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Friday, 11 April 2014



Well here is a news story that I am sure we can all agree is 100% accurate and in no way, shape or form biased at all and has no basis in the fact that we will be having an election in less than a month:
"Whites are over-represented in senior posts in the private and public sectors in the province."

This basically says that too many white people are occupying the highest positions in the companies that they built and created and made successful and that this is wrong. Naturally it is - we have more black people in the country so they should naturally be the ones who have the top jobs - even though they have never created a single thing and know nothing about the businesses in question.

And as for the public sector, well let's just look at the facts - things work in the Western Cape and this means that it is privileged - and you know how the commies hate to see anyone privileged above anyone else. Everyone has to live in the same kind squalor and poverty right? So instead of taking a cue from the only province actually making headway in real terms, lets try and drag them back a million miles so that they don't really show the voting population just how inept the ANC really is.

My favourite part about the article below is the fact that it is based off of numbers in 2009 - 5 years ago. I am not sure how that really gives an indication of how things are NOW at this moment in time but anyway - it must be because I have an ounce of common sense.

The second thing that you have to note is that while the ANC COSATU (which is basically the ANC branch of manual labour) is crying foul about the "over-representation" of whites in senior positions in the WC, they are conveniently forgetting the fact that they have been fighting to implement regulations and laws which will see many thousands of coloured people lose their jobs and have no possibility of promotion for at least 15 years - all so that blacks can get given the jobs even when coloureds are the majority in the province. Someone see a trend here? Blaming the white man for something again?

Sounds just like Vavi who has come back from his little holiday suspension (with full pay) to immediate start making sure that the whites are again thrust into the spotlight in the role of villain (we'll forget for the moment that blacks have been in power for over 20 years now) immediately taking to the stage to remind the unthinking masses of how evil the white man is because of Apartheid and Colonialism. 

That's right boys, keep going and soon you will have nowhere to turn when you see that your cadres and incompetent cronies you have forced into positions of power have no clue what they are doing and run productive businesses into the ground (see almost all previously white managed companies where the management was turned over to inexperienced and entitled BEE appointees  - ahem - see SABC first where their COO doesn't have matric and one of their "finance administrators" has a degree in "beauty therapy")

Let us remember just how evil colonialism and apartheid were - Zwelinzima Vavi

Cape economy needs more colour - Cosatu

Apr 10 2014 22:26 Fin24

Cape Town - The Congress of SA Trade Unions in the Western Cape said on Thursday that whites are over-represented in senior posts in the private and public sectors in the province.

"Blacks in the Western Cape are tired of working the whites rich and then having to go home to poverty in their dormitory townships," Cosatu secretary in the Western Cape Tony Ehrenreich said in a statement.

He said Cosatu will take to the streets for black African, coloured and Indian workers to play a role in the economy. 

The 14th Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) report unveiled by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant on Wednesday found that less than 20% of South Africa's top management positions were occupied by black Africans.

In the Western Cape, the report showed that white men held 62% of top management positions, while 12.7% were held by white women.

Meanwhile, 8.3% of top management jobs were held by coloured men and 4.4% by coloured women. 
"The actual numbers hide the fact that the picture is a lot whiter", said Ehrenreich.

He also called on the national government to take action against DA leader Helen Zille, who he accused of "violating the laws of the country".

The Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) said on Wednesday that the report was riddled with errors.

"By not considering factors like the pool of suitably qualified individuals, economic conditions and dynamics of business sizes, the CEE keeps using an irrational and unsuitable yardstick to measure the extent of racial transformation in the labour market," said researcher Dirk Groenewald.

Meanwhile, the AHi in a statement on Wednesday expressed concern over draft employment equity regulations.

It said focusing on numerical targets will not achieve transformation.
"What we now need more than ever is a pro-business policy environment and a combined government and private sector effort to transfer skills and knowledge to young South Africans regardless of race."

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