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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

National Black Foot Soldier Network

Today I came across one of the most disturbing blogs on the net - one which glorifies the rape, torture and murder of whites. Naturally this blog has statements saying that 

Now that statement sounds very fishy to me. They say that they do "NOT" advocate BOW crime and yet every article posted on their blog details a BOW murder/rape/assault etc. And not only does the blog detail these crimes, they also blame the VICTIM. Reading through the disturbing posts the phrases I was continually stumped by were "reparations protest", "generational race criminal" and "divine racial karma".

It took me a little while to discover the meaning behind them - something which is very important should you want to fully understand the thinking behind this blog.

Reparations Protest - This phrase essentially refers to the commission of a crime by a black person against a white person. This can refer to rape, torture, murder, assault, assault GBH, attempted murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and any other sort of violent crime that you can think of - provided the victim is white.

Generational Race Criminal -  someone who is white - whether their family owned slaves or not. This is usually the reference made when a white person refuses to kiss the ass of the black person attacking them or does not feel that they owe the black population a single damn thing. 

Divine Racial Karma - This term was a little harder to ascertain the meaning of because its use was completely mindboggling to me at first. This basically boils down to the blaming of the VICTIM for the crime that was perpetrated against them. For example - white women are to blame for their own rape at the hands of black men. Whites are to blame for their murders by blacks etc etc etc...
The meaning goes further still to state that they are the victims of this crime not because the criminal was a racist psychopath but because at some point in the distant history (read 400 - 100 years ago) black people were taken as slaves and treated as slaves. In effect the blog's author tries to justify the blatant malicious and evil actions of blacks against whites as the fault of the victim because they are racist. This assertion of racism is based solely on the fact that the victims had white skin (is this not racism in itself?? Or has my logic failed me?) 

(In one article they actually blame a 12 year old girl that was gang raped and then murdered by 2 black men for what happened. They state that:
"Millions of our people were lured into slavery through the same duplicitous beguile by which brothers Justin and Dante Robinson, unknowingly driven by Divine Racial Karma, led this twelve year old devil to her appointment with this sacred cosmic principle that rewards races according to their generational deeds to other races," NBFSN Divine Racial Karma translator Hallowed Yclept reportedly states in  a first network statement about the girls death.
 "It is great and terrible that Divine Racial Karma says answer 'yes' when you ask yourselves did this so called innocent, twelve year old girl Autumn deserve this." )

This blog goes further to attempt to state that, even though these crimes are committed on a large scale by blacks, the criminal justice system is unfairly prejudicial against blacks. So basically it comes down to the idea that black people shouldn't be prosecuted for the crimes they commit because law and order are a racist white supremacist ideology which is designed to unfairly discriminate blacks and keep them down. Riiiiiiight... because whites are NEVER tried in court and NEVER get convicted *rolling eyes*...  

Eve Carson was kidnapped, assaulted and then murdered by 2 black men - for fun and a little cash. See how this racist blog blames her for the actions of 2 cowardly black men here
Seemingly the entire point of this blog is that ALL white people are responsible for the actions of a few 400 odd years ago and that reparations need to be made on the basis that all whites alive today benefited from the slave trade and thus OWE something to all blacks and people of colour (ie: pay up or karma will get you killed).They even go so far as to state that ALL whites are terrorists.

This is typical black racist mentality. We have had 100 years of freedom (fought for by whites), been given everything we could ever want (education, food, shelter, clothing etc) paid for by white tax money, affirmative action, lowered pass rates in schools, tax breaks etc and STILL have not been able to better ourselves. This is the fault of the white man because of something that happened in the distant past by people who are no longer alive to people that were distantly related to us in a very different societal, cultural and economic climate. We have failed to become educated, to create wealth, to achieve in the business world, to have strong family units BUT its not our fault! Oh no! Its the fault of the damned evil white man for taking us out of the bush 400 years ago.

They want reparations? What damn reparations do they want? Is the billions of dollars spent annually on black education, black welfare, black healthcare, black cultural studies, AA not reparations? What do they want? The clothes off of the white man's back? The money that is in his bank account? His house, car, furniture and job? Will that be enough for them? When they are given everything owned by the white population? I say give it to them. Let the black man have his fish so that he can eat for a day. What they forget is that the white man knows how to fish and can therefore still eat for the rest of his life. The black man will still starve because he wants instant gratification NOW!

And then you have to ask yourselves, if the blacks are given their "reparations" by the whites and now have the wealth they want, will it stop the crime? Will blacks stop raping, killing, assaulting, torturing and abusing whites? Will they start condemning these crimes? Will they start educating themselves, staying away from drugs, begin having strong nuclear families instead of each black man having several "baby mammas"? And the answer is NO!

Nothing will ever be enough for the black people. They have become so entrenched in the belief that the white man owes them a living, that it is the fault of the white man that they are poor, raised by single mothers, are uneducated and end up criminals that they can never accept that there are no white people that want to hold them back in life. That it is not the white man's fault and that they are not owed a living simply because they are black. The crime and demands would continue unabated and probably increase in intensity.

The truth is that they do not know enough about their history and have problems with accepting blame for their own failures that they have to cling to a distant history that has been mutated to suit the agenda of the liberals and "gimme brigade" leaders in order to avoid accepting a universal truth - that they CANNOT make a success of their lives as a population group and need whites to take care of them.

Am I racist now? Maybe I am and you can call me what you like. But the people who run this blog are not only racist but are also criminals! They teach hatred, they teach entitlement and most of all they teach that it is acceptable to murder and maime and rape and then blame the victim - all based on a fantasy that they are owed something and because they are too lazy to go out and work for living.

This site may be American and relate to American crimes and issues - but this  is happening in South Africa too! In exactly the same way and is being passed over by the racist ANC which is approving of this behaviour. White people need to wake up and understand that this is how black people will always see us and that no matter how you behave, what your history, which political party you support, who you date, how much you give or how many time you kneel at the feet of a black person and beg for forgiveness we will always be the enemy because our success and ability to create wealth is envied by the race that has only really perfected the best way to hold out the begging bowl in order to take the most.


  1. You are probably the one creating all this fake blogs. Blackfoorsoldier is obviously a fake blog, created by white supremacists (you, probably) to instigate hate and fear against black people, making them seem violent and dangerous. It is disgusting.

    1. Sure... as a South African I would choose to highlight American crimes because there are not enough horrific instances of blacks killing whites here *rolls eyes*

      And just because I happen to feel superior to libtard like you has nothing to do with my skin colour. I just don't believe that blacks have a right to murder and rape whites became they're white and get away with it. I hope that you believe in abortion because morons like you should never breed.

  2. Identifying the 'Foot Soldiers'
    The late David Mills, a popular blogger whose online handle was "Undercover Black Man," identified the pattern of unique terms referenced by the NBFSN blogs and concluded they were a hoax perpetrated by someone trying to provoke whites into hating blacks. Mills, a former newspaper reporter and Emmy-winning writer for HBO's "The Wire," devoted substantial effort to exposing them, and several times exchanged angry words online with various members of the network, who were especially enraged when they learned that he was black.

    After Mills died from an aneurism in 2010, a post on one network blog implied that Mills, though black, was essentially white and had earned his early demise. "David Mills' soul got blue eyes," it said.

    The NBFSN also has been much discussed on white nationalist hate sites. Members of Stormfront, the Web's largest white racist forum, seem to agree with Mills' theory, while posters on the racist and anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network believe the blogs are created by Jews as a way to foment tension between blacks and whites.

    These theories seem dubious at best. Far more likely, judging from the scant evidence available on their websites, the people who make up the NBFSN are drawn from the world of racist black nationalism.

    In fact, it seems very likely that they include many of the hundreds of Nuwaubians who largely disappeared from view after their leader's imprisonment. They also may well include former followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, a terrifying cult leader who was convicted of conspiracy to murder white people as an initiation rite at his Florida-based Nation of Yahweh, which reportedly once owned properties around the country valued at $100 million. Since his death in 2007, hundreds of his followers in the U.S. and Canada have dropped out of sight as well.

    Whether they are active Nuwaubians, people drawn from other black supremacist cults like the Nation of Yahweh, or freelancers who have created an entirely new concept, the National Black Foot Soldiers Network has brought Dwight York's apocalyptic hatred of whites into the 21st century. York, whose release isn't scheduled until the 22nd century, would be proud.

    1. Thank you for that comment and the interesting contents. I will definitely check out the link and may do a follow up. I have noted that the site mentioned in my post has been stagnant for some time - at least it was when I last check it. I'll have to check that too.