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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm White, Therefore A Racist

I'm WHITE, therefore a racist! 
“I am so Politically Correct that I would never call a black man that rapes a white woman a Racist, but view those who dare mention race when talking about it, as Racists!”

Political Correctness, fear of being labelled a racist or fear of persecution for speaking the truth will be the undoing of the white man on this planet! When black people move to countries like Canada, Sweden, England, Norway, Germany and Italy, it is called Integration. When white people find themselves anywhere on the African continent, it is called Colonization! When a black person is shot, killed or assaulted by a white man, it is called a Racist Attack but when a white person is shot, killed, raped or assaulted by a black man, it is called Normal Crime. When black people come together and form an organization, group or society, it is called Freedom of Association but when white people come together and form an organization, group or society, it is called Racially Exclusive. When a government implements laws excluding white people from the workforce and receiving social assistance, it is called Affirmative Action. When a government implements laws excluding black people from the workforce and receiving social assistance, it is called a Crime against Humanity. When black people congregate in ethnic communities, set up trust land and have traditional leaders ruling over exclusive ethnic groups, it is called Protecting their Heritage but when white people congregate in ethnic communities, set up trust land and have traditional councils to look after and protect their heritage, it is called Outdated Racist Practices.

It is okay to do Racial Profiling when considering candidates for jobs and bursaries but when it comes to reporting on crime, Racial Profiling is a racist practice and a taboo in any discussions regarding crime, the perpetrators thereof and the profile of the victims. Talking about the crime rate as a concerned citizen who can see clearly that the government has completely lost control, is tantamount to treason but telling everyone how bad it is whilst trying to convince the world that the government is winning the battle, even when it is a blatant lie, makes you a loyal and respectful subject. If you are black and vocal about your unhappiness with the performance of one of your black leaders, you are exercising your constitutional right but if you are white and vocal about exactly the same issue, you are simply a racist. Savagely butchering a white farmer is simply deemed a crime but referring to the murderer as a savage is deemed a racist crime.

The play on words by the mass media is pathetic but predictable in a world that is trying to brainwash people into Politically Correct submission. What is worrisome is the fact that millions are falling for it! It has regressed to the point where you will find articles in the media telling you that more than 3000 farmers have been murdered in South Africa by black people in 20 years but at the same time convincing people that it is not so bad. According to them, what is bad, is being concerned about it and stating your concern on any kind of platform. These crimes are being justified and rendered irrelevant by comparing the rate to that of the country’s crime rate in general. As far as I am concerned that is exactly the same as ignoring a serial killer by saying that there are many who have committed a murder, so why worry more about 1 guy that does is repeatedly? …or saying that many people die for various medical reasons, so why make a concerted effort to spend millions on fighting a particular disease?

The killing of white people by black people in South Africa is a reality and no amount of PC-talk will change that. The systematic slaughter of white South African farmers is a deadly disease! Demonising those that talk about it and those desperately seeking a cure for this disease, is exactly the same as calling an Aids Activist a lunatic, forbidding them to mention that it is a sexually transmitted disease and warning people to practice safe sex! …or saying that someone who is concerned about the poaching of rhino doesn't care about other animals. Perhaps we should call these people Diseasists and Animalists! …seeing as those concerned about the slaughter of white people are being called Racists. Ignoring the issue is like treating Aids with beetroot. The blood of those who die due to your ignorance and Politically Correct attitude, is on your hands!

STOP Demonising the messenger. Demonise these Racist attacks and murders, call it what it is and help eradicate it from society.

A comment made by Freddie Kleynhans on the "3rd Degree" Facebook page. See it here


  1. GG, you can believe it, many of us think like you. Thanks. They can call me a racist anytime and all the time. I think then I am a racist aswell.

    1. I agree. As long as being honest makes me a racist, then so be it - the truth is then racist too.