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Monday, 29 July 2013

Lets Not Discipline Our Children - Government

Its been a trend in  the last couple of weeks really - this discussion about whether or not it is appropriate to discipline your children through corporal punishment (ie: giving them a swift smack on the backside when they misbehave). I have read two conflicting opinion pieces about the issue - the first was written by Khaya Dlanga and he is all for it, stating that "Many black children were disciplined with a beating and don't see it as abuse. Because we were not abused – we were disciplined. Looking back, many feel it was necessary."

The second piece was written by Lorenzo Wakefield who states that "More and more research points to the fact that corporal punishment of children as a form of “discipline” has adverse effects on their physical, emotional, cognitive, neurological and, extremely important in light of the high levels of interpersonal violence in SA, behavioural and social outcomes. In fact a recent PhD conducted at Wits university by Dr Amelia Kleijn found that there is a strong link of convicted perpetrators of rape — especially those who raped young children under the age of three — who were all corporally punished when they were younger.

This thesis was actually entitled "The demographic profile and psychosocial history of a group of convicted perpetrators of the rape of children under the age of three years." and she only interviewed 10 perpetrators, and the main aim that she went for was a touchy feely, "lets-make-the-baby-rapists-feel-ok" while interviewing them. The research methodology can be seen here and insofar as she found that "corporal punishment was a factor she had this to say in her own thesis summary "One of the findings from my study concerns the appalling maltreatment received by all the respondents – including corporal punishment. As children, the respondents were subjected to frequent and severe beatings with animal hide whips (called sjamboks in South Africa), fan belts, broomsticks, school rulers and blackboard dusters, shoes, handbags, and adults’ fists and feet. The respondents’ mothers most often administered this “punishment”, as well as older male relatives, community members, and school teachers."

Hmmmm... now let me think quickly - there is a definite difference in how she and I view "corporal punishment". You see, as far as I am concerned corporal punishment is a smack on the bum or over the hands when misbehaving. We already have something called "abuse" which incorporates the whole "sever beatings" issue. If the physical punishment is of such a nature so as to cause excessive bruising (let us not mistake red marks with excessive bruising) then it is labelled as abuse and is naturally not encouraged. However, should a parent, who is responsible for the upbringing of that child which includes instilling morals and common sense, should decide that the child needs its backside smacked who the hell is this woman or anyone else to tell then not to because its "damaging"?

I personally believe that subjecting your child to hours of isolation or manic tirades where one, possibly inadvertently, ends up comparing children to each other and tearing them down for something they may have done wrong, inflicts more damage - psychological damage. where physical pain goes away after a while, the psychological damage that is inflicted by parents by NOT smacking their child causes more problems and is abuse as well.  The pathetic politically correct libtards are doing everything that they can to make sure that the idea of a cohesive family unit where the parents are actually in control and kids are raised with morals, values, respect and common sense is destroyed in its entirety. The point to note is that the definition "corporal punishment" (which is directly translated as physical punishment) has been corrupted by the same group of spineless libtards to include any act which would be assault when perpetrated against an adult. 

Interim poll results on 

We hear from Lorenzo in the comments section (an idea accepted by several others) that "Sweden banned corporal punishment in all forms since the 1970′s and today it is a peaceful society." I thought it prudent that I respond on this issue:

"Sweden, which banned corporal punishment in the 70′s, is a beacon of social enlightenment and peace? Are you so sure? And if so, how do you explain the recent spate of RIOTS by the YOUTH in Sweden then?
You know, the youth here is the generation that was obviously raised without a swift smack to the bottom when misbehaving. The same generation whose parents were stripped of their authority over the children which THEY are meant to protect and TEACH. In life all lessons are hard and cause pain and so too should parental discipline when appropriate and within reasonable bounds. A smack to the backside (which is often more shocking than painful – rather like whacking a puppy over the nose with newspaper during training) is a valuable teaching tool.
Just go and see what happens when a generation of entitled youth, whose parents have NO disciplinary authority, take their disrespect for all and sundry too far. And our own population is heading in that same direction. I often come across spoiled brats in malls and shops etc who could use a smack on the backside.

The point to note is that you should not harp on about the smack. A quick whack and a short explanation of what the kid did wrong and then the issue should be forgotten by the parent in their interactions with that child. The child should know that mommy and daddy love him/her - but will take him/her to task when he/she do wrong. That is the meaning of respect for your parents.

Now be that as it may (and I can go on at length on this issue but will refrain from  doing so here), in South Africa it has never been illegal for a parent to use reasonable physical punishment as a way of disciplining their children (see abuse again for how I know this to be a fact). This looks set to change according to Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini who says that a law is in the pipelines that will make it illegal for parents to spank their children in their homes. So now they are actively trying to destroy our children from within our homes.

In 2006 corporal punishment was outlawed in schools in SA - and look what happened, we now have kids gang-raping other kids, kids killing other kids, no respect for teachers, truancy, illiteracy, criminality of all other sorts - and all are a direct result of the failure of both parents and the schools to instil discipline in our children. When the government took away the power of the teachers to PUNISH children for their infractions (and they cannot be kicked out of class because education is a basic human right you know, writing out lines is a waste of time - what happens if you don't write them? You just get more lines. Detention is now also not happening - the kids never arrive anyway) they took away a functioning educational system. And at the same time they destroyed an entire generation of children who will never know what self respect is - let alone respect for another. They know they can do what they like and get away with it and that is where the problem lies. 

I do not yet have children, but I swear that when I do no one must try and tell me what to do in my own home or how to raise them - if their backside needs a smack they get one and good luck to the person that tries to stop me.

New spanking law in the works

2013-07-28 14:17
Johannesburg - A new law is being drafted to make it illegal for parents to spank their children at home, the Sunday Times reported.
"If a husband beats a wife it's a crime, but if a parents hits a child who is helpless, it's not illegal," Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini told the newspaper.
She said parents had to take responsibility and raise their children with proper values, to ensure they "don't end up killing your own children".
Corporal punishment has been outlawed at school since 2006.
The Sunday Times reported that, under the draft law, parents would be charged with assault if, at home, they used a flat hand on a child's bottom or enacted other forms of corporal punishment.


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