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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How White People Corrupted South Africa... Shocking!

Found this on the Blog - Lovely!

This powerful video graphically and statistically reveals how white innovation enhanced the lives and culture of South Africa and other African nations.

It is satirical in presentation which, in my opinion, adds much to its impact. It is less than seven minutes in length and well worth the time to view.

Watch. Enjoy. Learn. Be inspired. Share!

Observe that blacks fared better under white rule than self rule. Why, then, do "anti-racists" applaud the end of white rule? Are they ignorant of the reality that Western values and infrastructure enhanced the lives of blacks? Could it be they are more concerned with implementing Marxist values of economic parity than with prosperity?

The conclusion by any person who can think objectively is that cultural and economic Marxism is anti-black racism!

Note that these statistics are dated...

Since 1994 in Mandelan South Africa:

• 71,000 sexual assault per year
• 15,000 carjackings per year
• 18,148 murders per year
• Over 4,000 farm murders
• About 300,000 murders
• 10,000 illegal aliens enter the nation per month
• 750,000+ have left the country, mostly skilled workers

Compare to 1948 to 1994

• Avg black wages 3-times higher than elsewhere in Africa
• 85% of black-African car owners lived in S Africa
• Infant mortality 50% less in S Africa
• Black life expectancy increased by 28 years
• 80% of Africa's black physicians were educated in S Africa
• 56% of taxes went to black institutions and infrastructure


  1. Yes, thats exactly what Apartheid did to them. We call it prosperity. They call it oppression. In their black ape minds they for sure know the truth, despite their IQ67. I think they like to be oppressed by blacks. And for sure GG, they are back in the middle ages, it's where they want to be. All efforts to try and uplift this subhumans, was a belated effort. I am a farmer now, and everyday this racist gives 20 to 30 of them food on the table. They stay in squatter camps and they don't even have drinking water. So each and everyday I also give them fresh racist drinking water aswell, that water is transported at my cost to where they stay. The thing is, they are to stupid to realise any good deed bestowed on them. As I said many times, they are super morons and brainfailures. They will never learn or understand.

    1. Well you know that they have just found evidence of Europeans being in Europe far longer than originally thought. I didn't get through the whole article but it looks like whites may have developed separately from blacks completely - and the evidence they found pre-dates that of the African evidence too. So its no wonder they are nothing like us - not even the same species is my guess. Either that or we're much further along on the evolutionary scale. Most people keep saying that they're looking for the missing link? Well I know where to find it and its been right out on the open for centuries.

      It makes me giggle when you get them trying to prove that the great civilisations were black (ie Egypt). That only hold up to scrutiny until you look at actual hieroglyphics - the Pharaohs were always light skinned with the slaves being black. Not to mention that the facial structures are those of Caucasians too. They hate that argument.

    2. Europeans are the Enemy of every race not just Africans. I'm Micronesian , and even I know , and will admit that my people originated from them. Why do Europeans ( WHITE People) all ways want to claim superiority over ALL. Europeans destroyed the Lands of every race. Africans, Asians, Polynesians , and the Indigenous population in the "Americas". Like guys JUST STOP