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Monday, 19 August 2013

Crime Against Humanity vs. Counter Productive

Lately I have been pushed harder and harder to take note of the Muslim mindset. Having spent most of the last 27 years thinking that the bigoted, racist and all round intolerance of the religion was safely kept in the Middle East where these people have their own countries and live by the laws that they choose to live by.

Recently there has been an explosion of news sources that relate to how Islamic immigrants to European countries behave toward the locals and indigenous people of those lands and the forced changes to laws , cultures, traditions, religions and most importantly education so as not to offend the poor Muslim dears.

It has now come home to me that this mindset is not solely among those born in the Middle East and imported into Europe but that it is in fact a way of thinking that is patently inbred - the lack of respect that these Muslims have for anyone not believing in the paedophile, misogynistic, murderous, intolerant, adulterous "prophet".

I have never taken time to notice how this has affected my daily life here in SA. SA is country that was founded on Christian values and therefore has always lived in accordance with those views. But now I can't go into a restaurant and order bacon because its not halaal. I had to drive 45km at Easter to buy eggs for my niece because we live in a Muslim dominated area and they don't celebrate Easter - so no eggs close to home. I've even had them sneering at me because I dare to disagree with my fiancĂ© and voice my dissatisfaction.  

But now they are showing themselves for what they are - hypocrites. The opinion piece below was written by Mohammed Saeed - a Muslim man. In his article regarding the situation in Egypt he describes the action taken by soldiers against violent rioters and protesters as "a brutal massacre" and "a crime against humanity" - bear in mind that the people killed were looking for violence and were causing enough of it too. But he goes on to say that attacking (see murdering and raping) Christians is "counter-productive, unacceptable and SHOULD be condemned" (note how he doesn't actually go so far as to condemn it). So killing murderous, rioting and dangerous Muslims who are damaging property and simply being a nuisance is a crime against humanity, but violently attacking Christians and destroying their paces of worship by Muslims is simply "counter-productive." 


  1. GG, your right. I agree with you al the time. Muslims are the most backward cult ever. Some are crying faul about Morsi, ( gemorsie). But as I read some other post the other day, when Morsi was elected, voter turn out was more or less 30%, of that 50+% voted for him. If you do a conversion, you can clearly see that he actually enjoys say at most 20% of the Egiptian peoples vote. So, definataly he was not democraticaly chosen by all the Egyptians. Now it fits the MB 100% to say he was democraticaly voted in. And further, The whole world over we must bow to their backward beliefs. If you go and read about their flogging of women, your blood boils. They are still in the dark ages and want us to visit it with their backwardness.

    1. The whole concept of how Muslim treat women is actually the topic of a post I'm working on. Especially following the long discussion I had via email with a Muslim man that tried to tell me that women are treated better under Sharia law than under any other - its also a lovely dig at feminists.

      I actually had a bit of an altercation with a Muslim man that was decidedly racist as well. I was called a white bitch infidel at a shopping centre. Thank heavens that I found it funny so my only retort was:
      "what pisses you off more? The fact that I don't bow down to you as some sort of God because you have a dick like that poor object you call your "wife" or the fact that I'm white?"
      I don't think he could have been angrier but I had a good chuckle at the look on his face.