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Monday, 14 October 2013

Black Sentiments Justifying the Red October March

I said that I was thinking of making this a regular feature here, so here it is again. From the keyboards of black South Africans from 2010 through to 2013 from various blogs, facebook pages, news sites and twitter feeds: (and even 3 threats against me personally - see if you can spot them :D)

7000 blacks killed by the government in 46 years is killing like flies? Then what do you call the death rate of whites now? 

Yup - studying towards a post graduate honors degree and this is what is deemed "educated"? OBE at its finest.

Anyone able to decipher this?
Lovely sentiment - but its not racist right?

Always blame the whites huh? Its a disease I tell you

Says the black man using the religion that whites introduced him to... 

Now the guy is a prophet? I highly doubt my God would have given a hate-filled warmonger to us a prophet. Maybe the reincarnation of Muhammed? 
Still no idea that the banks and mines were not built and fully operational when we arrived here... tsk tsk tsk

Only generational curse we're suffering from is the ANC, Juju and their ilk.

Direct twitter threats...

Again, using the religion they would know nothing about if not for the white man. Makes no sense to me.

Ah, the tolerance and respect for (white) women.

Lovely sentiment right?

He does know it wouldn't really work like that right?

Reported to the police. Bets on how long it takes for him to be investigate? I put my money on never

Of course - muslims are ignorant communists best friends

Can't you just feel the forgiveness the liberals tell us we should be grateful to the blacks for? 

Add caption

In response to an article detailing how education during Apartheid was better...
I'm still uncertain if its still stolen if I rent from a black man?

Unearned privileges? The only "unearned" privilege I have  is that in my late 20's store clerks no long find it necessary to watch me suspiciously or have security follow me when I enter a store - but that comes with age.

I wonder if he understands the fallout of using a nuke?

See? You just need to be black. No requirement to actually be South African or have first hand experience of Apartheid at all.

I love how he uses the law the whites brought here to justify his claims... double standards? 

I'd love to see the trade with Western countries then... or even with the Chinese without English. 

Sure... because the black cultures had so much advanced technical knowledge, economic models and a wealth of literature at their disposal... 

Clueless much? The US turns out enough food every year to solve world hunger. And without the US and Russian advances the Chinese would not be in space at all. If they could they would have been there in the 60's and 70's like the whites. And not to mention that whites landed on the moon - the Chinese only have a rover for it while whites are exploring Mars.

Because whites are soooo excited about celebrating a day dedicated to a misogynistic, warmongering cretin?  

Are they paying for my ticket?

Of course its a dream come true - get everything for free, never have to work and then blame the white man when the country implodes.

Kinda proved the point there didn't he?

I always pray for him: Psalms 109:8 - May his days be few;    may another take his place of leadership.

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