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Friday, 10 May 2013

The ANC Doesn't Appoint Criminals??????

Sometimes you come across something so hilarious that you just can't stop yourself from laughing yourself sick - I almost fell off my chair after reading this.

ANC Deupty General Jessie Duarte has stated that the ANC does not appoint criminals! This is hilarious seeing as the ANC is made up of nothing BUT criminals. Lets see a list of some ANC members who have been convicted of crimes in a court of law:

  1. Nelson Mandela (President)
  2. Kgalema Motlanthe (President for a short while, Deputy president)
  3. Jacob Zuma (President)
  4. Ruth Bhengu (ANC Member of Parliament. Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport)
  5. Mnyamezeli Booi (ANC Member of Parliament. Up until 2012 and from the 2009 election, Booi served as the Chairperson of Portfolio Committee as Defence )
  6. Bathabile Dlamini (Minister of Social Development. ANC Member of Parliament.)
  7. Beauty Dlulane (ANC Member of Parliament. Chairperson of the ANC’s woman’s caucus.)
  8. Angelina Molebatsi (ANC Member of Parliament and Whip in the National Assembly)
  9. Barbara Thompson (Deputy Minister of Energy. ANC Member of Parliament.)
  10. Jackson Mthembu (ANC Spokesperson)
  11. Enoch Godongwana (ANC head of Economic Transformation Committee)
  12. Tony Yengeni (ANC former Chief Whip)
  13. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
This is so funny - I cannot believe that she would even make a statement to this effect when it is a well known fact that a criminal record or at least a dodgy past is required before you can get to the top levels of the ANC hierarchy. This a blatant lie! But what else would you expect from a woman who herself was forced to resign a ministerial position because there was a question about a little car accident she was involved in while driving without a license??? I cannot wait to see how good old Mac spins this...

You can get a better idea of the lovely people we have in charge below:

See a bigger version here -

Duarte: ANC does not appoint criminals

2013-05-09 22:20

Johannesburg - The notion that the ANC appoints criminals to positions is wrong, the party's deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte has said.
"Once you have a criminal record of any kind, you can't be appointed in the African National Congress, it's not possible," Duarte told Sapa in an interview this week.
"You can't get into the governing structures of the ANC."
At its national conference in Mangaung last year, the ANC resolved to take a hard line on party discipline.
It resolved that any of its members found guilty of wrongdoing in other institutions of society would be subjected to internal disciplinary processes.
As part of the resolution, the ANC appointed an integrity committee to look into matters of discipline.
The committee was looking at whether the resolution could be applied to ANC members charged or found guilty before December.
Duarte said the committee had to take into account that there might be people who were still under investigation from before Mangaung.
She referred to ANC Northern Cape chairperson John Block and two others who faced charges of fraud, corruption, and contravening the Municipal Finance Management Act.
Duarte said the party believed in people being innocent until proven guilty.
"What we are concerned about is the question of integrity within the party.
"So, the resolution gives people the opportunity to take their own decision to step down," she said.
If they did not step down, it would be the committee's task to decide what should happen.
"If the integrity committee finds there are a number of people facing charges right now, and they would like to talk to them, and in their view there is a problem, then we are not going to tell those people [on the committee] what to do," said Duarte.
However, this was not the only remit of the committee. It would also look at matters reported in the media, and could receive information from anonymous sources.
The integrity committee is chaired by Rivonia trialist and former Robben Island prisoner Andrew Mlangeni.
Other members include: Frene Ginwala, Nelson Diale, Gertrude Shope, Ahmed Kathrada, Rashida Abdullah, Mendi Msimang, Sophie De Bruyn, Jethro Ndlovu, Dennis Goldberg, Lindelwe Mabandla, and Nokukhanya Jele.
"I've been in a room with them a couple of weeks ago, and myself and the [secretary general Gwede Mantashe] we walked out there and we said 'we made the right decision'.
"They're ANC core. They are the strongest stalwarts in the organisation. They are very clear...: if you mess up, this is where you going to get dealt with in a proper way."
She said no one in the party was above the integrity committee.
"We are all going to answer to those senior cadres of the movement. I think it's very good, it's encouraging."


  1. Gossip Girl, you are very talented and you give us, your reader a very good story. Everytime. Thanks for that. You are also unafraid in telling the truth. But this one, really, its the best one I have ever heard from the ANC. The whole lot of them are criminals. Everyone. No exeption. Maybe we can leave out the dead ones. They are also the laughing stock of the whole wide world. They value no morals. Keep gassing these bastards, they are so on a high that they think its a must that all the people have to believe them.

    1. Thanks whiteson. I can only hope that people actually start realising the crap the ANC has put us in as a country (thank heavens that there is a growing class of "educated" black youth). The rot goes all the way to the top and back down again!

  2. Replies
    1. I love it when they make statements that are so simple to disprove through a quick Google search. I think their speech-writers should start checking Google searches for contrary information before allowing them to speak.