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Friday, 27 September 2013

How To Make Schools Suit Liberal Agendas

I was reading an article when a slideshow at the bottom caught my eye. Entitled "Weird things banned at Schools" had me shaking my head in utter despair.

Here are my top 5 things that liberals have pushed for the banning of so that children don't have their feelings hurt:

5. Best Friends - Schools in the UK have discouraged kids from forming strong bonds with other individual children and instead encourage them to form groups. This is simply to make sure that an entire generation of kids grows up without knowing how to deal with conflict because we would never ever want kids to have to know deal with hurt feelings after a fight with a friend. What's next? We encourage kids to have multiple girlfriends/boyfriends so that they don't have to deal with the pain of rejection?

4. No Milk - Vegans are coming out of the woodwork to stop kids in the US from enjoying a healthy and traditional part of school lunches - milk. Hiding behind statements that milk is “…high in sugar, high in fat and high in animal protein that is harmful to, rather than protective of, bone health.” we have been informed that KIDS can get their calcium from these alternative sources: "beans, green leafy vegetables (e.g., broccoli, kale, collard greens), tofu products, breads and cereals. Additionally, a wide variety of non-dairy, calcium-fortified beverages is available today including soy milk, rice milk and fruit juice, all of which provide greater health and nutritional benefits compared with dairy milk.” No mention is made of the fact that kids simply will not eat those foods nor is there any mention of the fact that most of those "non-dairy, calcium-fortified beverages" have so many other additives in them that they are basically toxic (and they taste like crap too). Why don't the veggie-eaters come out and say what they really mean? We want to force all people to live the same kind of soulless and boring lives that we do free from all kind of meat influence. Starting with milk they can then move on to all other meat.

3. Christmas - A scholl in Sydney has banned all references to Santa, Carols and Christianity (I notice that Islam, Hinduism and Judaism are perfectly acceptable while Christianity is divisive). The school's principal said that it was possibly an attempt to address the fact that the teacher has kids from different religious backgrounds in her class.

2. Various Words - The New York Department of Education has banned words like dinosaur (it may bring up evolution), Halloween (might refer to paganism),  birthday (because Jehovah Witnesses don'e celebrate them). Not even the word "poverty" is allowed because it reminds kids of "wealth" and this might hurt poor kids. Department officials told FOX News Nation that the mandates are simply meant to be sensitive to a diverse student body. How politically correct do we really have to get? This is getting beyond a joke now.

...and my ultimate favourite...

1. Competition - A school in Connecticut has banned all recess activities which may lead to competition between the kids. So in effect they are telling kids that you should never want to be a winner and should never engage in any kind of activity which may result in someone having their feelings hurt because they were not as good as the next kid. I have to wonder what kind of a shock these kids will be having as soon as they get into the real world and find out that not everyone gets a prize for participation and that survival is a dog-eat-dog game? 

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