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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Who Needs Feminism?

Recently I've been seeing a new meme all over the place where people hold up signs stating why they "need" feminism. Apart from the fact that about 90% of the reasons given have nothing to do with feminism this just pisses me off. Its quite simple really, if you truly think that men and women are equal why the hell do you need a bunch of manhaters pushing an ideology on the world that will benefit you and disadvantage men instead? Isn't that contrary to the point of "feminism"? Forgive me for being politically incorrect again but how empowered are you really if you need other people to push for a system which puts you ahead without the hard work simply because you happen to have breasts and a vagina as opposed to a penis?  Where is the equality in that? If you really are equal to men and can compete on the same level and can add the same value why do you need feminism at all? 

And for the record, I happen to be a woman. I happen to be a successful woman. I also happen to be a woman that understands and appreciates the fact that men and women are different and that men are inherently suited to certain things whereas women are not. I also see no reason to have a system in place that gives me an advantage because I happen to have a uterus while disadvantaging those with a penis because they have had it good forever. I am comfortable in my femininity and accept that masculinity is a necessary attractive and worthwhile trait. And I also believe that men are in no way oppressing me if they are better suited to something than I am.

On that note, here are a few of my "favourites":

You "deserve" equal pay you say? Do you provide equal value? Do you put in the hours, the work without complaint? Have you ever used "women's problems" to get out of work? Will you expect paid maternity leave for months on end? If so then how do you "deserve" anything? 

So using your logic novel's written from a teenager's perspective shouldn't be called "teen fiction"? What would you like it to be called? How many men do you know that read romance novels? It is almost ENTIRELY women who read those crappy books (women who have no meaningful relationships). Get over it - if there was a section called "male fiction" you'd say its sexist and ask why there is no "women's fiction". 

So? People have died due to disease, jealousy, insanity, accidents, stupidity, communism and a million and one other things. To say you need an ideology which emasculates men simply because people have died is pathetic. Why don't we just outlaw meanness? Because men being in a position of authority automatically means people will die?

Ok... lets think about this logically for a second - I know that logic is like poison to you feminists but just bear with me. Does your office job, which runs from 9 to 5 every day with weekends off,  place you in the same kind of physical danger as those men working on oil rigs, fishing boats and in coal mines? Does it put you in a position where you could die at any moment due to the tiniest of errors? No? Well then why the hell do you think that you deserve the same pay? Go work on an oil rig, a fishing boat or in a coal mine and then you can ask for the same pay. But until then just because you want it does NOT mean you deserve it. 

Newsflash dear - no one can "guilt" you into anything you don't want to do. You behaved like a whore and now you feel ashamed - stop blaming someone else. Just because someone asks you to do something repeatedly does NOT mean that you have to say yes. Be strong enough and have enough self respect to say NO and stick to it. Otherwise just shut up and stop blaming men because you chose to do something you feel ashamed of. And twice? If you hated it so much the first time why do it again? You liked it, someone found out and judged you and now you blame him? Grow up and take responsibility for your own stupidity.

So you're great at your job and you earned the respect of your colleagues? You are a strong and valuable employee? If you truly believed that you would be able to laugh off what was said because you would be confident enough in your own abilities. But no, you THINK you're good at your job and have "earned" respect and that you are strong and valuable and that is why you need a pathetic ideology that effectively treats you like a child to feel better.

You don't care what they think so much that you had to say that you need feminism because of it? Sure. And so what if they feel uncomfortable around you and they dislike you? Its almost like you feel they should automatically approve of and give you validation for being "outspoken" and "confident"? Doesn't seem too confident to me... 

I highly doubt that has anything to do with the fact that you're female. Its more to do with the fact that you're white and the guy obviously wasn't. Not every insult you receive is because you're female. 

a) How did he not respect or value you? All he did was acknowledge the fact that you are female. And its a good thing I promise unless you would like to be viewed as "one of the boys" by every man you meet? And its actually a sign of respect - now you're little feminist self can't get mad when he talks about finding women attractive or discussing sex with his male friends etc simply because he will not be doing that in front of you.

b) Hmmm... you need feminism because your friend failed to report a crime to the police? Or do you need feminism because she is ashamed of what she did or allowed while she was drunk and to get herself out of trouble with her parents she shouted sexual assault? And if she is routinely drunk (a sophomore? 15/16 years old?) she is behaving recklessly - and how do you know she didn't instigate it? I am not condoning crime here but if she has so little self-respect so as to routinely be drunk then how do you know that she isn't routinely promiscuous or simply shouting "sexual assault" because she was rejected? There are 2 sides to every story. But trust me, you do NOT need a feminism to get to the bottom of it.

I don't think you understand what feminism is either. How is the fact that you judge your friend for having an opinion reason for you to need feminism? And if more young women thought about the possible consequences of their promiscuous behaviour and dress there would be no need to "slut shame". (see my opinion on "slut shaming" here)

Its your own mind that makes you ashamed for having condoms - not society. And can I tell you a little secret? When women go out they already know if they are going to have sex - men are hoping. 

You need feminism for that? You need to have people fight battles to put a system in place that would disadvantage men so that you can be advantaged just to prove something to your father? Why not go out and DO it instead of relying on a school of thought that treats you like an invalid and imbecile? Unless you are UNABLE to do it on your own?

Forced into sex? Never.
But "guilted" and "manipulated"? Please? How weak willed are you? How desperate for validation are you that you are unable to say no and stick to it? And how pathetic of you to blame someone else because you did something that you are not proud of? You can be forced into sex - but not guilted or manipulated. Feminism says you can be promiscuous without having to feel like slut - is that why you need it? To say that your actions are OK and that its the man's fault? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it - and stop blaming men! If you didn't want to have sex you should be strong enough to say no - or do you need feminism to say no for you?

How much do you really need feminism if you feel that being associated with it is an insult? And have you ever wondered why people see feminists in a bad light? Ponder it for a minutes and you'll see how your backward and insulting school of thought can rub people (men and women) up the wrong way.

Well I'm not surprised she thinks that way - I would have to agree with her - especially if you were my best friend. Nothing is more mind-numbing than constantly hearing women put men down simply because they are insecure in their own femininity. And its true that men are usually less shallow and have a working knowledge of a wider range of topics than women simply because women are more worried about feminism. I also prefer talking to men as I find women (on average) to be shallow, vapid, manipulative, selfish and woefully clueless on most issues. You need a matriarchal system to make her change her mind to fit with your narrow opinions because you don't like hers?

Well you actually should feel embarrassed and ashamed the second YOU allowed it to happen more than once. The first time you are the victim of domestic abuse is never your fault, the second you refuse to take a stand and leave him instead choosing to go back knowing he has no problems with hitting you, you chose to be a victim and you chose to stay where there is abuse. Not asking for help is what you should be ashamed of and not speaking out is what should embarrass you. being abused is not. So what do you really need feminism for? Is it not common sense and instinct to retaliate when attacked and then flee and then avoid that situation in the future? Why should you need to disadvantage and demonise men because you are an idiot?

Oh really? So pregnancy is not for women anymore? How about rape laws that only apply to forced penetration of women? How about faking orgasms? Or not be judged negatively for drinking pink drinks? Multiple orgasms? Take sick days because of periods? Be a cougar and not a dirty old man? get aroused without the world knowing? What do men have that is exclusively for them - standing while peeing?  

Sexually harassed at the age of 8 or 9 by an 8 or 9 year old - really? Are you certain it was SEXUAL in nature? Are you sure it was INTENTIONAL? Or are you just finding any excuse to hate men?

Ever wondered why that is? Maybe because you harpies make it impossible for anyone to like you if they disagree with any of your nonsensical ideas? Maybe because you are as annoying and irrational as liberals and that annoys people? Or how about its simply because you keep ramming your man-hating ideas down our throats? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you get pissed off when Christians do it to you right? Well the rest of us normal people don't want your religion thrown at us all day either in your judging tones and sanctimonious reactions.

Really? Didn't choose to become a stripper? Because society told her that (despite there being plenty of "gender specific" careers available such as nursing, teaching, secretaries, hairdresses, nail technicians etc) the only thing she could do was strip? Are you saying that because she chose the route of easy money via stripping rather than education and a less provocative job it's men's fault? Sure *rolls eyes* because its always everyone else's fault when people decide that they want to take their clothes off for money. No one can make you believe anything about yourself - you already believe it. Its a choice you make. Stop blaming others for your mistakes because it makes you feel better. But then again, shouldn't you as a feminist feel that there should be NO stigma attached to stripping because promiscuity and dressing like a prostitute is just fine? So stripping should then be seen as the sign of a strong confident women shouldn't it? Definitely not something to be ashamed of according to feminists...

Oh really? So you now find it problematic that men find you sexually attractive? What happens if its a woman who finds you sexually attractive? How would you feel if no one ever found you sexually attractive at all - would that be better? And you never ever find men sexually attractive and never fantasise? If you do then you are a hypocrite. Ever thought that men are crude because they know it gets a reaction out of you? Or how about taking it a compliment that someone finds you sexually attractive? After all, your feminist leaders say that its ok to behave like a slut - so why complain when men give you the opportunity? Or is it simply a case of you being unable to behave like a grown up when people do or say things that you don't like? Men will look at women in a sexual way - its hardwired into them. Women look at men sexually and can sexually harass them too or did you forget that fact? But you're right - you need a group of past their sellby date women who no man would ever look at sexually anyway to protect your honour and make men feel bad for being attracted to you. And FYI - men can only view you as a sexual object while they don;t know you. If they know you and they see you that way only then you have to ask yourself what you're doing to enforce that perception.

I would then assume that you are either pathetically shy and therefore need to be helped in this sense or you simply have horrid taste in companions.

Can we logically think why that would be? Plainly said its because all of the notable revolutionaries in history have been men! How then would you depict the non-existent female revolutionary? Bring on a female revolutionary that doesn't preach that men are useless, inferior, animalistic sub-humans who's only aim in life is to subjugate women to make themselves feel better and should not display any masculine traits because its "oppressive" then we can talk seeing as that is the message all feminist "revolutionaries" have come up with.

For the most part I agree with the sentiment regarding how women are portrayed and that they should not be forced into thinking that only one type of body shape etc is attractive.
What I disagree on is the following:
1. I have never come across any teaching that women are objects for men and I happen to be a devout Christian. Any parent teaching that people can or should be owned by others is child abuse. But teaching little girls that they are different to little boys is very important.
2. How is dressing provocatively empowering? If feminism didnt teach that girls don't need self-respect to demand respect from others or that any and all kinds of sex with any and everyone is perfectly acceptable then they would not feel the need to dress this way at all. And how about mother stop teaching their daughters that they can dress how they want but should NOT allow men to view them sexually? Hypocrite.
3. Taking drugs and drinking excessively is NEVER ok - especially if they want to. Addition can kill you. So no, I will NOT "lay off" when I see a CHILD involved in that kind of destructive behaviour.
4. Have sex at any age? So if a 6 year old wants to have sex because it feels good they should be allowed to? With any partner of their choosing? There is a reason why CHILDREN cannot consent to sex - they are not mature enough mentally, emotionally or physically to deal with the consequences of sex. That kind of opinion is what leads to teenage pregnancies which ruin lives. And then you promote abortion because they girl should be allowed to choose? You will murder a baby created by your approval of children engaging in the act that creates children? How about we teach girls to keep their legs closed until they are ready to have sex and their partners cannot be arrested. When a child is coerced into having sex with an adult you call it a crime - but if that child chooses to have sex with an adult its ok? You must be sick in the head. That kind of thinking simply leads to more promiscuity and drug and alcohol abuse. 
5. CHILDREN do not need sex education at all. Teens yes but CHILDREN no. Half of the world's violent crime and rape problem comes from the fact that we are exposing children to sex too early. 
6. You might teach your children to have no self-respect and to sleep around but trust me I shall not. Any daughter I have will have a childhood that is NOT interfered with by sex, drugs, bad influences and the teaching that dressing like a hooker is acceptable. The reason kids are trained this way these days is simply because of the feminist movement! Go back to the 1950's and before and see if little girls behaved this way I bet you that they didn't. That was because mommy was mommy, daddy was daddy and there were no instances of 2 mommies or 2 daddies.

How insecure are you that you are unable to laugh at yourself? Jokes glorfying rape? Go ahead. Jokes about men telling women to "go make him a sammich" or which highlight stereotypica aspects of female behaviour? Please - get a grip, get over yourself, brush the chip from your should, stop being the perpetual victim, get a sense of humour, stop taking yourself so seriously, put on your big girl panties and get over it.

It has nothing to do with the fact that you're a girl and everything to do with you being a teenager. Guess what? Teenagers generally ARE idiots and that you will only realise when you're an adult. So where is the need for feminism again?

Why do you need feminism? Are the women authors not good enough to get reviewed on the basis of their work that you need to force the magazine to do it? Instead of forcing the magazine to review more female authors, how about getting female authors to write books that are worthy of review? Too difficult? Must be seeing as the most notable female authors in recent history (and made so by female readers) wrote books like Fifty Shades of Grey  and the Twilight series. I rest my case on that basis alone.

No one is stopping you from doing just that. But when you dress like a hooker don't take offense when people treat you like one. (See my earlier post on that issue here)


  1. Yeah, not coming back here again. Colonial white privilege has seriously mucked up the place.

    1. Oh damn... because I really will miss your obvious liberal ignorance.

    2. Colonial white privilege ???

      Seriously ?? LOL

      GG you make sense more now than ever.... keep it up

    3. Thanks Chris. You know how it works though - if they cannot attack your argument, play the race card or resort to insults.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yeah, seriously dude? How does colonial white privilege even correspond to this post at all?

    Firstly, there is actually no such thing as colonial white privilege anymore, in South Africa (In particular) it is a disadvantage to being white.
    Secondly, the people in the post are saying that they need feminism to magically fix the things in their life that they are too stupid or weak to fix themselves.

    Why is it that as soon as someone is unable to actually come up with an intellectual retort they immediately start making racist remarks (or insinuating that ones comment is racist even though it may not be) or just plain insulting people.... seriously? It's like when a school kid can't come up with a reply they immediately say something like: "I know you are but what am I?"

    It's so childish.

    1. Spot on Doc. But you should know by now that liberals are only tolerant when they are hearing what they want to hear. The second anyone says something they don't like then all hell breaks loose and the labels start flying.

  3. Since Archimedes discovered the action of the "lever", women have started with their feminist antics! BTW, ladies, Archimedes is a boys name! It's so convenient in peace time to whinge and whimper about feminism, but when the shooting, bleeding and screaming starts, it's just as convenient to say: "Ooh, I'm a girl, I can't fight!" I remember like yesterday (1989/1990), when Bush Sr. deployed the American troops in Iraq and they actually feared for what they were getting into! It was "hailed" as the first war broadcast live, and one of the interviews that "got away", was with a young female soldier who was literally in tears whimpering something in the line of: "I didn't join the army to go to war"! She thought it was only a job where she could get away pretending to be a boy. I bet CNN destroyed the tape!

    1. I Have to agree with you 100% Mattewis - women have no business being on the front lines, but as all good feminists should know, if they want that equality they should not complain about any of the issues that arrive with women on the front line - especially the fact that the men WILL look at them sexually.

      They want equality but are all to happy to rely on older stereotypes when it suits them. Hypocrites the lot of them.

  4. I really liked your post. The world has gone crazy and lost common sense. Any real woman would be opposed to feminism. I believe that women are discriminated against in certain situations just as men are but to see feminism as a solution is laughable.

    1. Thank you and I agree. Discrimination based solely on sex/gender is wrong. However, why is it impossible for these people to solve that issue on a personal level? Why do we need something that emasculates men?

  5. The quotes you posted pretty much sum up why I, even though I'm a woman, dislike feminism and refuse to have anything to do with it. Thanks for the intelligent and logical rebuttals and commentary.

    1. Thank you. I feel exactly the same way. Feminism had its time and place - but that was 60 years ago and it should have quite while it was ahead.

  6. i dont like feminism because its not 1950's anymore, today they dont fight for equality but privileges.. besides where i live in Germany new hired females already get paid more then males... but i'm ok with that , it has good reasons they better educated, more reliable, of course they get paid more... besides i dont mind being the house man ;) i love it

  7. Yeah....I don't like the person who made this. One,you can be touched by an 8 or 9 year old at 8or 9,it happened to some one when I was in the fifth grade. You're such an idiot

    1. Awwwww shame... like I care if you like me or not. Ouch... So you must be the special snowflake that needs a matriarchy to demonise all boys because you felt "sexually harassed" by a child? Do you know that when children do that it is because they have been abused at home? Usually sexually? They are repeating a pattern - it has nothing to do with feminism or masculinity or anything of the like - it is a result of child abuse.

      And if an 8 or 9 year old cannot consent, they also cannot intentionally sexually harass someone.

  8. You're the idiot and dumb one here because their is something called forced to have sex with someone.

  9. No one ever said there wasn't... but regretting your one night stand the day after does not constitute force.

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  12. great post. mind if I share?

    1. I don;t mind at all... share away.