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Friday, 25 April 2014

Finally, The Truth On How White Women Are More Likely To Be Killed By Strangers Than Partners In SA

I am not going to comment on this article in great detail but I will let you read it for yourself - it actually ends credence to the assertions that white women are more likely to be murdered by unknown, most often black, men.

Sunette Bridges & Steve Hofmeyr vs Africa Check
The Ratcatcher
24 April 2014

Are white women more likely to be killed by their white partners than by others?

Earlier this month the Afrikaans pop singers and activists Steve Hofmeyr and Sunette Bridges, along with Amanda de Lange of the Freedom Front Plus, laid a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission against the fact checking publication Africa Check and the Medical Research Council over claims to the effect that white women were more likely to be murdered by their (white) male partners than unknown (often black) men.

The complaints related to two claims made by Africa Check researchers in response to Hofmeyr's allegation, made on his website and Facebook pages in the middle of 2013, that Afrikaners were being "killed like flies" under the ANC government.

In an article which appeared on Africa Check on June 24 2013 Nechama Brodie took issue with Hofmeyr's claims in a long feature article. She was subsequently quoted in Rapport, the following weekend, as saying "A White woman has a better chance of being murdered by her lover or partner than by an unknown Black man. We should not overlook the real problem."

In an article published a few weeks later by Africa Check Lisa Vetten repeated this claim, citing MRC research on intimate femicide in South Africa. She wrote: "Claims that white women are likely to be murdered by "unknown black males" amount to racial scare-mongering. The vast majority of women who are murdered in South Africa die at the hands of their husbands, boyfriends and lovers."

These two statements are, Hofmeyr, Bridges and De Lange claim in their complaint, "inaccurate and devoid of any statistical or actual, factual research, but an offensive insult to ‘white' South African men in general." In their support of these claims they wrote that they have been able to track down only 49 cases of white males killing their female partners from 1996 to the present, compared to hundreds of documented cases where white women have been killed by "unknown" black men. They appended a list of these alleged murders to their complaint.

Rapport this weekend ran an article stating that this list was full of mistakes. In a post on the Mail & Guardian'sThought Leader website this weekend Thorne Godinho also criticised Bridges, Hofmeyr and De Lange for their complaint to the SAHRC. He stated that "It is problematic - and startlingly racist - that people are promoting the notion that white men are less likely to hate women or engage in acts of hatred against women."

Yet before dismissing Bridges and Hofmeyr's complaint out of hand it is worth examining the basis of Africa Check'sclaims.

Vetten in her article cites as her authority two MRC studies on female homicide in South Africa carried out in 1999 and 2009. The 1999 study estimated, Vetten wrote, that "approximately half of all women murdered in 1999 died at the hands of their partners." The 2009 study, found that due to a decline in murders of women by strangers, "intimate femicide had become the leading cause of female homicide in South Africa."

Hofmeyr and Bridges' claimed at the time to have counted 55 white women killed by unknown black males between May 2012 and June 2013 as compared to just one case of a white woman being killed by their partner (Oscar Pistorius' shooting of Reeva Steenkamp.)

Vetten dismissed this argument, based as it was on a non-representative study, saying it "cast no doubt on the research showing the majority of women to be murdered by their intimate partners and, by extension, that the majority of white women are murdered by their white male partners."

The obvious question here is whether the conclusions of the overall conclusions of the MRC studies can be applied to white women (and their white male partners) in particular?

The 1999 study was conducted retrospectively in 2002 and 2003 by sampling national mortuary data. In about 70% of the 1 052 cases the researchers sampled were they able to establish from police dockets the likely relationship between the female murder victim and the killer. The MRC estimated that overall there were 3 793 murders of women in South Africa in 1999.

The following is a table of the MRC's estimate of the total number of "Murders by Intimate Partners" (Intimate Femicide) vs the "Murders by Others" (Non-Intimate Femicide), in 1999, broken down by race[1] The table from which it is extracted is reproduced below. This, incidentally, comes from a paper on which Vetten is listed as a co-author:

No. of murders by Intimate Partners (IF)Rate per 100 000 of populationNo. of murders by Others (NIF)Rate per 100 000 of populationTotal
Black African
1 023
2 015
1 349
1 312
2 661

As can be seen although black African, Coloured and Indian women were, according to the MRC's estimates, more likely to be murdered by their partners - than by others - the same did not apply to white women. This group was, according to the study, over twice as likely to be murdered by "others" than by their partners. (It would be surprising if there was no divergence simply on the basis of the differing age profile of the white population compared to the black and Coloured population.)

The later MRC survey, based upon a sample of 903 cases gathered from 2009 mortuary data, claimed a decline both in the number of estimated murders of women by their partners (from 1 349 to 1 024), and the estimated number of murders of women by others (1 335 to 768). The MRC said there had been 2 363 murders of women in 2009 - a decline of 36,7% from their 1999 estimate.[2] The number of murders of white women by their partners was estimated at 28, down from 53 in 1999. However, this survey did not provide a racial breakdown of the murder of women by others - as they had done in the 1999 study.

The reason for this, according to Naeemah Abrahams of the MRC, was due to the small sample sizes. She told Politicsweb "When we explored the calculation of the rates [of non-intimate femicide] by race we found the estimates became unstable because of the small numbers and we preferred to not present rates where the confidence intervals were wide. This would have been the case for Indian and white women mainly."

Thus, while the survey of 1999 murders supported the view that white women were, uniquely, much more likely to be murdered by others than their partners, the 2009 survey had no reliable results on this either way. If the estimate of 28 white women killed by their partners in 2009 is accurate, then it is likely that the findings of the 1999 survey still hold given the (apparently greater) number of cases of murder of white women by others that made their way into the press in that year.

The two MRC surveys cited by Vetten and Africa Check as their authority thus do not support the claim that the "majority of white women are murdered by their white male partners."

What one can say, assuming the 1999 MRC survey estimates are accurate, is that in 1999 white women were much less likely to be murdered by their partners than black African and Coloured women and somewhat less likely to be murdered by others.


[1] Naeemah Abrahams, Rachel Jewkes, Lorna J Martin, Shanaaz Mathews, Lisa Vetten and Carl Lombard, "Mortality of Women From Intimate Partner Violence in South Africa: A National Epidemiological Study", Violence and Victims, Volume 24, Number 4, 2009

[2] According to SAPS statistics the total number of murders during that period declined by 25,5% in that period - from 22 604 in 1999/2000 to 16 834 in 2009/2010. There were 2 457 reported cases of murder of adult women in 2009/2010, 14.6% of the total. There do not appear to be SAPS statistics for the number of women murdered in 1999/2000.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Update: Irini Agathagelou

Yesterday I posted about the young woman from Potch who got herself punched by a UCT rugby player. you can read it here

UPDATE: I have now seen the video and its posted below. Not only did she repeatedly hit him over the head while he was engaged in a full on  brawl, she also slapped or punched him first.

Next, is it just me or does the Facebook picture:

show her showing off the injury she received from the punch show it to be on the right side of her face?
In the video, the punch she is talking about clearly connects with her face on the left cheek in my opinion - therefore no damage caused by the punch to the right side.

However, if you watch a few seconds before the punch you will see her standing right behind the Ikeys player as he pulls back to punch the guy in his sights and his elbow connects with her face. From the looks of things he had no clue she was even there and it was entirely her own fault for standing behind him.

No Sympathy

here is the result that feminism has had on young women in our society:
A woman should be allowed to involve herself in a physical altercation between 2 men and attack one repeatedly by hitting him over the head with a shoe without having any repercussions.

This is what we take away from the commentary of this young woman from North West University. She decided that she would involve herself in a fight that an Ikeys player and Pukke supporter were having at a Wimpy after the PUK v UCT match on Monday - I might add that she knew neither men and was not in any way, from what I have read, involved in the fight at all - where she decided that she would attack the Ikeys player with a shoe by hitting him repeatedly over the head.

Naturally the Ikeys player did not take too kindly to this and decided that he would put a stop to it - by giving her one solid punch to the face. She had to have stitches and there is a large amount of swelling and bruising as one would expect. I noticed yesterday on Facebook that the woman was trying to sell her story to Carte Blanche (an investigative news program which airs on Sunday nights) as "woman abuse".

I should not that the video referred to and which had been on Youtube has since disappeared. I will keep looking to try and get a copy of the evidence that this woman repeatedly assaulted the Ikeys player first.

Now I just have to say the following:
1. This is not woman abuse in any sense of the word;
2. If anything this would be a case of assault and she should have laid charges with the police (I have yet to hear about her doing that yet either);
3. The Ikeys player who she assaulted should also lay charges of assault against her; and
4.If you can dish it out you should be willing to take it and this rule goes for men hitting women and women hitting men.

Now she sits and cries because she got exactly what she was asking for and the rest of the world is supposed to feel sorry for her.

Irini Agathagelou you were asking for trouble and I have no sympathy for you. You had no reason to be involve din the fight, it had nothing to do with you, and when you physically attack some - regardless of the difference in gender roles - you should be ready to receive the same kind of treatment!



Well here is a news story that I am sure we can all agree is 100% accurate and in no way, shape or form biased at all and has no basis in the fact that we will be having an election in less than a month:
"Whites are over-represented in senior posts in the private and public sectors in the province."

This basically says that too many white people are occupying the highest positions in the companies that they built and created and made successful and that this is wrong. Naturally it is - we have more black people in the country so they should naturally be the ones who have the top jobs - even though they have never created a single thing and know nothing about the businesses in question.

And as for the public sector, well let's just look at the facts - things work in the Western Cape and this means that it is privileged - and you know how the commies hate to see anyone privileged above anyone else. Everyone has to live in the same kind squalor and poverty right? So instead of taking a cue from the only province actually making headway in real terms, lets try and drag them back a million miles so that they don't really show the voting population just how inept the ANC really is.

My favourite part about the article below is the fact that it is based off of numbers in 2009 - 5 years ago. I am not sure how that really gives an indication of how things are NOW at this moment in time but anyway - it must be because I have an ounce of common sense.

The second thing that you have to note is that while the ANC COSATU (which is basically the ANC branch of manual labour) is crying foul about the "over-representation" of whites in senior positions in the WC, they are conveniently forgetting the fact that they have been fighting to implement regulations and laws which will see many thousands of coloured people lose their jobs and have no possibility of promotion for at least 15 years - all so that blacks can get given the jobs even when coloureds are the majority in the province. Someone see a trend here? Blaming the white man for something again?

Sounds just like Vavi who has come back from his little holiday suspension (with full pay) to immediate start making sure that the whites are again thrust into the spotlight in the role of villain (we'll forget for the moment that blacks have been in power for over 20 years now) immediately taking to the stage to remind the unthinking masses of how evil the white man is because of Apartheid and Colonialism. 

That's right boys, keep going and soon you will have nowhere to turn when you see that your cadres and incompetent cronies you have forced into positions of power have no clue what they are doing and run productive businesses into the ground (see almost all previously white managed companies where the management was turned over to inexperienced and entitled BEE appointees  - ahem - see SABC first where their COO doesn't have matric and one of their "finance administrators" has a degree in "beauty therapy")

Let us remember just how evil colonialism and apartheid were - Zwelinzima Vavi

Cape economy needs more colour - Cosatu

Apr 10 2014 22:26 Fin24

Cape Town - The Congress of SA Trade Unions in the Western Cape said on Thursday that whites are over-represented in senior posts in the private and public sectors in the province.

"Blacks in the Western Cape are tired of working the whites rich and then having to go home to poverty in their dormitory townships," Cosatu secretary in the Western Cape Tony Ehrenreich said in a statement.

He said Cosatu will take to the streets for black African, coloured and Indian workers to play a role in the economy. 

The 14th Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) report unveiled by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant on Wednesday found that less than 20% of South Africa's top management positions were occupied by black Africans.

In the Western Cape, the report showed that white men held 62% of top management positions, while 12.7% were held by white women.

Meanwhile, 8.3% of top management jobs were held by coloured men and 4.4% by coloured women. 
"The actual numbers hide the fact that the picture is a lot whiter", said Ehrenreich.

He also called on the national government to take action against DA leader Helen Zille, who he accused of "violating the laws of the country".

The Solidarity Research Institute (SRI) said on Wednesday that the report was riddled with errors.

"By not considering factors like the pool of suitably qualified individuals, economic conditions and dynamics of business sizes, the CEE keeps using an irrational and unsuitable yardstick to measure the extent of racial transformation in the labour market," said researcher Dirk Groenewald.

Meanwhile, the AHi in a statement on Wednesday expressed concern over draft employment equity regulations.

It said focusing on numerical targets will not achieve transformation.
"What we now need more than ever is a pro-business policy environment and a combined government and private sector effort to transfer skills and knowledge to young South Africans regardless of race."

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Religion of Pieces

The next time a Muslim tries to con you into believing that Islam is a peaceful religion, why not point him to this video of a Christian being forced to convert to Islam and then being deemed a kaffir and beheaded anyway. And this is what we are inviting into our European countries and forcing our people to integrate with because of screwed up liberal ideas of multiculturalism???


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why I Will Be Voting EFF In May

Millions of people are wondering who they should vote for in teh coming elections. After much thought and soul searching I have decided that I will be voting for EFF in May. Here is why...


All black people will be given free housing. There will never be anyone who is homeless again. The government will pay for thousands of big, spacious houses to be built and will give them to the masses that are living lives without dignity.

Each house will have free electricity and free plumbing. People will never be forced to move from their homes because they have a right to live wherever they please and with dignity. The EFF will ensure that all Africans are accommodated in the land of their ancestors wherever they want to be.


All Azanians deserve a land where they are protected by their government. Because the EFF is the party of the people the value us all as citizens and know that it is necessary to make sure we are protected.

The days where we all fear police brutality will be behind us. We will see a new and energized police force which is trained and conscientious. Crime will be all but forgotten because our new police service will be motivated to serve the people. All criminals in the service will be routed out and expelled or prosecuted.

Courts will ensure that justice is served and it will be safe for everyone once again as it was in the days before colonialism.

Right to Education

Every person will receive free education at primary, secondary and tertiary level. No more mud schools and all schools will have electricity. Schools will be safe for learners where they will receive education paid for by the state. No person need ever take out a student loan again.

All schools will have government issue textbooks. The EFF will take a very big interest in ensuring that learners are taught the true history of Azania – about evil colonialists and imperialists as well as the atrocities of Apartheid. They will be shown the rise and fall of the once mighty ANC as well as taught of the role that the EFF has played in the struggle.

Learners will be taught how to identify racism and how to call it out and use it to their advantage. Julius Malema will be known as the messiah of Africa – the one who freed the blacks from the oppression of the west. Maths will be simplified so that everyone can pass it. English and Afrikaans will be a thing of the past and the world will learn of the beauty of our African languages and heritage. Science and biology have been introduced by the whites to oppress the black man, this will be made easier so as to give all learners the ability to pass.

Investment opportunities

We have been told that foreign investment will be withdrawn once we take power and this does not worry us. We do not need investment from the imperialists and we will not allow them to rape our country any longer. We will look to the east to form strategic partnerships with other countries which have been the victims of colonialism. China and India have already made firm promises to assist Azania in the transition to economic freedom after 7 May 2014. They have asked that when the time comes we should make concessions and because we trust them we will do so in good faith and will trust that they have nothing but good intentions.


For too long the black man has been used as cheap labour by the whites for profit. After the EFF takes power all manual laborers will receive a living wage and will no longer have to live beyond their means. Their families, even if it is 20 of them on 1 income, will live comfortably.
Labour brokers will be illegal and government will ensure that no oppressor or settler will benefit from black labour. The workers will be in control of the companies and will benefit directly.


True economic freedom will be achieved. Government will allocate jobs and housing and education and healthcare so that all money earned is used only for living life.  No longer will the black man be forced to work far from home just to send small amounts of money back for his wives and children to live.

The economy will be owned and run by the African majority who will benefit directly from it.

Open and transparent government

The EFF is committed to ensuring that the government is open and transparent. The tender system will be abolished because it is abused too often by corrupt officials.

They will never lie to us and will always act in our best interests. The land and mines and banks will all be run for the benefit of the people and the EFF will openly keep the people informed of how it is being run.
No secrets will be kept and any wrongdoing will immediately be corrected.


It is patently obvious that with the ANC in power Aparthied has never fully been abolished and has simply been entrenched between the privileged whites and the new black elite. There has been no true integration and the black population has remained at the bottom of the pile.

Under the EFF we will see a new reign where those who have been so oppressed for decades under the old white regime and now again under the so-called democratic regime will be brought into the fold and made true citizens of Azania.

Land, mines and banks

All farms, mines and banks will be nationalized without compensation. The government will own all the land and all economic interests for the benefit of the people. They will use their extremely highly skilled members to efficiently run the businesses.

The people will be given the right to live on the land and to use the land and to make it profitable but will not be able to make money off the land as the proceeds will be used to benefit the whole of the country. No person will be allowed to sell their land and if the land is not worked then they will be asked to move and their places taken by others who will work the land.

All proceeds from the minerals extracted from our soil will be used for the benefit of the people. No longer will we allow it to be extracted and to immediately leave our shores to make the imperialists rich.

Superior leadership

In Julius Malema we have a leader who is charismatic and a man of the people. He is a visionary and has the courage to lead Azania out of the poverty it is in thanks to the settlers. Malema has the courage of his convictions and is a fighter for economic freedom in our lifetime. He is honest, hardworking, intelligent and a good role model.

The rest of the leadership of the EFF has nothing but the best interests of Azania and its people at heart and will work tirelessly to create a communistic utopia where all the people of Azania are equal in all respects.

Now, please read the first letter of each sub-heading…