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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

SABC Blackout Zuma Booing At Mandela Memorial

I think we have now all heard about the small little issue of the massive crowds at the FNB Stadium booing our moronic honourable president, Jacob Zuma, every time he appeared on the big screen.

I can see how this would be as embarrassing as all hell for the guy - the whole damn world was watching Mandela's memorial service. And that was also how most news reports across the world began with their coverage of the event - with the boos of the crowd echoing. Must have taken quite a few Johnny Blue's to bring Zuma out of his slump. Well, that and the fact that the only news station the majority of the public have access to not even showing how much disdain there is for the man. 

Several news outlets have discovered that several instructions went out to the editorial team at the SABC instructing them to not broadcast any mention of the booing. We can expect one hell of a lot more of this kind of behaviour in the future from the guy - especially now that the elections are coming up and he still has that lovely sword of Damoclese hanging over his head in the shape of a R215 million homestead paid for with taxpayer money... Tsk Tsk Tsk... shame on your Mr Showerhead.

SABC bans Zuma booing from news broadcasts

2013-12-11 13:34


  1. Good news GG, good news. Now we all know he's not liked that much. In fact he's likely to be liked near zero. Why the SABANC wants to erase that, is only something they would understand. And why the rest of the world can know, they want us not to know. And then with their IQ67 they think it's better SA and citizens did;nt see it, so then they would not know then. Really, these apes give me the creeps, green creeps for that matter. I heard it on a conservitive radiostation. And that was all I ever heard. No other site that I regularly visit had anything on it. Aaah, I'm just nasty now, so, it never happened then. A lot of super morons governing a country. But please, if there is any new news on this one we would like to hear it. And you, keep up with your good site, good news and efforts to inform us. We all know how much time it takes to give a good neat story to your followers.

    1. Thanks again whiteson. We all know why his majesty king Showerhead put the word out that the national propaganda machine was to ensure that the masses would not hear how he was treated. He wants them to only know what he tells them. I also have a few theories about that interpreter was waving his arms about at the memorial where no one could understand him. Heard the one ape on SAFM this morning explaining that he was signing in a "South African dialect". I now have to wonder exactly what that dialect is and whether or not it was for the benefit of the deaf or the ANC followers. I would dearly love to know what he was signing - but there goes my brain on a conspiracy theory tangent...