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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Feminist Hypocrisy

After a rather protracted Twitter discussion (follow me at @QHGossipGirl) with a lovely and ignorant feminist who feels that poor little Miley Cyrus has been hard done by by the world at large for criticism levelled against her disgusting behaviour at the VMA's recently, I have decided that its now time to post a few meme's detailing feminist hypocrisy. Naturally I have been told that I should not judge Miley for her slutty behaviour and yet told that women should have equal rights? I just have to ask, would equal rights then not extend to my being able to call her out on her behaviour that glorifies sex in the realm of childhood if she is allowed to prance around barely dressed in full view of millions of people while simulating sex? Or do we only have equal rights when we agree with the feminists?


  1. feminists, always the victim and forever ugly!

    1. Just another way of saying "I don't want to have to take responsibility for anything ever!"