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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Face Of SA Feminism

The more I see of this woman the less I like her and find her to be a self-righteous, self-hating and all round unpleasant woman. She is a communist, feminist, anti-white liberal who takes great joy in being called a slut. Reading her Facebook page shows you just what a feminazi is with a good dose of delusional ideas of communistic grandeur. And I have now discovered why she is the way she is - she has no self-respect or any respect for others.

This is one of her posts from yesterday...

Who in their right mind would take the title "slut" to be a compliment? Who would want the title to be attributed to them? Who in their right mind would want to be known as a sexually promiscuous person who is likely to have multiple baby daddies? (and for all we know she could very well be screwing around behind her  husbands back with another one of his "noble savage" brothers. There would be no real way to tell if the kids weren't his - they're not white or black or even coloured and will never identify with either family or culture).

Gillian Schutte you are an embarrassment to the female population. And just to make sure you really understand what I'm saying I'll phrase it like you would: bluntly and without tact. You are someone who makes me ashamed to share your gender. You are a "woman" who does not know how to behave in public, who would rather give up her femininity and strap on a metaphorical penis by behaving and speaking in the exact same manner that you berate men for. You are worthless as a woman and I feel so sorry for any children that you have because they will grow up to be useless, ignorant and entitled liberals like yourself who add nothing of value to the community they are in and instead sow lies and spread stupidity. 

Not only are you a disgrace to woman the world over, you are a disgrace to any thinking person. You, by your choice in political ideology advocate large scale massacres through the quelling of any uprising as well as mass starvation after the fall of the economy which plunges millions into complete poverty. That is communism and that is it's legacy. Will that state of affairs make you happy? I assume that it would seeing as you would love another chance to make yourself a victim - and increase the degree of victim-hood you thrust on black people the world over. You feel like you are entitled to everything without having to work simply because you have a vagina and hate your white skin and that your pet projects, the noble savages of Africa, are deserving simply because they are black. But I know your real agenda, you use the excuse of Apartheid (a system that you were very much a part of and lived through and indeed benefited from without so much as whisper of dissatisfaction until the Nats gave up power. You then decided to benefit from marrying a black man - most likely to piss your parents off and because he has money) to go on the perpetual attack against white men. I can only assume this is because no white man wanted to sleep with you and treat you like the slut you claim to be and you feel aggrieved. 

In SA the odds are that one day your black brothers-in-law will visit your house and will not stop at stealing out of the garage. They will come into your home (and if you think being married to a black man and hating your own race will save you you have some serious issues), they will gang-rape you and torture you and ultimately either kill you or leave you for dead. They may kill your husband and will most likely kill your children too. And this they will do simply because you happen to have a white skin. You will be humiliated and called a white slut (I doubt you'll find it a compliment then), told that you like to be f***ed by a black man repeatedly while they degrade you and torture you. Told how you should be exterminated and that whites will all die. Nothing will be stolen from your home except maybe a cellphone or 2. Should you survive that, I wonder then if you would still be on the side of the noble savage that you think is so wonderful and sin free or will you then remove the rose-tinted glasses and see the reality of SA?


  1. I cannot believe that we have such lowclass morons in our midst. GG, there we as your readers salute youfor your good values and outlooks in life. I do not think anyone with half a braincell will try and rea thisdemons postings. She says she's proud of the name Slut, ok, let's call her so .

    1. I did read through her posts and the assenting comments by other anti-white feminazi libtards. It makes my brain hurt sometimes.