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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Comments on White Privilege

I’m sure that you have all seen the brigade of moonbat trolls on News24 who continually create new Facebook profiles in order to spew these same comments on every single article. Well I for one am getting sick and tired of it and the idiot will undoubtedly come back with an even more racist response than the first comments.

So I will be taking my rime to now respond to each and every single allegation made and carefully explain to the morons why they are living in cloud cuckoo land of the racist savage worshippers… (Aside from the fact that most of these stats are American in any event – you can tell by the use of the “people of colour” phrasing. So not only is this guy an idiot and a plagiarist, he is also too damn lazy to change the wording)

White people are over-privileged and white privilege is still very much a reality.
The typical white family owns 20 TIMES the net worth of the typical black family due to the legacy of 400 years of formal white supremacy and ongoing racism (institutional)
Well let’s try and compare apples with apples shall we and not apples with oranges. Apples: The typical white family has 2 kids with both parents working and the emphasis is on giving their kids the best education and home environment possible. The same can be said about middle class black families. Oranges: But the rest of the black population is uneducated and unemployable where each family has between 4 and 10 kids on average with maybe 1 family member working. You’d think it stands to reason that the smaller a family is with more members working would create a better environment for the creation and amassing of wealth? But no. Let’s compare the entire white population (of 4million odd) to the entire black population (40 million odd) where the majority of the black population is unemployed, too young or too old to be in the workforce.

The typical white family receives 6 TIMES the income of the typical black family
Again lets go to the point above. If you have more money coming in from 2 incomes, you have more to save and invest in passive income. And in fact most financially conscious people do this instead of buying the fancy cars and clothing that most blacks spend their money on. I would assume that making your money work for you is a good way of receiving additional income. That’s the benefit of having smaller families.

Whites occupy over 70% of upper and middle management positions in South Africa
Now this one would be one where you would think he has a point, but that means that you are looking at race and nothing else. Let’s look at the facts shall we? The facts are that the whites have the experience and expertise whereas the blacks don’t. Apartheid or not this is what the facts are. Do they really expect companies to get rid of their most skilled and experienced employees (who have usually been in their positions for decades), replace them with almost illiterate black graduates who have no clue what they’re doing and allow them to go into competition against them by starting their own businesses? Please. And let’s not forget that those managers have earned their positions – they are  not guys straight out of varsity who have no experience but have an entitlement mentality.

White unemployment rates are much, much lower than the unemployment rates of people of colour.
Whites are mostly self-employed these days seeing as AA and BEE and B-BBEE and EE have made it almost impossible for them to be employed in existing companies.

Employment networks are structured racially in favour of whites so whites are far more likely to just enter the race for a job than people of colour are
Please explain how this works in your pea-sized brain? Whites are more likely to enter the race for jobs for 4 reasons:
1.              Their parents cannot afford to support them forever and often have no help from the social grant system so lovingly abused by the black majority. The truth is that whites cannot even get unemployment benefits – because they’re white;
2.              Whites usually study something that is useful and is a professional degree where they can start their own businesses. They also have better marks on average (if they are lucky enough to get into university in the first place. Many of them are leaving the country in droves to find work overseas;
3.              Black graduates are also more likely to refuse a job offer when they find out that they will not be earning top salaries or when they actually discover that they will not be given jobs where they are the boss but instead will have to report to one (often for a long time before they are skilled enough to do it alone); and
4.              When a white kid is nearing the end of their university degree they start looking for a job which means they start sending out CV’s before they graduate. Black students are more likely to wait until their final results have come out and they have had their summer holidays before applying for jobs. This means that most of the available posts have already been filled by the time they get there to apply. And strangely enough they then sit at home and do nothing, waiting for a job to come to them. No thought is made of starting their own businesses at all. Or taking any job on offer while waiting to find something in their field. That logic never actually comes to them. I struggled to find articles after finishing my degree with distinction – so while waiting for someone to give me a chance I worked as a promotions girl to make money to pay off my massive student loans and fund my car.

The fundamental phases of acquiring a job are structured heavily in favour of whites, and against people of colour
Explain this logic too please? If the phases are school, then university, then application and finally interview then the fundamental phases are structured heavily in  favour of blacks. Black kids are pushed through school even when they fail miserably, given preference for university entrance and bursaries and then given preference for jobs through forced BEE, AA, EE, B-BBEE quotas etc. 

White parents are able to give their children their own cultural white names without fear that their children will be discriminated against when applying for a job
There are no such things as “cultural white names” seeing as there is no single white culture. And just to be honest here, in South Africa at least, quite a few “white” names actually have biblical origins which is then Arabic in origin – not Caucasian. And following from that in South Africa the reverse is often true. White names are prejudicial when applying for jobs.

Job applicants with white sounding names are more likely to be called back for job interviews than applicants with black sounding names even when qualifications and work experiences are exactly the same.
I call BULLSH*T on this one. Seeing as this is NOT ALLOWED in terms of employment laws. And will in future be actively punished through fines levied by the Department of Labour. So you really are talking kak.

When interviewing for a job, white people are viewed as more capable and competent therefore they are more likely to get the job than people of colour are.
Please see answer above for response to this drivel.

White people aren’t presumed guilty until proven innocent
Really? All I hear all day long on different forums is how the evil white man stole land and raped and murdered millions of blacks during Apartheid with  no proof whatsoever. An entire race is presumed guilty. And just for the record, all crimes are condemned by the white community and never celebrated (unlike the manner in which a large portion of blacks celebrate and support farm murders and attacks and rapes on white people). The law works the same way for all races. Although, I don’t see them taking 10 years to finalize a prosecution against any black guys like they did with the Boeremag guys. I also don’t see them giving Clive Derby Lewis, and old and actually terminally ill man, medical parole when he’s already been in prison for 20 years. And yet Shaik and Selebi served less than 2 years of their sentences in prison and all of that spent in hospital really before being released on medical parole where they now play golf and shop regularly. Neither of them seem to be dead yet.

Whites can take for granted that their president will address the nation in a white language
Actually no we can’t seeing as he often addresses crowds in an African langue and usually sings his songs about killing white people in them too. He addresses the public in English (a universal language I might add) so that foreign investors and journalists can understand him.  I don’t hear the Afrikaners complain that he speaks English instead of Afrikaans now do I?

Whites can go to the pharmacy and buy bandages that are labeled as "flesh" or "skin” tone. This is evidence that whiteness is still central and groups of colour are peripheral.
What decade are you living in? The 70’s? Since the 1980’s plasters (“bandages” is the American term) have come in all kinds of colours.

When a white family moves into a neighbourhood, property values rise, not fall.
Uh… not really seeing as your government has all but destroyed our economy. Property prices are tanking all over. And you really think that if a white family moved to the poorer side of Soweto (the rich side of Soweto actually puts Sandton to shame) the property values would rise? Now you really are just pulling statements out of your ass.

White children can go to school and be taught in their mother tongue
So can black kids. The problem is that the further you progress in school the less likely it is that you have teachers who are capable of teaching certain specific subjects in mother tongue – like math, science and biology. And let’s not mention that there is no point in learning in an African language at university seeing as that would severely limit you to only the South African market (you couldn’t even go into the rest of Africa seeing as the languages differ. Kids don’t even study in Afrikaans all that much anyway if they do a professional degree). And just FYI – if you allowed your kids to learn in English from day 1 they wouldn’t be illiterate when they finish matric.

White children can go to school and learn white history, white literature, white art, and white poetry. Yeah we don't call it "white" this and that, but that's what it is. Whiteness is still the norm and default in everything.
Really now? I seem to remember my matric history having 2 finals – world history (which affected the entire world) and South African history (which I look back on now and realize just how much they lie to students). And where is the written black history, poetry and literature? Nothing until modern day and even then the works are nowhere near as education as the classics of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Thomas, Byron, Dante etc. where is the black artwork that is anything like the works of Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Bernini, Raphael, Picasso, Pollock, Van Gogh etc? What did Africa contribute to the art world? It’s not about white – it’s about the best. You see, each celebrated author, poet or artist gave something to the development of the art. Without Mozart and Beethoven there would be no kwaito or hip hop. Without Shakespeare there would be no modern prose. Every type of literary device was used or invented by these writers to great effect. That is why we learn from them. What is there to learn from modern day authors and poets etc who contribute nothing to the development of the art? And I suppose you’ll be telling me that a haiku is “white”?

White people can use their natural accent without fear of anyone presuming they're incompetent.
What white people accent? Have you heard a Russian or a German or a Greek speak? Is that a white accent? What about Americans or the English? I think the Welsh, Irish and Scots have different accents too (and they all live on the same damn island). English and Afrikaans whites also have different accents. So I don’t know where you come with that shit really. See, anyone with a very heavy and hard to understand accent when they speak English will suffer in business a little because its harder to understand them. And the point is that if the job requires speaking, reading and writing skills and the person cannot string a sentence together in English like most black people, they will, on average, be incompetent. And I’ve often found that some English whites think that Afrikaners who have strong accents are as thick as two short planks too. But really, it’s not the accent, it’s the black person’s ability to string a coherent sentence together that matters.

White people are over-respected even though they are racist and have caused so much destruction, heartache and misery all over this planet.
Now this is a blatant lie. Over respected huh? That’s why blacks all over the world are flooding into white countries, leeching off the welfare systems, breeding like rabbits, pushing up the crime rates, attacking and murdering native whites and lowering educational standards? That’s what you call respect? Whites have brought civilization to blacks the world over. The past cannot be undone and now they are trying to appease the savages by providing them with aid. All blame is on the white man. The white man is causing civil wars in Africa? The white man makes blacks rape babies and old women? Be more prone to crime? And the black man was always perfectly peaceful (provided you forget about how black tribes would fight wars between themselves constantly – search Mfecane). Sure, the white man deserves no respect for bring electricity, economies, professions, inventions, clothing etc to the black man.

White people aren't compelled to commit cultural suicide
2 points here:
1.              When your culture includes selling women for cows, genitally mutilating young girls, kidnapping and raping a young girl you want to “marry”, believing that drinking potions made from human body parts will cure you, make you powerful etc, marrying countless wives, having so many children that you cannot remember their names, watching young girls dance topless so that the king can choose his next underage wife etc then I think it’s time that the culture dies. Just like the Roman culture of throwing slaves and Christians into a ring with some wild animals and expecting them to fight to the death died.
2.              And no one compels any black person to give up their culture, but we do expect that if you want to take advantage of things that form part of Western culture such as clothing, watches, cars, indoor plumbing, brick houses, shopping centers, packaged food, electricity, phones, TV, computers and the million and one other things that come along with it. Ditch everything that wasn’t brought here by whites and go back to hunting in the bush with your spears wearing your loin cloths. Simple as that.

When a white person commits a crime like terrorism that crime doesn't stick to everyone who is white unlike if an Arab person commits terrorism. There have been over 100 white terrorists in the USA and only 19 Arab / Muslim terrorist and the crime only sticks to the Muslim and Arab people.
Let’s see now, the definition of terrorism is the use of deadly force against civilians to undermine a government/state. So you have a lot of white Americans who want to undermine their government – that’s their choice. They are apprehended and charged and face the might of the law and white people condemn their actions and disassociate themselves with their ideals. Muslims however demand the total destruction of the West on a daily basis almost and threaten constantly and then orchestrate attacks that kill whites – in the name of Islam. And not one single Muslim distances themselves from those actions or condemns it. In fact they actively support it. Thus it is fair to assume that they are the biggest threats when the entire population of over 1 billion Muslims supports the actions (I use hyperbole for effect here).
Now let’s look at blacks. Blacks make up 12-13% of the entire US population and yet they make up almost 41% of the prison population. A direct correlation between crime and blackness.
And then let’s look at South Africa. Almost all crime – 90% of crime – in South Africa is committed by blacks who make up 80% of the population. And almost every single crime committed against whites by a stranger is black on white. It is the black population that murders children and albinos for body parts to make muthi. The blacks that rape, torture, maim and murder whites on farms. Blacks that rape indiscriminately (25% of all men in SA have admitted to raping someone, sometimes more than one person). It is the blacks who think that having sex with a virgin will cure HIV – this translates into the raping of infants and toddlers (often by more than 1 man). And what does the black community do? They cry racism every time the stats are told and very very seldom actually condemn the crimes committed. In many cases they actually approve of the killing if the victim is white. See the difference between that and the whites in the US who are terrorists? And that is why the entire black population is looked at with suspicion. Their actions show that they are supportive of crime and have no desire to curb it. Look at what the reaction was when a group of whites took to the streets to protest the violence against the minority group here – called racists. I wonder why no one calls the blacks in America racist when they protest and march against violence against them in the US? Double standards? Or are only blacks allowed to look out for their race?

If a white person under-performs in an academic environment he can take it for granted that his slip-ups won't been seen as a group defect
  1. Well let’s see why this is with complete objectivity shall we? (The below being what it may I have met several highly intelligent black individuals for whom I have great respect)

a.      White students on average perform better then black students. The ones that perform badly are the outliers and the exceptions to the norm.
b.      It has been proven time and again that blacks have lower IQ’s than whites. Just like whites have lower IQ’s than Asians – how many Chinese students have you seen fail everything?
c.      Standards were not lowered to compensate for the slower learning capabilities of whites – that was done for the blacks who still cannot compete academically with white kids on the whole. In fact the previous education system had a grading system where students were divided into higher, standard and lower grades depending on their abilities. That meant that the smarter kids weren’t held back by the less intelligent among them. The first thing the ANC did was remove that system and put everyone in the same grading block – effectively forcing everyone down to the level of the lowest student.
d.      Black families are often single parent homes (no one forces black men to impregnate as many women and young girls as possible and then disappear) where the mother has no interest or time to assist her kids with school work (she’s usually off being impregnated by the next man who will disappear or working as a maid simply because she failed at school too).
                2.  As for Bantu Education which you know will be brought up the facts are as follows:
a.      Bantu Education taught black students how to read, write, count and do arithmetic. All the basics for being able to compete in the workplace.
b.      Bantu Education taught kids in their home language until it was impossible to do so anymore.
c.      It’s a known fact that blacks are more physical than whites. Thus Bantu Education focused on giving them skills which utilized their superior physical attributes. There was nothing stopping them from taking an academic route at all and in fact many professionals were churned out from those that received Bantu Education.
d.      Black students and the ANC and their supporters routinely burned down schools and intimidated teachers with their slogan “liberation before education” – and now it’s the white man’s fault? You expected the government to keep building more schools when what was already there had to be repaired constantly? And where was all this money coming from? Oh yes that’s right – the tax money paid by whites seeing as blacks didn’t pay tax back then.

The playing field is extremely uneven in favour of whites and you can’t expect people of colour to ignore that. People of colour should be angry and intent on changing it.
Once again I call bullshit. The playing field is extremely skewed in favour of blacks in South Africa. I again point you to AA, BEE, B-BBEE and EE just to name a few. Quotas at schools and universities too. And should I even mention that hundreds of thousands of whites lost their jobs after 1994 to make way for the new black imports who had no clue what they were doing? The only thing they could do was start their own businesses. And now that those businesses are doing well they are being forced to GIVE a controlling share to blacks and to employ only blacks in reality if they want big contracts. And the cycle starts all over when white kids start their own businesses because they cannot get jobs. You’re just showing your own incompetence as a black person that, with 20 years of everything being offered to you on a silver platter, you still cannot make anything of yourself. Grow up and take responsibility for your own failures.

White people have done and continue to do a massive injustice to people of colour by fabricating a society in which racism, white privilege and profound racial inequality can thrive.
20 years under ANC rule – with whites staying to pay excessive tax, dealing with skyrocketing crime and being marginalized in the economy – and it’s our fault? There is no such thing as white privilege – it’s a construct of your own inferiority complexes. Racial inequality is caused by what I have mentioned above – including the black propensity to breed like rabbits with no planning for the future or thought. They cannot even think to wear condoms and that’s the whites’ fault? A political system was created which whites voted to do away with. Please. Your little tirade and excuse throwing is getting old and is not getting as far. White guilt was soooo last decade. You blame whites now, who were not even alive during Apartheid, for what happened 60+ years ago? Wow, you must really be an even bigger moron and coward than I thought.

A subservient, passively conservative, “I’m content with the status quo of profound racial inequality” mood is instilled into the psyches of people of colour via the education system (education into dumbness), the media and religion. In order to change this violently unequal society we need to unite as people of colour, rebel against any passivity, stop being slaves to white supremacy and become violently vocal against racism, white privilege and profound racial inequality. The racists won’t like it and that’s obviously a good thing because an unhappy agent of inequality is a sign that steps are being taken towards a more equitable society.
Hmmm… let’s see. I think I have already discussed what your BLACK government has done to education – not the white’s fault. The media? Please! The media is owned by blacks and run by them too – see BEE etc. Religion? I’m sorry that our religion tries to teach you to keep your dick in your pants and to not kill people and to, you know, have a little respect for people around you… whereas your pure religion of rape and drinking body parts was done away with. And FYI, SA is a secular country – no one is forced to follow any religion and never have been. In fact I’m kinda sure that it was the Catholic missionary schools that actually brought quality education to blacks. But you’re right obviously.
The “violently unequal society” is caused by the following:
·         Poor basic education – provided by BLACK government;
·         Poor sanitation – provided by BLACK government;
·         Poor infrastructure – provided by BLACK government (and when you have thousands of unemployed people migrating to an area not prepared for the influx then you cannot have service delivery – for 1 who the hell is supposed to pay for it and 2, there is no way to keep up with the demand);
·         Breeding like flies – blacks do this all on their own. Women cannot keep their legs closed and men will screw anything – often using force;
·         Prevalence of social grants which incentivize failure and lack of ambition – provided by BLACK government. Black kids would rather drop out of school and get social grants than start a business or put in the effort.
Now white kids also have to deal with shitty education because not everyone can afford private schools but they actually work hard and they get loans for university (black kids get bursaries or just don’t pay). They have 2 working parents who stopping having kids when they can’t afford anymore and who make sure that their kids are educated, clothed, fed and housed in the best possible ways – see the differences???
If society is unequal it is because the blacks have failed to take advantage of the opportunities given to them since 1994 and whites STILL managing to make something without any benefit at all (in fact being actively excluded). It’s the difference is values taught by black and white parents. How many white kids are joining gangs and doing crime as opposed to black kids? Even those white kids living in squatter camps where they get NO assistance from government at all.

This society considers the white “middle” class wealth, income values and general societal advantages as normal and default and that nobody should question, interrogate or try to change them. The reality is that current and historical racism not only oppress people of colour, they elevate white people above what’s truly normal. When talking about racial inequality, we need to look at both the underprivileged non-white side of the equation as well as the over-privileged white side.
What over-privileged white side? Really now? Whites are privileged because they are not followed in shops when it’s unlikely that the white folk will shoplift and when 99% of all shoplifting is done by blacks? Or are we privileged because our parents value 2 parent households? Or education? Or hard work in any career? Or because our parents created businesses? Really, where is the privilege?
And just a short NEWSFALSH – if you want to live in a westernized society with all that it entails then the western ideal of middle class and up is what should be aimed for. Or do you really think that blacks can become anything similar to middle class by sitting at home drinking and screwing waiting for their next social grant cheque?
And one final note here – blacks have no concept of “middle class” in their culture. The king/chief was fucking rich and the rest of the peasants were dirt poor (to use western terms). And guess what? Women had NOTHING at all and were seen as worth less than cattle – and owned like cattle too.

This society conceals their white privileges.
This point is moot. There is no such thing as white privilege.

This society doesn’t consider white denial about racism and white privilege a problem. The reality is that white people “didn’t see” racism and white privilege even when it was obvious: 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’s. History has shown that whites lie about what they see in front of their eyes. If people of colour and whites can’t agree on what we’re seeing in front of our eyes, how are we supposed to formulate solutions together?
Well, let’s first agree on the definition of racism. The definition is simply put – noticing racial differences often with the belief that one race is superior to another. That would make every single person on the plant racist immediately seeing as we all see race and often believe that a race is superior. For instance on that definition:
A white man thinks that Asians are more intelligent and more moral than blacks or arabs and even whites would be racist.
This happens to be human nature – we all see race and have perceptions. Get over it. Your entire rant has been racist by insinuating that whites are evil. By not pointing out the people who propagated the system as being racist you say the entire white race – good on you for being a flaming hypocrite.
Secondly, the word “racism” was devised by the Marxists as a way of creating divisions with a view to implementing their political and economic holocaust on the world. Same does for feminism and sexism etc. So you are using a purely fabricated concept as your basis for continuing with your victim mentality. Noce one – being a royal moron and douche!
When you erroneously include the requirement of “power to suppress politically and economically” in your definition you are doing so only because you know that your premise is flawed and therefore you lose all credibility. Especially in a South African context where the entire bias is on blacks and away from whites. That means that the blacks in South Africa are racist and the white minority are the poor oppressed souls who deserve protection. Want to rethink that side then?
Solutions would be easy to come by if blacks didn’t always demand their free stuff and free rides all paid for by the white taxpayer. How many times have whites proposed workable solutions that would actually make a difference only to have them shot down because it would mean that the blacks would actually have to make an effort to compete? So how are we supposed to find solutions? Blacks need to get over themselves and their victim mentality and stop demanding what they don’t deserve because of a system that was effectively dead from 1980 and definitively dead from 1990.

This society promotes a “liberal” colourblind, non-racial attitude that is blind to and silent about the consequences of race whether they are positive consequences for whites or negative consequences for people of colour. In order to address racial inequality, we have to be profoundly colour-conscious and outspoken on the issues of racism, white privilege and profound racial inequality.
Again you are talking complete bollox. While ignorant liberals do promote this kind of world, pragmatists realize that race is there and that they should play to their strengths.
Why do blacks in SA insist on making up 80% of the professional workforce when they account for only a fraction of the university graduates? (Not the fault of whites in the least seeing as most drop out because they cannot handle the workload and material). Why not instead train in a skill and go from there? Oh that’s right – because it means working instead of getting for free.
Why do blacks insist on making up 80% of each sports team when it is clear that they are not the best players? Its an entitlement mentality because instead of taking the time to train black players like the white players, they are simply given spots on the teams.
Why do blacks insist on being the only race employed in the public service when they have not acquired the skills? Same for the police force and medical profession?
When blacks stop having an entitlement mentality which directly states that they are must have everything the whites have without having to earn it for themselves (even with all the assistance put in place by the state) you will undoubtedly have resistance to it by the whites that worked their way up and created something from scratch. And simply because of a political system they now have to give it away and watch it be run into the ground and destroyed by inexperienced and unskilled blacks? See who has the real problem here?

As you can see, white people don’t need the racist laws of apartheid or the chains of slavery to build on and maintain white supremacy, white privilege and profound racial inequality. Clearly, the struggle against white supremacy must re-commence. This society promotes a “liberal” colourblind, non-racial attitude that is blind to and silent about the consequences of race whether they are positive consequences for whites or negative consequences for people of colour. In order to address racial inequality, we have to be profoundly colour-conscious and outspoken on the issues of racism, white privilege and profound racial inequality.
Your speech here is sounding very repetitive and getting into the realm of conspiracy. You seem to think that the values and work ethic instilled by generations and dare I say it, religious norms and standards, is some kind of conscious plan being put into effect by an entire population with the sole aim of making blacks miserable. Well I hate to burst your bubble but there is no such thing and you guys are simply not that important in our lives. Nor do we need to do that to beat you in business.

As you can see, white people don’t need the racist laws of apartheid or the chains of slavery to build on and maintain white supremacy, white privilege and profound racial inequality. Clearly, the struggle against white supremacy must re-commence.
Firstly white shave been slave sin greater numbers and for greater lengths of time than blacks. In fact, Europe was routinely invaded by the Moors (blacks) and had entire town ransacked and slaves abducted for centuries. And this was BEFORE any blacks were ever slaves.
Secondly, blacks would sell other blacks into slavery – so it’s not like whites arrived here and started rounding up blacks. Other black tribes and the Arabs did that for them.
Thirdly, it was the whites who abolished slavery in the first place. There are still black tribes that have slaves and slavery is big in Muslim countries too. In fact, its usually the white women with blond hair and blue eyes who are most at risk of being abducted by BLACKS and Arabs involved in the modern day slave trade. Nice facts huh?
Fourthly, because this is an American diatribe, the first official slave owner in America was a black man. And in fact, blacks in the States routinely owned their own black slaves. So its all the white man right?
Now we get down to what your real issues are and because of them I would suggest you seek professional help:
You seem to have an inferiority complex where you believe whites to be superior. Most whites don’t think our skin colour makes us superior. But we do know that our culture is a million times better than black culture and we refuse to be dragged down to your level.
You also seem to be struggling – that isn’t our problem its yours. And the longer you keep struggling the harder it’ll get because like all idiots you would rather keep doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results instead of actually evolving your culture and actions into something that can make you competitive. Again – that’s not the white man’s fault.


  1. Thanks GG. Very good understandable posting. If you've got mud for brains, you will never understand. No matter the efforts put in by the person writing a good post. They will not and do'nt want to understand. Thereby I don't mean you must not try to let them understand. We all know with their formidable IQ of less than 67, trying is fruitless. And the troll, forget him, he is of no interest to us. He is a moron. They were always there and in future will still be there. These kind of being will everytime to make you feel like the guilty one. But be assured. You've got a great talent in writing and putting it very clear. For that, there are many like me who enjoy your insight and also sharing it with us. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks whiteson, and while I agree with you, I do have a few international readers who would take the troll's drivel seriously and its them that I want to enlighten. This also serves as a kind of guideline for those of us who have been converted to know how to respond when these kinds of "arguments" are brought up with the sole intention of engendering white guilt. That's the idea anyway.

  2. Well said GG.
    But as whiteson says, you are preaching to the converted, although I did enjoy and appreciate your arguments and rationale.
    Its just much easier to sit on your butt and blame and expect everything for nothing than it is to go out there and work damn hard for it.
    I read all your posts and am grateful you take so much time to run your blog.
    Keep at it, you and the increasing number of bloggers are making serious dents on peoples false perceptions of the lies we are being fed.

    1. That's the whole idea Chris - to get the word out and perhaps empower like minded people to speak out. If just a handful of people have the right information and arguments against this kind of emotional attack the message can be spread further. Changing an ingrained mindset of a libtard takes time... kind of like potty training a toddler. That way the crap ends up where it belongs - not polluting the air around everyone else.

      Your support is greatly appreciated.