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Monday, 13 January 2014

Time Machine: Africans Fall Behind Intellectually, Says Evolutionary Psychiatrist

Found on the exceptionally insightful blog the This is something we have been stating for years - and yes, believing it makes you racist! That's ok though, intelligent people know that words can't hurt you.

Time machine: Africans fall behind intellectually,

says evolutionary psychiatrist

Research by Satoshi Kanazawa
demonstrated a correlation
between low IQs in Africa and
economic depravity.
There are parallel universes.

The first is reality. The second is fallacy.

Political correctness, in all it's forms including cultural Marxism, nearly always falls into the second category.

That, in turn, pits political correctness and cultural Marxism in an ongoing battle with reality. The former seems to be winning.

How so?

Occasionally a champion of truth will emerge, such as evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, who has the audacity to lay out the bare facts. Kanazawa sin was to objectively study the intelligence of Africans and report the correlation to mental illness. To cultural Marxism, such audacity was untenable heresy. [source]

Unable to quibble with bits of truth, those who prefer the comfort of political correctness tend to attack the integrity of the truth teller through ad hominem arguments.

Let's go back to the year 1632.

Think of the fate of Galileo when he challenged the orthodoxy of the Catholic church with observable science. Galileo's intent was not to be anti-Christian or even anti-Catholic. His objective was to be objective.

The Catholic hierarchy at the time was tantamount to political correctness. It viewed Galileo's forthrightness as a threat to their orthodoxy.

The same is true today of cultural Marxism. As the hierarchy of the early 17th century was eventually proven to be wrong, so adherents to politically correctness of the early 21st century will eventually be proven to be the real racists. 

But our time machine doesn't need to go back centuries to find a conflict between settled science and stubborn silliness.

Let's go back to 2006.

Kanazawa published a research paper with honest but unorthodox conclusions. Some nations have aggregate low intelligence levels. Sub-Saharan African nations are populated with people who are, on the average, less intelligent than those in East Asia and Europe, his paper concluded. Mental illness and economic depravity can be demonstrated to be relative to level of intelligence.

The response was as swift and sure as a Samurai's sword determined to lop off the head of the offender.

• A spokesman for the international development charity, War On Want, warned that the research 'runs the risk of resurrecting the racist stereotype that Africans are responsible for their own plight, and may reinforce prejudices that Africans are less intelligent'.

• He then claimed that Kanazawa's research had been proven false by preceding research, but failed to make specific citations.

• Another protested that Kanazawa's research smacked of the "discredited" science of eugenics.

• Note the lavish use of terms such as stereotype and prejudice when politically correct orthodoxy is challenged. Such terms are, in fact, place holders in lieu of logic.

The objections all have one thing in common: None addressed the research, per se'.

While there were plenty accusations of stereotyping, racism, eugenics, etc., none dared to directly challenge the research or its results.

Let's revisit 2007.

Aside from in depth research, anyone can passively review the African nations and note their economic status and intelligence status are mirrored images. The same is true of virtually all nations.

James Watson took the
seat of Galileo in 2007 when
he noted that Africans
were intellectually challenged.

Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize winner and DNA pioneer, also took a place in Galileo's seat in 2007 when he notoriously observed that Africans are less intelligent than most everyone else. For his blunt honesty the brilliant Watson was summarily and figuratively tarred and feathered. Truth telling will not be allowed. [source]

Oddly, no one seemed to notice when Watson, an Irish descendant, noted aloud that Irishmen, while not lacking intelligence, had a problem with ignorance.

August, 2013 comes into view.

More recently we learned that of 25,000 Liberians who applied for admission to the University of Liberia, 25,000 failed the entrance exam. That's a 100 percent failure rate. [source]

Truth is not subjective. Absolutes are, well, absolute. The simple equation 1+1=2 is subjective to neither heresy nor racism other than in the mind of cultural Marxism that finds cultural disparity in math and draws an imaginary line between mundane math and discrimination. [source]

Problem avoided, not resolved

The error should be evident: Problems denied cannot be resolved. In fact, like an aching tooth, such difficulties often become worse, even abscessed.

As Galileo's research was hampered by the political correctness of his day, so the absolutes of intelligence among people groups is stuck in the muck of politically-correct stubbornness.

Global heat mapping of intelligence (see below) reveals that smart nations feed nations of lesser intelligence, both literally and with technological advances. Cultural Marxism strives to create cultural and intellectual thermodynamics by imposing hordes of immigrants from less intelligent nations onto smarter cultures. The objective is to create a single-toned heat map.

The problem with that objective is that bright, innovative people groups will no longer be able to adequately provide for the world population. Cultural Marxism, however, isn't concerned with prosperity. It merely strives to make us all the same and that doesn't bode well for Africans.

The fact that economic Marxism, when implemented, will result in decreased prosperity among non-whites is lost.

Sad to say, so far they are well on track to achieve their objectives.

-- Kenn

Heat map illustrates the average intelligence of nations.