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Thursday, 26 September 2013

One For The (Liberal) Ages

I really have to wonder which side the liberals will place themselves on in this heavyweight battle that seems to be unfolding - the feminists or the transgendered? Where will the liberals run to when the people that are locking horns are the very same people that they openly support over the normal and God ordained pairing of heterosexual men and women? 

I think its hilarious and it was bound to happen - two groups on the liberal support list are now squaring up against each other on the grounds of, wait for it..... discrimination. There is of course no natural enemy for the liberals to gang up on here because the right thinking conservatives would already have known that this was bound to happen and stayed well clear of it. (Although who wants to take bets that this will still be blamed on the white man and patriarchy?)

Henry Makow runs a site that I was once extremely anti. Yes, I am ashamed to say that I too was once an atheist feminist liberal who found his articles to be exceptionally offensive and entirely "unfair" and a direct example of his utter misogynistic beliefs and firmly believed that he needed to be taken down a peg or two. Thank the good Lord above that I was delivered from my madness. The thing we have to worry about now is when this kind of thing will hit us here in SA...

She-Males Accuse Lesbians of "Transphobia"

September 25, 2013

Lesbians regard transgendered males as female impersonators and won't let them come to their conferences or have sex with them. 

by Reality - Publication of Real Women of Canada (Sept.) 

Feminists and lesbians have been shocked and dismayed by the intrusion into their "space" by transgendered males.

Those promoting protection for transgenders would have us believe that, if only those who reject their natural sex were legally recognized, they would lead fully satisfying and fulfilling lives. 

That is, once churches, hospitals, schools and clinics plus all public locker rooms and restrooms were required to protect those trying to change their gender, with fines for anyone who dares to be so foolhardy as to make even a negative comment about them or create a "distinction" regarding cross-dressers, etc., transgenders would then be content.

But maybe not. There appears to be some trouble in transgender land. The trouble is that lesbians don't regard transgendered males as truly women and refuse to have sex with them. 

Lesbians take offense, claiming that transgendered males are trying to force themselves on them.They regard transgendered males as female impersonators. The horror of it!

Transgenders, in turn, view lesbians as downright discriminatory just because they may still, in some case, have retained their male genitals.

Planned Parenthood of Toronto, ever willing to encourage sexual activity wherever and with whomever, held a seminar in Toronto on March 12, 2012, open only to transgendered males. 

The purpose of the seminar was to help these transgendering individuals deal with the problem of lesbians refusing to have sex with them.The seminar was called,"The Cotton Ceiling", the cotton referring to lesbians' customary wearing of cotton underwear.


Feminists have been shocked and dismayed by the intrusion into their "space" by transgendered males, whether in lesbian bars, record companies, spas, festivals and book stores. They regard this as the ultimate in male power-tripping.

Consequently, in Toronto, July 5 to 7, 2013, a feminist group, Radfem Rise Up! organized a three day conference for "womyn-born womyn" at which, according to the transgendered males, there was prominently featured, a number of transphobic speakers.

In response, the transgenders inundated the feminist group's twitter account with adverse comments and planned a physical protest as well. The protest was thwarted by the conference moving to a secret location only hours before it was scheduled to start.

The transgenders then complained to Toronto MPP Cheri DiNovo,left, whose bill, "Toby's Act", became law in 2012. It added protection of "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Ms. DiNovo declared that same-sex gatherings [i.e. women only, men only] were illegal under Toby's Act and she appealed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission to back up her position legally. 

If successful, her interpretation of the Act means that any assembly of females, on whatever subject, such as reproductive rights meetings, Islamic faith gatherings, or lesbian support groups, etc. will be prohibited under her bill. This would also apply to any assembly of males, as well. 

Somehow one can believe that this was an unintended consequence of the Act!

The Ontario Human Rights Commission's response to Ms. DiNovo's complaint was that it was currently "monitoring" the situation, but that the Commission didn't have a definitive legal position at present since it was still in the process of defining its policy on "gender identity".

Will the Commission untie this "Gordian Knot" by the application of common sense?

 Naw! As specialists in "hurt feelings", "distress", "alarm", "insults" and "toxic environments", they wouldn't know how to do it. 

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