behead. And yes Christians is very high priority for their cult/believe. In Syria they have it all against every Christian. If you do not believe what they want, your head will roll so to speak. LL, OZZIE SAFFA , blogged several times about this barbaric cult. I started to read about it. It is a primitive lot of so called "believers" . They are so backward that to try and understand it, is totally impossible. The world will be a better place without them. And the most worrying is the Western countries embracing "diversity". What will come to them in future, I think they do not know or is deliberately ignoring it. There is no hope for their children. And finally, this is the most violent "religion" which brings only death, mistreating of women, intolerance, hate, murder, and raping of very, very young girls.

    1. Thank you whiteson - I knew you would understand the intent behind the post. Yes, the fact that Christians are being treated like this hits home for me because I am Christian myself, but the fact of the matter is that Muslims are violently disposed in all facets of life to all people. Even the "moderate" Muslims agree with the Jihad and Sharia law and you never hear them condemn it.

  3. This is all fake bullshit and an attempt at driving sentiments for some war mongering agenda.
    I bet this video was made by some Zionut psychos to get the Christians and Muslims into annihilating each other while they celebrate like they did at their 9/11 victory.
    The only “Muslim extremist” is the one with a Zionut leash around his neck. ……..Wake the fk up people!

    1. We are all welcome to our opinions here, but usually we ask that people be a little less aggressive. And if you had actually read a Koran at all you would understand that using the words "Muslim" and "extremist" together is merely doubling up seeing as they are one and the same thing.

      This blog tries specifically not to get involved in the religious debate and rather sticks to politics and policies outside of religion. And seeing as Islam is a political ideology it is ripe to be attacked here whereas other religions are not mentioned as far as possible.

      I know the anti-Semitic vibes on the internet associated with blogs of this nature but this is not one of them.

    2. Quite significant how defences are raised when there is a hint of “anti-Semitism” but everyone is free to spew vile, disparaging vitriol at Muslims! Shows you how deep the propaganda has penetrated.

      Look, one can argue that there is a lot wrong with Islam, in principle, in relation to the Koran. But you have not read the Koran to understand what it is that you have problems with. You, and your commentators, find little snippets that are fed through certain media origins which are designed to drive sentiments against the people of the Muslim faith.
      All the Muslims I have ever met had very congenial attitude and had genuine humility in respect to the Creator. (Since there is only one Creator it should be clear that Muslims and Christians praise the same God.)
      It’ll be too much to argue here about specifics in the practice of Islam since there are wide ranges of interpretations, as can be expected, and as a wannabe Christian may use a phrase, for example “spare the rod and spoil the child” to beat his children into terrified neurosis, so some idiot personality in (you choose the Arab country) may use his religion to cause discomfort and suffering in the weaker people around him. Tyrannical behaviour is a completely equal opportunity dysfunction.
      What I’m saying is that Muslims are no more “scum of the earth” than some fucking small minded scum Christians that I have come across. If you don’t know what depravity Christians are capable of then you don’t know history. (cont'd)

    3. But, there is another party that have to be contended with. This party is exceedingly malevolent, insidious, demonic and absolutely RUTHLESS, REMORSELESS!. In fact, you and I are defined as mere cattle inside it’s corporate corral.
      They will foment a terrible war where Christians slaughter each other by the millions and then they will launch a vast media campaign to spin the whole thing so the global population is under the impression that “they” were the only victims. (Research David Irving. Also Hell Storm – Thomas Goodrich, Also , check out Spingolazone)

      “They” were the ones who completely destroyed three buildings in New York in 2001 and spun the media to make the Muslims the culprits. Then “they” used that event as the pretext to destroy innocent Muslim countries. Murdering and maiming hundreds of thousands of children and spreading “depleted” uranium all over the countryside. And yes, “they” conscripted Christian young men to do most of the dirty, evil military work. And the American veterans are really paying the price for their participation in this evil. The rate of suicide among them is over 20 per day.
      “Those” entities infiltrate into governments everywhere and then they manipulate the social and judicial structures to re-align the (tradition) and this is how European societies suddenly find enormous third world slums mushrooming in their midst. Has your country been Zionated?
      Third world countries are deliberately destabilised, you know, dumping of tons of AK47’s, corrupting the simplistic governments and forcing the populations to become currency dependent. People will then scatter away and a perception is generated that a better life awaits in some European country. European people are then rendered comatose and confused by a well orchestrated misinformation and confrontational media front. It is then a simple matter of generating paranoia and distrust among different ideologies and “they” have their powder keg to spark when “they” require distraction and/or destruction.
      It is all deliberately orchestrated! Understand that!

      This is why these obviously fake anti-Muslim propaganda videos and articles are so offensive and it is irritating that adults with access to the free internet are so oblivious to reality and will howl and grunt at a straw enemy while the real danger is gradually constricting them and their societies and is THE greatest concern for the human race. These creatures will gleefully get Christians to nuke each other’s cities.

      I enjoy your writings Gossip Girl and please forgive my blunt discourse. Thanks for the opportunity to also have a say on your site.

      Kind regards

    4. Thanks for the reply Doug and I do appreciate it. Just to set the record straight I have studied the Koran as I have not always been a Christian. I disagree that Muslims and Christians and Jews share the same God for many reasons.

      I will also never deny the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity either as that would be an outright lie. My issue with Islam is that the barbarity is done in the name of their god and is an outright political ideology when you get down into the details. There is also no mercy at all. These kinds of actions are never condemned by the moderate Muslims. And in line with the theme of this blog, it needs to be highlighted so that we are not forcedvto accept it into our culture.

      All the Jews I have ever met are also congenial and respect the Creator so that argument is not valid as I have also met the same kind of Muslims. I also know Christians that I have great disdain for. The faith is not the issue, but the actions of the adherents are in this blog.

      And as far as South Africa is concerned it is no secret that the ANC was and is funded by Jews. That focus is not mine. I live in a third world countrty. But to put it on record, I support Israel as a nation as God intended it to be. To deny that would be denouncing the entire Old Testament which I cannot do. And that is where I will not tolerate anti semitism. As a political ideology anything is fair game, as a faith not so.

      I would be more than happy to give you some blogspace to right a post or series of posts on this topic, which I am afraid I am no expert in, should you wish to write one/more.

  4. Thanks for the response and also for the offer GC, I might take you up on it although I’m not an expert in global politics but I’m beginning to see where the bullshit is originating.
    No, my argument IS valid since it is the Muslims who are FALSELY being designated as the supreme evil in the Universe . . . in the media.
    Al-Qaeda is also pronounced Al-C.I.A-da by people who know where that “terrorist” group originated. John snake McCain is actually arming Al-Qaeda in Syria to create death, chaos and instability there.

    Islam is not being forced onto anyone by the Muslims. Just scan through my post above again.
    Muslims are the least of the problems. Let me reiterate . . “The only Muslim extremist is the one with the Zionist leash around his neck”. Just like the Christians bombing, burning and maiming Arabian children in various Middle Eastern countries!

    In 2011 (three years ago) Libya was invaded by hundreds of thousands of rabid mercenaries who were sourced from various Arab countries and let loose to create havoc and destruction…… with devastating consequences to the people in Libya.
    The terrible atrocities done to the Libyan people by those Arab mercenaries were not done in the name of Islam. It was done in the name of a parasitic force which is in the process of installing a tyrannical global Bolshevik Gulag system.
    After Libya was destroyed all their wealth was sucked out including tons of their gold which had now disappeared and went to America/ Britain or Israel. All three countries Zio controlled in various degrees.

  5. I am very sceptical about this “chosen by God” notion that is so glibly used as a superiority podium by the Jews.
    The ancient Israelites wrote most of the old testament and it is quite obvious that the elders needed to rally a cohesive spirit in their tribe for the plunder and pillaging excursions they planned.
    This arrogant superiority delusion is also required by psychopathic, blood crazed leaders when they want to have the women and children slaughtered en masse, as the O.T often recounts, and as it is to this day where certain super psycho freaks want to plunder another nation’s wealth. As was done to Iraq, Libya, Egypt and many others.
    See what the Jews are capable of by understanding what REALLY happened to Germany in 1940’s. Or at least an alternative perspective.
    For more depth to the real horror brought to the German general population read “Hell Storm” by Thomas Goodrich

    And yes, when you get to know them the Jewish people are wonderful and the women are gorgeous. But unfortunately that does not detract from the fact that they see themselves as the superiour “elite” and the rest of humanity exist exclusively to serve them.
    And it has to be a little idiotic to hold the current crop of Jews responsible for the crucifixion of Christ but, then again, the rest of humanity need to be “a little” paranoid about the extensive encroachment of Jews in political and social structures when considering the chillingly horrifying atrocities committed by Jews, ordered by Jews and under Jewish watch just 3 to 4 generations ago.
    And the blatant, convoluted lying and duplicitous hypocrisy from ALL the Jewish controlled media should keep alarm bells clamouring, 24 7 52, about everything from vaccines, GMO, 11 Sept 2001 to the Muslims, Syria, Libya and Gaddafi, etc.
    “Corporate” media CANNOT be trusted! Ever!

  6. “When (the second world) war came, U.S. President Jew Franklin D. Roosevelt and British PM Winston Churchill ( whose mother is Rothschild ) allied themselves closely to Stalin, though they were well aware his regime had murdered at least 30 million people long before Hitler's alleged extermination of Jews and gypsies began. Yet in the strange moral calculus of mass murder, only Germans were guilty. Though Stalin murdered several times more people than Hitler, to Roosevelt he remained "Uncle Joe."

    Another overview of the Bolshevik revolution -

    And then there is the Khazar factor. Apparently the contemporary Palestinians are the most direct descendants of the ancient Israelites. That which is occupying Jerusalem currently seem to be more aligned to the antithesis of progress, freedom and democracy.

    Ok, this is the basics as I understand politics and that is why I would urge everyone to look past this Muslim smear campaign and be paranoid about “the New World Order”. It is a cover for a global Bolshevik revolution which can only lead to a frightening terror and enslaving campaign!

    An insidious war is being waged against us all and ignorance is the deadliest poison.

    And, by the way, if there is ONE Creator, as I also believe, then by mathematical deduction any religion which acknowledges that reality has to serve the “same God”. No matter how divergent the definitions are that emanate from their intellectual musings or political requirements.
    May God protect us all and influence the psycho freaks with their nuclear weapons.

    Kind regards