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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

SABC Blackout Zuma Booing At Mandela Memorial

I think we have now all heard about the small little issue of the massive crowds at the FNB Stadium booing our moronic honourable president, Jacob Zuma, every time he appeared on the big screen.

I can see how this would be as embarrassing as all hell for the guy - the whole damn world was watching Mandela's memorial service. And that was also how most news reports across the world began with their coverage of the event - with the boos of the crowd echoing. Must have taken quite a few Johnny Blue's to bring Zuma out of his slump. Well, that and the fact that the only news station the majority of the public have access to not even showing how much disdain there is for the man. 

Several news outlets have discovered that several instructions went out to the editorial team at the SABC instructing them to not broadcast any mention of the booing. We can expect one hell of a lot more of this kind of behaviour in the future from the guy - especially now that the elections are coming up and he still has that lovely sword of Damoclese hanging over his head in the shape of a R215 million homestead paid for with taxpayer money... Tsk Tsk Tsk... shame on your Mr Showerhead.

SABC bans Zuma booing from news broadcasts

2013-12-11 13:34

How White People Corrupted South Africa... Shocking!

Found this on the Blog - Lovely!

This powerful video graphically and statistically reveals how white innovation enhanced the lives and culture of South Africa and other African nations.

It is satirical in presentation which, in my opinion, adds much to its impact. It is less than seven minutes in length and well worth the time to view.

Watch. Enjoy. Learn. Be inspired. Share!

Observe that blacks fared better under white rule than self rule. Why, then, do "anti-racists" applaud the end of white rule? Are they ignorant of the reality that Western values and infrastructure enhanced the lives of blacks? Could it be they are more concerned with implementing Marxist values of economic parity than with prosperity?

The conclusion by any person who can think objectively is that cultural and economic Marxism is anti-black racism!

Note that these statistics are dated...

Since 1994 in Mandelan South Africa:

• 71,000 sexual assault per year
• 15,000 carjackings per year
• 18,148 murders per year
• Over 4,000 farm murders
• About 300,000 murders
• 10,000 illegal aliens enter the nation per month
• 750,000+ have left the country, mostly skilled workers

Compare to 1948 to 1994

• Avg black wages 3-times higher than elsewhere in Africa
• 85% of black-African car owners lived in S Africa
• Infant mortality 50% less in S Africa
• Black life expectancy increased by 28 years
• 80% of Africa's black physicians were educated in S Africa
• 56% of taxes went to black institutions and infrastructure

Truth About Nelson Mandela

This is a non-South African who has seen the light and has taken the initiative to tell the world about it. Its lovely to watch and to know that even with all of the bunny hugger liberals who have been venerating the terrorist for the last week, there are still people who are capable of seeing the truth.

Published on Dec 9, 2013
Nelson Mandela is portrayed in the mainstream media as a peace-loving anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist. But what is the truth about Nelson Mandela?

Correction: For decades, Mandela supported nationalization, but abandoned his plans after being informed of the negative effects they would likely engender.

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60 percent of South Africans felt the country was better run under apartheid, with both blacks and whites rating the current government less trustworthy, more corrupt, less able to enforce the law and less able to deliver government services than its white predecessor.

Transparency International released its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer report. It found South Africa to be among the most corrupt countries in the world. According to its findings, an astounding 83 percent of South Africans believe that the police force is corrupt. And 36 percent of respondents admitted to paying at least one bribe to the police.

A 2010 Medical Research Foundation survey found that more than 37 percent of men admitted to raping at least one woman. Seven percent said they had participated in a gang rape.

59 murders, 145 rapes and 752 serious assaults out of its 42 million population. The new crime is the rape of babies; some AIDS-infected African men believe that having sex with a virgin is a cure. Twelve percent of South Africa's population is HIV-positive, but President Mbeki says that HIV cannot cause AIDS.

In response to growing violence, South Africa's minister of safety and security, Steve Tshwete, says: "We can't police this; there's nothing more we can do. South Africa's currency, the rand, has fallen about 70 percent since the African National Congress (ANC) came to power in 1994. Emigration from South Africa (mainly of skilled people) is now at its highest level ever."

The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism. Colonial masters never committed anything near the murder and genocide seen under black rule in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, and other countries, where millions of blacks have been slaughtered in unspeakable ways, which include: hacking to death, boiling in oil, setting on fire and dismemberment.

The National Bureau of Economic Research found that the average income of all races in South Africa dropped 40% between 1995 and 2000. The UN 2006 Human Development Report found that over the last 3 decades Africa has had a "virtual reversal" of human development; South Africa dropped 38 places on the Human Development Index since 1994. (UN Development Programme, 2007). The country of the world's first heart transplant (Christian Barnard, Dec., 1967), the Union of South Africa, is now the rape and murder capital of the world. [15]

At the start of the year 1900, the number of African South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census. By 1954, our African population had soared to 8,5-million — and by 1990, there were a full 35-million of us

in the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid, (which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years.

However, during the last decade of the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994, our average life expectancy had risen to 64 years — on a par with Europe's average life expectancy.

While China had lifted some 400,000 people out of poverty in the past 20 years, Nigeria had pushed 71 million people below the poverty line.

A United Nations report said that Africa was the only continent where poverty had increased in the past 20 years. South Africa's HDI figure was far higher in 1995, after nearly 50 years of apartheid, than it was in 2010 after 16 years of ANC rule. Moreover, the trend continues to be downward.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Friday, 6 December 2013

Obama on Mandela and Thatcher

Typical. Obummer would naturally spend millions of dollars to attend the funeral of a terrorist and yet in no way even bother to acknowledge one of the greatest leaders in the past 100 years...