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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Finally - One Sees The Light

We have been saying it for years now - our education system is broken and churns out just about nothing but entitled illiterates that provide no value at all and instead actually leach off the productive people.

In 20 years the ANC has taken a world class education (that could have been used by all children beginning after 1994 while allowing those who had started with Bantu Education to either continue with it or switch over) and dumbing it down to such an extent that we have the fourth WORST education system in the world.

How are kids supposed to learn the meaning of hard work when all that is required of them is a 30% pass? And even then if they don't meet the requirements the department will make sure that they are promoted to the next grade regardless (its almost impossible to fail a kid these days and that I have heard from several teachers). These same kids with these pathetic "passes" are given first priority when applying to university as well. That often ends with extremely high drop out rates and no space for those white kids that actually deserve to be there. And if they do stay on to get their degrees they graduate almost as illiterate as they began.

Those graduates then think that their piece of paper entitles them to be immediately employed as senior management and that they never have to actually work for that kind of promotion. And any company that requires them (for fear of sanctions and in order to compete in the economy thanks to BEE) to start at the bottom earning beginners' wages is racist and only trying to promote white privilege and hold them back (forgetting the fact that the company has to employ 2 to 4 of those black graduates just to do the work of 1 white employee).

Well, finally we have a black academic that sees things as they are and does not have the entitlement mentality that is seemingly rife in the black population. 

They forget that the white government provided schools and teachers which were subsequently burned down and intimidated or attacked and they wonder why there are problems now?

Bantu education was better - academic

2013-08-15 16:16
Pretoria - The apartheid-era Bantu education system was much better than the current education regime, a Wits academic said in Pretoria on Thursday.

"It was far better in terms of quality than the education that our kids are receiving nowadays. That is where the problem is," Rabelani Dagada, a lecturer at Wits Business School, told a debate on affirmative action.

"Affirmative action should be about empowerment. The best way to empower is not to take from those who have and give to those who don't have. It won't work."

Dagada said South Africans could only be empowered through proper education.

"After 20 years of democracy, the education levels have plunged. It's worse than the so-called Bantu education. The best way to do transformation, empowerment is to provide quality education."

Former foreign affairs minister Pik Botha said South Africa, under the ANC's leadership, had moved away from former president Nelson Mandela's principles. He said the country's affirmative action policies were mainly hurting the black majority.

"How much further down must all of us go before we say this is enough now? Our education is far behind, it is the worst in Africa, [but] it has the highest per capita expenditure."

Botha said Zimbabwe's education system was better than South Africa's.

"When is this going to change? At state hospitals black patients must wait for three years for an operation."

Botha said when Mandela became president, he was careful not to lose skilled white people.

"He said we must not lose the proficiency of the whites. They must not leave the public service, but they should help us to train people to achieve that same proficiency," said Botha.

"They have now removed all those people."


**Just to be clear, I know many black graduates who deserve their degrees as well as their position having earned them the right way - by not looking for a handout  or expecting to be given the best without doing the work. And I have the utmost respect for those individuals as colleagues, academics and friends.

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