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Monday, 26 August 2013

What Feminism Taught Us

Well folks, I have said it before and I will say it again - feminism teaches young girls that its good to behave like a slut. Here is Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA's this year which is completely and utterly disgusting in all respects. Besides the fact that the "music" is completely atrocious (I couldn't listen to more than 1 minute of it for fear that my brain cells would start dying) this entire performance glorifies behaviour that is unquestionably promiscuous. And we need to remember that this is a young woman that little girls and teens look up to and emulate.

It is this kind of behaviour and dress (walking around in a flesh coloured, barely there outfit) that gets girls into situations that they are unable to handle. This is the kind of behaviour that gives girl's the reputations of sluts and that of being "easy". And then these same girls have an issue when they are treated with the disrespect that they have demanded from men. The parents of children should be discouraging their daughters from watching this kind of thing - but instead they have taken the stance that a girl should have the right to do as she pleases and NEVER think of any repercussions. And should there be repercussions (ie: bullying, sexual assault etc) no blame should be laid on or responsibility taken by their daughter.

Moving on to the overtly sexual dancing which is on display glorifies sex entirely. I have nothing against sex, I enjoy sex but I try to keep it a private thing between my fiance and myself (and I'm nearly 30 so I think I can choose). What I do have a problem with is when little girls are force fed overt sexuality which they will in time copy and which could get them hurt or into trouble. If this is what parents are allowing their daughters to learn then there is no hope.

And while I think about it,  letting young boys and men see this kind of behaviour as the norm is also damaging to the youth, It creates the false impression that this is how girls behave and that they have no shame and enjoy being treated the way you would treat a prostitute. Naturally boys will be demonised and berated if they happen to expect or accept this behaviour - because any kind of sexual attraction is wrong for all men and is oppressing women.

Feminists I am saying this loud and clear - YOU are the problem. YOU are the ones who condone this. YOU are the ones who make this ok. And more than that YOU are the base cause of all of the moral decay that the world is experiencing. I hope you are happy with yourselves.


  1. My 11 yr old daughter used to love watching the Hannah Montana shows.
    Once this little girl decided to make it big in rock, her cute demeanour was altered into the tart she is today for the sake of chart sales.
    Thank God my daughter has the sense to know this. She now despises her for the moral decay Miley Cyrus represents... and I had no influence over her decision.
    It boggles my mind that trash like Madonna and her ilk think that because thay can make good (?) music, they can now abuse the soapbox they have to promote their idiotic outlooks on life.
    The worst part is how many spineless people follow these clowns lemming like over the cliff into an oblivion where they lose their own identities.

    1. I have to commend you on raising a well adjusted and independent thinking daughter. I actually felt embarrassed for her while watching it and many people think it was entirely ok simply because it was rime "she shed her child persona"