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Friday, 6 December 2013

Obama on Mandela and Thatcher

Typical. Obummer would naturally spend millions of dollars to attend the funeral of a terrorist and yet in no way even bother to acknowledge one of the greatest leaders in the past 100 years...


  1. GG, Obama is an offspring of the serpant. It's no surprise that he just did that. He hates white people with a deep passion. In his liberal twisted mind, it's easy to lift Mandela to unkown heights. Let him do that. It's not only unfair to compare Mdm Thatcher with this old terrorist murderer, in my mind it's also unthinkable. Obama is a piece of shit and therefor you can expect that he will praise Mandela. And yes, I am joyfoll, happy, glad, thankfull that this piece of scum eventually did the best thing ever and that was to die.

    1. I don't think that I can endure one more day of hearing tributes to him, its making me sick. And its about time that the world sees just what a two-faced lying prick their saint Obama is. Of course he wouldn't attend the great woman's funeral - I'm sure it would be like pouring salt on his wounds for him to actually be in the same room with a true leader. With his ideals and those of Mandela, I'm sure they would have been best of friends.