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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Libtard Speaks

Yesterday ran an article written by a self titled libtard. Naturally the man has no common sense at all (and now I'm being nice) and is a complete moron living in his bunny hugger la la land where whites are the cause of all the black man's woes. And all of this simply because a lot of people have spoken out about the fact that the ANC wants to for parents to pay for 14 years of useless education. That is 14 years of hard-earned money invested in the brainwashing, indoctrination and dumbing down of our children which will very seldom see any kind of return. I'm not entire opposed to the idea, but I think they should fix the current 12 years before they start forcing an extra 2 on kids as well. Read his silly little article below and see my responses in read. I didn't go into great detail - just enough to derail his argument.

Don't speak for me. A Libtard speaks
14 January 2014, 07:42

When you say "apartheid was better" you dismiss the fact that more than 70% of Whites voted against the system in a referendum that turned families against one another, had people in pubs swearing at each other and left a legacy of idiots that claim Apartheid was better, That claim that FW was a veraaier. Remember you don't speak for me.

What you seem to forget is that if given the chance again I doubt anyone would vote yes in that referendum. With the way the country has been stripped of all wealth and anything even remotely functioning in the private sector we can all see that it’s pathetic. So now all we are left with is a legacy of incompetence, corruption and destruction. I won’t speak for you, we don’t speak the same language.

When you stand in a bank queue and utter that things were better before they took all the jobs in the banks, If you are in the queue at the traffic department and are convinced the service is worse than in the good old days, you have forgotten that the people who worked for the government then have one thing in common with those that do today, They are there for a pay check not to work. The skin colour may be different but I remember being sent from one counter to another and then another because I was laways at the wrong counter despite advice from the person who sent me somewhere else. When you claim it's because of skin colour, you don't speak for me. 

Who says it’s skin colour? That statement simply shows your utter racism. We say its incompetence – not because black people replaced whites at the counter, but because the knowledgeable and trained employees were forced out and replaced by uneducated and untrained employees. Who not only have no idea how to do their jobs properly, have no motivation either. And now we should keep quiet and sing kumbaya with everyone because they get massive salaries and do nothing? It’s the government culture and mentality of entitlement and lack of work ethic – no one mentioned colour but you! You do not speak for me.

When you employ someone and pay them enough to buy a bus ticket, a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. When you complain about minimum wages being too high and wonder why your maid eats as much bread and goes through the sugar like a tornado, think about what it cost you when you walked into the spar this morning to buy a few things, and think is R 80.00 a day enough? When you complain about the minimum wage, you do not speak for me.

You seem to forget that most of us live on the breadline too. We hire domestics/maids etc because families have to have 2 incomes to make a living for the most part and therefore require help on the homefront – especially if there are kids. And what kind of jobs, paying what kinds of salaries are available to unskilled women get really? They are not qualified and I don’t see how paying someone R150 a day (yes, that’s what we pay our domestic who works twice a week) so that she can eat my food, drink my coffee, take leftovers and even unopened items home, take my washing powder and stasoft, get the clothes we give her for herself and her children (in good condition – not broken or torn) is any of your business. Without me she’s taking home nothing and therefore would likely love the R80 you no doubt pay. So for someone who has no skills and who is in her late 40’s I kinda think that earning SOME money is better than earning NONE. You forget that the second they legislate a uniform minimum wage, thousands of maids and gardeners will suddenly find themselves jobless – now remind me, is that better or worse than them getting R80 a day?

When you loudly proclaim that Blacks are stupid, stop and consider that poverty among whites was only eliminated with job reservation under Apartheid. That's right people that did jobs like train guards, stokers, train drivers and a whole host of other jobs could only do them if they were white. I recall the stupid and illiterate Whites that I worked with that today cannot find employment because they just haven't got the mental capability of competing in a world where there is no job reservation. When you call a nation stupid, you do not speak for me.

Now you really are talking kak. Now lets see, jobs may have been reserved for whites, but at least they were required to be educated and skilled. Nowadays blacks can have whatever job they want because they’re black. And blacks on average have an IQ of 67 – that is actually mentally retarded. The ones with higher IQ’s are statistical certainties and they usually do better – regardless of how they grew up. The reasons blacks are sitting in poverty now is because they breed like rats and cannot afford to educate their kids. Who then grow up to breed like rats again and have more kids they cannot educate. The cycle is vicious. Its an education issue really – and yes, Bantu Education was one hell of a lot better than the crap system now. At least those kids could read and write and count. Kids with matric today are illiterate. So no, I don’t call the nation stupid, I call them uneducated and with exceptionally low IQ’s.

When you dismiss Mandela as a terrorist, think about this, If you had been denied a decent education, had been disallowed from using a toilet, a shop or a bus for an arbitrary reason like you were not pale enough, would you not have been annoyed. Would you not have wanted to rise up against those that oppressed you? Personally I would not have been as polite as Mandela. When you call a freedom fighter a terrorist you do not speak for me.

Mandela was an attorney (he got his degree in the 50’s – I’m almost certain Apartheid was in full swing by then right?) so please get your facts correct on what educational facilities were available for blacks. I’ll give you a hint: MEDUNSA. Again you are showing your ignorance – blacks and whites had separate amenities. Right next to each other – just not the same room. Huge problem right? Shops today still reserve the right to not serve a customer and I’m also pretty certain that there were buses for blacks too (that ran on time and were roadworthy). So just because they couldn’t share what the whites used (even though they had their own) that gives them the right to start bombing innocent people? Hmmmm… maybe us women should start violently protesting because we are excluded from men’s bathrooms and change-rooms?

And just for the record moron, a terrorist is someone who uses terrorism (ie: violence/force against civilians). I sorta find that sanctioning the planting of bombs in public places with the intent of killing and maiming them is terrorism. That’s what your precious Mandela did. Maybe you’d like to look into the practices at places like Camp Quattro too to see what your idol sanctioned? Or how about that lovely device called a necklace that he and his harpy ex-wife came up with and encouraged the use of? But that’s ok because they had their feelings hurt through lies? If that’s what you think then you sure as hell do not speak for me.

When you call a nation lazy, when opportunities are not available, We live in a country with more than 25% unemployment, how do you suggest that everyone supports themselves? Even the King of Nkandla knows that jobs create independence, self worth and happiness, Why else do you think he uttered that unbelievable lie that he was going to create 6 million jobs, He knows that all people want is a chance to be independant. Remember that countries like the UK also have the lazy, the useless and the parasites that suck the marrow out of government assistance. People can be lazy, an entire nation cannot. When you say that a nation is lazy, you don't speak for me.

I call them a bunch of entitled nitwits. I suggest that they support themselves by:
  1. Stop breeding like rats;
  2. Educate their offspring;
  3. Stop demanding handouts (and the government should stop the grant system except to the disabled and elderly after 6 months);
  4. Get rid of the labour legislation that makes it almost impossible to hire and fire people who are incompetent;
  5. Allow free trade without government involvement;
  6. Eliminate trade unions who disrupt the economy for no reason;
  7. Privatize all quasi-governmental institutions; and
  8. Start creating businesses and opportunities for blacks instead of telling them that they deserve to get for free because they’re black.

And maybe, but here is a thought, stop encouraging crime through poor policing and presidential pardons for votes.

We have so many pundits that complain, we have so many that are against something, There are those that are aginst hunting, against building new hotels, against culling, against anything that is said by anyone they disagree with, but rarely do they offer solutions. This morning we were told that the ANC wants to make education 14 years and immediately the nay sayers jumped on the band wagon without reading the details. Education is already 13 years for many, Grade R is a reality for the middle class who want to give their children an advantage, In fact many are already enrolling their kids in pre schools that offer toddlers mor than just a nap and play time, but when this gets suggested as a possible requirement, the sheep bleat. I bet most did not read the suggestion, they assumed that the government were talking about grade 13 and 14. 

Now, did I just complain or did I actually give a few pointers on how to fix it? You see, you libtards like to make the blacks perpetual victims because you feel great running about as their “champions” while you are actively bringing the entire race down and making things worse for everyone. Stop preaching the tired line of evil whites holding blacks back, and start teaching the “work hard and create for yourself” line.

Now lets really look at the idea of 14 years of school:
  1. Grade R is a reality for the middle class because they need somewhere for their kids to go while they work so as to remain middle class. Most good schools offer this as a money making project – nothing to do with a better start.
  2. It’s the job of good parents to give the child that start – it takes time and effort and only lazy parenting relies on the educational system to fully educate their children.
  3. If parents are already struggling to afford schools for kids now and teachers are already not sufficiently trained and the department cannot even upgrade and outfit existing schools how the hell are they going to be expected to pay for, teach and provide infrastructure for this lovely new plan to indoctrinate our kids from the tender age of 5? And this is especially true of poor parents who are stupid enough to have 5, 6, 7+ kids. (Now you know why they’re poor huh?)
  4. Grade R is not an “educational” year in the formal sense – it’s a foundational and social exercise that conditions kids to be metally ready for formal schooling. The only way it differs from normal pre-schools is that the kids sometimes wear uniforms (something else those poor parents you feel so sorry for cannot afford).

Until the education system is fixed and a world class curriculum being taught by well trained teachers with a pass requirement way higher than 30% is introduced, any right thinking person will oppose having to pay for 14 years of nothing but pathetic daycare called schooling. So maybe its time to pull your libtard head out of your libtard ass and try to see the actual reasons.

My kids started school early and they both were younger than their class mates, because of the foundation that was laid in the early years they coped. Teaching Children as young as 3 a love of books cannot be a bad thing, Developing the abilities of these children at an age when they have more curiosity and a love of learning new stuff cannot be bad. When you say 14 years of school is a bad idea, you don't speak for me.  

And the foundation was laid by whom? You or the school? And when exactly was this? I assume at a time when schools still has respect and tradition and teachers who knew what they were doing with proper training? Teachers who cannot read cannot teach kids to love reading – parents do that. Teachers who cannot do math cannot inspire an interest in it. And teachers who strike for higher wages and less work don’t give a damn about those kids they teach anyway. When you say that it falls to the government and schools to teach young kids and develop abilities you are removing the rights and responsibility of parents to shape their children and to teach them their values and to develop their brains as well as discipline them. You are in effect encouraging the creation of state parenting and removing all parental responsibility in the raising of children. I assume you are one the morons who have kids that don’t respect you because you think spanking is inhumane? Well when my kids are an asset to society because I raised and disciplined them and yours are following in your footsteps destroying it remember, you don’t speak for me.


  1. GG, good job Lady, good job in answering this retarded moron. No one could have done it better. It' awesome. I had to read it twice to feel whatyou have sai to this brainfailure. He is a shame for our white nation.

    1. Thanks whiteson. I actually had to hold back on giving my response for a day just so that I could cool down. The original response was littered with words that no lady should ever use in public.

    2. Thanks GG, but I would like to hear those words! (No, I'm joking, but surely, sometimes it,s hard to contain oneself).

    3. It really is difficult to hold back. Although I do take a few liberties when I'm stuck in Jhb traffic listening to the liberal ANC apologists on SAFM in the evenings.