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Friday, 11 April 2014

No Sympathy

here is the result that feminism has had on young women in our society:
A woman should be allowed to involve herself in a physical altercation between 2 men and attack one repeatedly by hitting him over the head with a shoe without having any repercussions.

This is what we take away from the commentary of this young woman from North West University. She decided that she would involve herself in a fight that an Ikeys player and Pukke supporter were having at a Wimpy after the PUK v UCT match on Monday - I might add that she knew neither men and was not in any way, from what I have read, involved in the fight at all - where she decided that she would attack the Ikeys player with a shoe by hitting him repeatedly over the head.

Naturally the Ikeys player did not take too kindly to this and decided that he would put a stop to it - by giving her one solid punch to the face. She had to have stitches and there is a large amount of swelling and bruising as one would expect. I noticed yesterday on Facebook that the woman was trying to sell her story to Carte Blanche (an investigative news program which airs on Sunday nights) as "woman abuse".

I should not that the video referred to and which had been on Youtube has since disappeared. I will keep looking to try and get a copy of the evidence that this woman repeatedly assaulted the Ikeys player first.

Now I just have to say the following:
1. This is not woman abuse in any sense of the word;
2. If anything this would be a case of assault and she should have laid charges with the police (I have yet to hear about her doing that yet either);
3. The Ikeys player who she assaulted should also lay charges of assault against her; and
4.If you can dish it out you should be willing to take it and this rule goes for men hitting women and women hitting men.

Now she sits and cries because she got exactly what she was asking for and the rest of the world is supposed to feel sorry for her.

Irini Agathagelou you were asking for trouble and I have no sympathy for you. You had no reason to be involve din the fight, it had nothing to do with you, and when you physically attack some - regardless of the difference in gender roles - you should be ready to receive the same kind of treatment!

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