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Friday, 30 August 2013

Fair Warning

Because some people seem to think the opposite - I am now giving everyone fair warning:

Pick A Book...

I think that I'll start with the Lord of the Lies - Mac always makes me chuckle.

AND….. THE LONG WALK TO FREEDOM BY Nelson Mandela, has been translated into Afrikaans: OUTA IN DIE LANGPAD!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Police To Strike - No Emergency Control Centres

Something like this could only happen in South Africa. In most countries when you become a police officer you take an oath to serve and protect. If you aren't an office but still want to be involved in the community protection and service industry that usually means that you care for the community.

Not in South Africa - in good old RSA the police and their support staff join these kinds of organisations to make money. One would think that police services and emergency control should be the last things to close and be allowed on strike - our government thinks its grand to give these guys the same kind of labour power as the riotous and ungrateful mineworkers. (It should also be mentioned that this is the only country that refuses to immediately dismiss all police officers who have convictions against their names - Cops protected by labour law)

Such a comforting feeling - knowing that our police officers will be striking for more of my tax money while my family and I are left without any kind of emergency assistance should we need it. I think that we should test whether or not we can sue the state (and police in their personal capacities) for any loss of life, injury, damage or patrimonal loss suffered as a result of their strike? 

And we are told that we are racists when we say that the ANC has no clue how to run the country?

10111 could go down as workers strike

2013-08-28 11:02
Johannesburg - Emergency control centres and police stations could grind to a halt as more than 5 000 police administrative personnel strike to the police headquarters in Pretoria.

The march has been organised by the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union, The Times reported.

The march is over police management's refusal to implement a 2011 Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council agreement, according to Popcru.

But to put it into effect the SAPS would have to spend R900m a year more on salaries. Police management has told the union it does not have that kind of money.

If the agreement is signed, each administrative staff member would earn about R20 000 more annually.
Of Popcru's members, 48 000 are administrative.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-General Solomon Makgale said personnel who were supposed to be on duty who joined the march would be regarded as participating in an unprotected strike and the 'no work; no pay principle' would apply. 

He said management had engaged Popcru and most of the issues raised had been addressed. A process was under way to resolve outstanding matters.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

If I Hated Women...

 Wednesday, August 21, 2013 12:23 PM

If I hated women and I had the power, there are things I would do that would engulf the world in darkness.

If I hated women, I would make them hate themselves, just as I do.

If I hated women, I would foster envy.

I would make them believe that men have everything that they should want and it is men that keep them from it.

I would have them despise their past.  I would conflate every positive thing about the way men and society treated women in the past with every unfair and patronizing aspect.  I would make them believe that every bit of care and concern toward them has some controlling motive.  I would make them believe that nobody can genuinely respect them and want to care for them at the same time.

If I hated women I would make them believe they can have everything.  I would have them believe that they can be fully dedicated to successful careers and fully dedicated to successful families.  I would have them believe the lie that men have been doing this for centuries, that men have never sacrificed anything.  When reality shows them otherwise, I would have them resent their families for being unsupportive.

If I hated women, I would convince them that success is a male attribute.  I would convince them that in order to succeed in the world they must reject the feminine in favor of the worst aspects of the masculine.  I would have them think like men and act like men.  And when they did, I would whisper in the ears of other women "Isn't she a b-tch?"

If I hated women, I would have them hate and fear their own biology.  I would tell them that to be truly a woman, they must daily pump themselves full of dangerous chemicals and hormones to subdue their greatest gifts.  I would teach them to reject their natural impulses and treat their fecundity as the enemy.

I would on one hand convince them that their natural feminine gifts are a curse while at the same time bombarding them with messages that they are not pretty enough or thin enough.

If I hated women, I would convince them of the lie that sex is meaningless and consequence free.  I would convince them that in order to be truly free they must be a slave to their own lust.  And by teaching women that sex is meaningless, I teach men that sex is all women are good for.

And when the chemicals and condoms fail, I would teach them to hate their own children.

I would make them see children as a burden.  I would take their greatest gift and turn it into jealousy, hate, and resentment.

"A baby will only hold you back." "You can't handle this right now." "Be truly free." "Kill"

If I really hated women, while I was encouraging them to be the worst version of a man, I would do everything I could to feminize men.

In short, if I really hated women I wouldn't change a thing.

Finally Some Justice

It just goes to show that there is sometimes good news in SA. Today we hear that we have a judge that actually has a backbone and is not tolerant of criminal behaviour. Acting Judge Jan Hiemstra decided that 2 serial rapists (who thought that the 20 year sentence they had been given as a result of their convictions after pleading guilty thanks to DNA evidence was too harsh) should spend a few more years behind bars so he handed down life sentences instead.

The only drawbacks are that the judge didn't make any provision for minimum jail terms or when parole could be applied for an oversight that I feel should be addressed asap and the fact that my tax money will be used to house, feed, medicate and "educate" these filthy, raping scumbags for however long they are behind bars. Too bad the Constitutions thinks that the criminal justice system should aim at rehabilitation of criminals (serial rapists cannot be rehabilitated and should instead be castrated) instead of retribution. And what's worse is that the poor women these animals raped will have to live knowing that their tax money is used to give them a standard of living that most other law abiding South African's don't have.

Rapists appeal 20 year sentence, get life

2013-08-27 12:37
Johannesburg - Two serial rapists who appealed against their prison sentences of 20 years, have been given life sentences, Beeld reported on Tuesday.

The North Gauteng High Court ruled that sentences handed down by a magistrate had been too lenient.

In the appeal judgement, Acting Judge Jan Hiemstra said he got the impression that the magistrate had treated the matter as just another ordinary case.

Samuel Lucky Msimanga, Samkele Welcome Sibeko and two other accused had been convicted in the Springs Regional Court of raping a 24-year-old woman.

Msimanga and Sibeko pleaded guilty and appealed against their sentences.

The magistrate gave them each 20 years in prison after finding that there were factors that justified a lighter sentence.

These factors were that the two had pleaded guilty and that they had consumed alcohol, although they were not drunk when they committed the crime.

Hiemstra said the two had only pleaded guilty because they realised their case was hopeless because of conclusive DNA results.

The new sentences were backdated to 17 October 2012. 


Africa's Brightest

So here it is folks - the cream of the crop from Liberia - the school leavers who thought that they were entitled to a university education. 25 000 kids wrote the university entrance exam and a whopping 0 passed! Not one single, solitary school leaver was granted access to the university to begin a tertiary education. This means that the government run University of Liberia will have no first year students in the coming academic year and that the country's employment figures will rise by 25000. (I should admit that I'm impressed to see that they don't just push them trough and actually allow the failures - a step in the right direction).

The issue here is not the failure of 25 000 prospective students - the issue is the African mentality towards education as a whole. Seemingly none of these kids cared enough to even get a basic grasp of the English language. And when you don;t even have that grounding then you can rest assured that there is no way at all that you can even hope to excel in any other academic arena. 

This is Africa - where education for all seems to be a pipedream which means that there will NEVER be a functioning country that is free of corruption and able to support itself without Western aid.  (Lets all just take a moment to realise that Liberia was colonised by BLACKS and has NEVER had whites in power)

Liberian students all fail varsity test

2013-08-27 12:44
Cape Town - Liberia's education minister Etmonia David-Tarpeh says she finds it hard to believe that not a single candidate passed this year’s university admission exam, a BBC report said on Tuesday.
At least 25 000 school-leavers failed the test for admission to the University of Liberia, one of two state-run universities.
"I know there are a lot of weaknesses in the schools but for a whole group of people to take exams and every single one of them to fail, I have my doubts about that," David-Tarpeh said. "It's like mass murder."
The development means the overcrowded university will not have any new first-year students when it reopens next month for the academic year.
The students lacked enthusiasm and did not have a basic grasp of English, a university official said.
Liberia is recovering from a brutal civil war that ended a decade ago.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently acknowledged that the education system was still "in a mess", and much was needed to be done to improve it.

Monday, 26 August 2013

What Feminism Taught Us

Well folks, I have said it before and I will say it again - feminism teaches young girls that its good to behave like a slut. Here is Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA's this year which is completely and utterly disgusting in all respects. Besides the fact that the "music" is completely atrocious (I couldn't listen to more than 1 minute of it for fear that my brain cells would start dying) this entire performance glorifies behaviour that is unquestionably promiscuous. And we need to remember that this is a young woman that little girls and teens look up to and emulate.

It is this kind of behaviour and dress (walking around in a flesh coloured, barely there outfit) that gets girls into situations that they are unable to handle. This is the kind of behaviour that gives girl's the reputations of sluts and that of being "easy". And then these same girls have an issue when they are treated with the disrespect that they have demanded from men. The parents of children should be discouraging their daughters from watching this kind of thing - but instead they have taken the stance that a girl should have the right to do as she pleases and NEVER think of any repercussions. And should there be repercussions (ie: bullying, sexual assault etc) no blame should be laid on or responsibility taken by their daughter.

Moving on to the overtly sexual dancing which is on display glorifies sex entirely. I have nothing against sex, I enjoy sex but I try to keep it a private thing between my fiance and myself (and I'm nearly 30 so I think I can choose). What I do have a problem with is when little girls are force fed overt sexuality which they will in time copy and which could get them hurt or into trouble. If this is what parents are allowing their daughters to learn then there is no hope.

And while I think about it,  letting young boys and men see this kind of behaviour as the norm is also damaging to the youth, It creates the false impression that this is how girls behave and that they have no shame and enjoy being treated the way you would treat a prostitute. Naturally boys will be demonised and berated if they happen to expect or accept this behaviour - because any kind of sexual attraction is wrong for all men and is oppressing women.

Feminists I am saying this loud and clear - YOU are the problem. YOU are the ones who condone this. YOU are the ones who make this ok. And more than that YOU are the base cause of all of the moral decay that the world is experiencing. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

Friday, 23 August 2013

True Feelings Of Black South Africans

Its been said many many times that blacks cannot be racist - for the simple reason that they do not have power over whites/minorities. Well I hate to break it to the world of the liberal lovelies but in South Africa the blacks have the political and economic power over whites through the uneducated masses voting for the ANC (maybe EFF come next year) and BEE which effectively removes whites from the workforce and even limits the growth of new companies owned by whites unless they give part of that business away.

So by the very definition given by these pathetic liberals and blacks  - who seem to think that the noble savages are perfectly entitled to hate white people based solely on the fact that they have pale skin and actually encourages it (but don't you dare call the poor dears racist!!) and asks whites to hate themselves too - the white people in South Africa cannot be racist because we are a minority, we are oppressed by the majority, they have the political and economic power and they hate us.

And just to prove my point about the extent of racist mentality of the blacks in South Africa (bear in mind that these are the "EDUCATED" ones nevermind the uneducated masses who believe whatever propaganda is thrown at them by the guys dishing out the KFC at political rallies) here are a few choice comments lifted from posts found on the 3rd Degree Facebook page:


This made me giggle at one point...

Threw up slightly in my mouth at that one

So the Nats stole R60bn in 46 years huh? I'm quite upset no one pointed this guy to the R900bn odd stolen by the ANC in the last YEAR!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Jared Taylor - Why They Call Us Names

Very thought provoking video here and a nice dose of validation for those of us that try to avoid Libtards.

Crime Against Humanity vs. Counter Productive

Lately I have been pushed harder and harder to take note of the Muslim mindset. Having spent most of the last 27 years thinking that the bigoted, racist and all round intolerance of the religion was safely kept in the Middle East where these people have their own countries and live by the laws that they choose to live by.

Recently there has been an explosion of news sources that relate to how Islamic immigrants to European countries behave toward the locals and indigenous people of those lands and the forced changes to laws , cultures, traditions, religions and most importantly education so as not to offend the poor Muslim dears.

It has now come home to me that this mindset is not solely among those born in the Middle East and imported into Europe but that it is in fact a way of thinking that is patently inbred - the lack of respect that these Muslims have for anyone not believing in the paedophile, misogynistic, murderous, intolerant, adulterous "prophet".

I have never taken time to notice how this has affected my daily life here in SA. SA is country that was founded on Christian values and therefore has always lived in accordance with those views. But now I can't go into a restaurant and order bacon because its not halaal. I had to drive 45km at Easter to buy eggs for my niece because we live in a Muslim dominated area and they don't celebrate Easter - so no eggs close to home. I've even had them sneering at me because I dare to disagree with my fiancé and voice my dissatisfaction.  

But now they are showing themselves for what they are - hypocrites. The opinion piece below was written by Mohammed Saeed - a Muslim man. In his article regarding the situation in Egypt he describes the action taken by soldiers against violent rioters and protesters as "a brutal massacre" and "a crime against humanity" - bear in mind that the people killed were looking for violence and were causing enough of it too. But he goes on to say that attacking (see murdering and raping) Christians is "counter-productive, unacceptable and SHOULD be condemned" (note how he doesn't actually go so far as to condemn it). So killing murderous, rioting and dangerous Muslims who are damaging property and simply being a nuisance is a crime against humanity, but violently attacking Christians and destroying their paces of worship by Muslims is simply "counter-productive." 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Finally - One Sees The Light

We have been saying it for years now - our education system is broken and churns out just about nothing but entitled illiterates that provide no value at all and instead actually leach off the productive people.

In 20 years the ANC has taken a world class education (that could have been used by all children beginning after 1994 while allowing those who had started with Bantu Education to either continue with it or switch over) and dumbing it down to such an extent that we have the fourth WORST education system in the world.

How are kids supposed to learn the meaning of hard work when all that is required of them is a 30% pass? And even then if they don't meet the requirements the department will make sure that they are promoted to the next grade regardless (its almost impossible to fail a kid these days and that I have heard from several teachers). These same kids with these pathetic "passes" are given first priority when applying to university as well. That often ends with extremely high drop out rates and no space for those white kids that actually deserve to be there. And if they do stay on to get their degrees they graduate almost as illiterate as they began.

Those graduates then think that their piece of paper entitles them to be immediately employed as senior management and that they never have to actually work for that kind of promotion. And any company that requires them (for fear of sanctions and in order to compete in the economy thanks to BEE) to start at the bottom earning beginners' wages is racist and only trying to promote white privilege and hold them back (forgetting the fact that the company has to employ 2 to 4 of those black graduates just to do the work of 1 white employee).

Well, finally we have a black academic that sees things as they are and does not have the entitlement mentality that is seemingly rife in the black population. 

They forget that the white government provided schools and teachers which were subsequently burned down and intimidated or attacked and they wonder why there are problems now?

Bantu education was better - academic

2013-08-15 16:16
Pretoria - The apartheid-era Bantu education system was much better than the current education regime, a Wits academic said in Pretoria on Thursday.

"It was far better in terms of quality than the education that our kids are receiving nowadays. That is where the problem is," Rabelani Dagada, a lecturer at Wits Business School, told a debate on affirmative action.

"Affirmative action should be about empowerment. The best way to empower is not to take from those who have and give to those who don't have. It won't work."

Dagada said South Africans could only be empowered through proper education.

"After 20 years of democracy, the education levels have plunged. It's worse than the so-called Bantu education. The best way to do transformation, empowerment is to provide quality education."

Former foreign affairs minister Pik Botha said South Africa, under the ANC's leadership, had moved away from former president Nelson Mandela's principles. He said the country's affirmative action policies were mainly hurting the black majority.

"How much further down must all of us go before we say this is enough now? Our education is far behind, it is the worst in Africa, [but] it has the highest per capita expenditure."

Botha said Zimbabwe's education system was better than South Africa's.

"When is this going to change? At state hospitals black patients must wait for three years for an operation."

Botha said when Mandela became president, he was careful not to lose skilled white people.

"He said we must not lose the proficiency of the whites. They must not leave the public service, but they should help us to train people to achieve that same proficiency," said Botha.

"They have now removed all those people."


**Just to be clear, I know many black graduates who deserve their degrees as well as their position having earned them the right way - by not looking for a handout  or expecting to be given the best without doing the work. And I have the utmost respect for those individuals as colleagues, academics and friends.

Dutch Court Says Pedophilia Advocacy Group Martijn Can Continue

Intimacy is the lovely new PC term to make homosexual child rape socially acceptable.

Dutch Court Says Pedophilia Advocacy Group Martijn Can Continue

Judges in the Netherlands have ruled that an organization that wants to legalize pedophilia can continue to exist. Cintia Taylor speaks with the group’s most recent leader.

When Marthijn Uittenbogaard’s lawyer contacted him with the news that his pro-pedophilia group could continue to exist, he took to Twitter: “Fortunately, there are still wise judges,” he wrote. Uittenbogaard was the last leader of Martijn, a foundation established in 1982 to promote the legalization of consensual sex between adults and children in The Netherlands. (The similarity of the names Marthijn and Martijn is a coincidence.)
Marthijn Uitenboogaard, right, of "Vereniging Martijn," a Dutch association that advocates the legalization of sexual relationships between adults and children, and Dutch writer Anton Dautzenberg, a club member, hold a press conference March 2, 2012. (Phil Nijhuis/AFP/Getty)
The group has been fighting a legal battle with the country’s Public Prosecution Service which has been seeking its dismantling since 2010. Last year a court ruled that Martijn be banned on charges that it glorified sexual relations between adults and children. But the appeals court in the northern town of Leeuwarden has now overturned that decision, claiming that although the work of the organization is contradictory to public order, there is no evidence leading to “a threat of disrupting society.”
Uittenbogaard, 40, sees this as a victory for freedom of expression. He thinks society can be very overprotective. “A child can see a lot of violence on television, on every cartoon there’s violence, on movies people get killed,” he explains, “But when Janet Jackson’s breast is shown at the Super Bowl people say: ‘Oh children are watching this.’ Nakedness and everything concerning sexuality is a taboo and violence is the norm. And I think that should be the other way around.” He further believes “almost everyone has pedophile feelings in them. Only the percentage is different, some have more than others.”
According to Uittenborgaard, pedophilia is not only about sex. He is, in fact, against penetration when it comes to small children, but he thinks that those above 12 years old are wise enough to decide whether they want to have intercourse with an adult. But child psychologist Sanderijn van der Doef disagrees. She admits children are aware of their sexuality at an early age, but “they can’t understand the consequences of their decisions, including those related to their sexuality.”
At the height of its activities, Martijn had 650 members, published a quarterly magazine and hosted a website featuring chat rooms, forums, and news archives on pedophilia-related stories.
In 2007 the organization came under fire after a member published on its website photos of children of the royal family, including of the crown prince’s daughter, princess Amalia. Then in 2011, former leader Ad van der Berg was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of child pornography, some 157,500 photos and videos, including 12,000 in which he could be seen posing.
Uittenbogaard stresses that Martijn doesn’t promote or incite acts of pedophilia. In fact, he claims, they discourage sex with children. Not only because it’s illegal, but also because the current moral context surrounding the practice would be too hard for the child to cope with. Instead, Martijn strives for a change in the law and in society.
To jurisprudence professor Roel Schutgens from the Radboud University, it’s this aspect of the organization that makes this case so difficult: “They say sexual contact between adults and children is OK and at the same time they say the law should be obeyed. They definitely don’t ask for illegality.”
Schutgens explains the judges’ decision is a clear message regarding freedom of expression in The Netherlands: “The court is saying we’re a democratic society which can protect itself against whatever the foundation Martijn says in the sphere of free debate.”
The judges reviewed the content of the organization’s website and concluded there were no illegal acts performed by the organization. Had they committed a crime, then it would have been easy to dismantle the organization, says Schutgens. He also clarifies that the group cannot be held responsible for individual criminal acts of its members.
In recent years large-scale pedophilia cases have caused much debate in the Netherlands regarding the way the justice system should deal with pedophiles. In 2010, a man in Amsterdam was arrested for abusing at least 87 children while working as a nanny. He is thought to have been a member of Martijn, and admitted to abusing the children. And an investigation by the newspaper NRC and Radio Netherlands Worldwide also reported widespread abuse in Roman Catholic institutions between 1945 and 1985. The report led to an investigation by the church which has found that up to 20,000 Dutch children may have been abused during that period.
Suspects and convicted criminals enjoy the right to privacy in The Netherlands; their last names are never revealed and their faces are partially covered in photos published by the media. But many are now wondering whether the right to privacy should prevail over child protection.
The Dutch parties ChristenUnie (Christian Union) and CDA (Christian Democratic People’s Party) have already started working on a bill to ban pro-pedophilia groups. To Arie Slob, leader of the parliamentary group of ChristenUnie, this is a no brainer: “The protection of children transcends the right to freedom of expression. Freedom cannot be used as a way to corrode basic rights, in this case those of children.”
Marthijn Uittenbogaard doesn’t want to continue leading the organization Martijn, which has now been reduced to some 60 members. He spends his days playing videogames at home: “No one will hire me,” he says. He survives on his father’s inheritance and his partner’s paycheck. But he’ll continue fighting for the rights of pedophiles.

And what worries me even more than the court allowing this group to exist are some of the comments on the article from those paedophiles that see this as their chance to get away with abusing children.
So child abuse and molestation are antiquated rules?

Thats right, refer to paedophilia as a sexual preference - lets forget that it damages the child in the process

The guy at the top thinks we should legalise child rape, incest and probably bestiality too.
AlexMcAllister is a flaming gay paedophile its obvious and he goes so far as to say its cool if people see children as sexual objects when they should be raising those kids t be productive members of society (and not as prostitutes or porn stars).

So paedophilia is not a crime in that its OK to have sexually explicit pictures of children and to subject them to sexual contact if you say its just because you are simply attracted to children?